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Meimi has apparently decided to make herself my awesome layout fairy. Behold my twenty-first birthday present: A layout of pants!Logan, from Gilmore Girls (and, you know, that girl who's always hanging around him, what's her name . . .).


Mike is my role model . . . no, not that Mike . . . or that one . . . the -other- Mike, stepping on that small child
7/09/2005 12:32:00 PM

"Okay, you met this god and/or king who lives in a dank hole in the ground, and he asked you to get the tail of a rat for him."
"That about sums it up."
"This dragon. Was he, by any chance, a hobo in a dragon suit?" - Thief and Black Mage, 8-bit Theater.

For no readily apparent reason I've decided to comile a list of webcomics I'm reading right now. Why? Why not!

Friendly Hostility. Y'know, the comic that began after the creator got sick of her other comic, Boy Meets Boy. It's not just that the characters are great and the writing's sharp, evil, sweet, and funny. It's that it's ink baby. Ink! Seriously. I wish I could draw like that. I'd be such a happy Ingrid if I could.

RPG World. . . . Okay, not so much anymore. Once, once, I and it had a good thing going, and I loved the way it parodied the Final Fantasy games I have a complex and mostly angry relationship with. But, well . . . Mr. Jones-Quarterly is planning on ending it. You can tell he just . . . lost interest at some point or doesn't have the time, and so the ending's going to be rushed . . . Which, now that you think about it, is really like an actual RPG. I'll go and check it again when it's done. Just so I can try and enjoy it again. It's still -good- and actually has it's own style, so.

The New Adventures of Bobbin! I . . . don't know why, but I'm quite fond of this strip when I remember to check it.

Checkerboard Nightmare. This is usually the place to get an indirect look at what's going on in the webcomic community, although sometimes Straub is just plain -weird-. Some of the strips and arcs in the saga of Checkerboard Nightmare, a comic strip character looking for fame and fortune in whatever way possible, can fall flat, but when Chex goes on a homicidal rampage at a convention killing all the artists of strips better than his, well . . . it's beautiful. Plus Lyle, Chex's friend and lawyer, and Vaporware, the robot Chex built so they could have another cast member.

Count Your Sheep. A little girl, her widowed mother, and the imaginary friend, Ship the Sheep, that connects them. Both very sweet and very sad all at once.

Filthy Lies! I just discovered this comic last week. The wackily offensive adventures of two roommates, of course. Damien, an athiest Jew studying mad science, and Joel, a fundamentalist Christian republican who's also gay, and a law student. And the reanimated hunk of meat called Beefsteak that Damien brought to life. If Matt was a comic strip character, he'd be Damien.

Kiagi Sowrdscat. It just came back from an exstensive hiatus! I'm still not suer what it's about! But the art's pretty and unique and it's funny! And there's a Jason Todd reference.

Lore Brand Comics. It's -Lore-.

MacHall. That comic which updates irregularly . . . but it isn't the artist or the writer's full time job, so we don't hold it against it. Plus, Ian's art is constantly evolving and improving as he experiments and takes risks, and it's worth showing up to read -whatever- Matt's talking about.

Midnight Macabre. Randy Milholland's new comic, because apparently he just wasn't busy enough. Midnight Macabre is the story of stand up comedian, Gaspar, and the late night terrible horror movie showcase program that he gets put in charge of. Admittedly, it's still new (which means archives aren't that big!), but Milholland's proved himself about a zillion times over. And it's good so far, even if nothing huge has happened yet.

8-bit Theater. Ah, the comic that has had me and Matt going "I like swords" back and forth at each other until someone threatened to kill us. -The- sprite comic. The story of four adventures, Fighter, Black Mage, Thief, and Red Mage, and how they embark on a trail of destruction and madness when people assume they're the Light Warriors of prophecy.


Van Von Hunter. They have a deal with Tokyo Pop. A deal that involves printing stuff that -hasn't- been released on the internet. Dude. Anyway, Van Von Hunter is just -good-. Good art, good execution, good dialogue, just . . . good. Random humour. Parody. Flaming Prince. Just . . . stuff.

Punks and Nerds. A quirky gag strip that makes reference to all that crap from the 80s and 90s you hoped you'd forgotten. Seriously, dude. It's not just geeky video game references. It's -everything-.

Queen of Wands. It's done. You should read it anyway. The story of Kestrel, her best friend, and her best friend's husband and . . . wackiness. And goodness. And plot and just plain awesome. Seriously, there's a reason Eric over at Websnark is crazy about this one.

Shortpacked! Some people work at a toy store owned by a man who seems to be a crazed dictator. Rick likes ninjas, Robin's a sugar powered crackpot, Amber's the customer service worker who's afraid of people, Mike hates you all and will go to every length to make your life hell, and Ethan . . . has this thing about Batman. And Jon Stewart. But not together.

Sluggy Freelance. Dude. It's Sluggy Freelance.

Something Positive. Oh, the glowing recent success story in webcomic land. Misanthrope Davan, his boneless kitty Choo-Choo Bear, scheming Aubrey, violent PeeJee, and recurring freaks like Pepito the Sex Midget, Mikey Jesus, and a host of others help carefully disguise the fact that this is probably one of the best written comics out there. Not just in the funny, but in the serious, beautiful, poignant, -true- moments, too. There's a -reason- this guy got his readers to pay him a year's salary on a -dare- in a very short period of time.

Starshift Crisis. It's a museum . . . a SPACE museum. In space. On a spaceship. It's very new, but -damn-, do I like it already. Science and art and satire and SPACESHIPS. I love me spaceships. Even when they look like giant penii.

The Order of the Stick. Dungeon and Dragons. There's probably a million comics with the same premise. The thing that makes this one different, though? It's AWESOME.

VG Cats. Like Penny Arcade but . . . different. I'm not quite sure how to explain. Is it more Canadian? More inclined to milk nostalgia? Less of a commentary on current affairs? Or -moreso-? Less obscure or more obscure? All I know is that it's beautiful and I love it. YOU CAN'T KEEP US APART!

I should get back to working on my paper.

Papers are the child that never lives up to its potential,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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