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Fuuma !squick! Keiichi

Segawa Keiichi, Card Captor Sakura escapee Squishable Eiji

Neville Longbottom, the only reason I read those awful books Peregrin Took Fan - book and movie Lord Havelock Vetinari - too cool for words Lucky Leprechaun Sengoku!

Meriadoc Brandybuck Fan - both book and movie Hikaru no Go and Waya Yoshitaka own my soul Ook Loki Scarlip <3 This Loki's good too Shining shining Ryuichi Waya Yoshitaka ownz j00 Almighty Dancing and Brooding Fakir Echizen Ryoma, World's Cutest Dork Love for Fudomine and Mumbly Shinji S-E-I-G-A-K-U Prince of Tennis - United in ph33r of Inui's Juice Momo-chan the Pedophile Danny Strong <3 Beautiful Ma'aya Kappei! Poor Naota . . . KITTY! Sweet sweet Al Edward <3 HUGHES~! Snarky Hayama Fuji's Little Brother Mumbly Boy! Rhythm Nut Best cat ever Sumeragi Subaru - before he was an idiot I haven't killed CLAMP yet, for you