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Meimi has apparently decided to make herself my awesome layout fairy. Behold my twenty-first birthday present: A layout of pants!Logan, from Gilmore Girls (and, you know, that girl who's always hanging around him, what's her name . . .).


I have never felt western alienation so keenly
6/17/2005 01:17:00 PM
"Happy birthday, o provider of life."
"You're old, mother. Your breasts can start sagging any time now." - Fox and Fatima Maharassa, Friendly Hostility.

Howl's Moving Castle is not here. It is in Toronto. And this makes me sad, very, very sad.

I'm not sure how long I've been waiting for this movie, but it's long enough that I deserve to have it playing here in this city, dammit!

Are you listening, Disney? I WILL TAKE IT DUBBED. I WILL TAKE IT DUBBED.

Even with Batman and . . . Billy Crystal. I WILL TAKE IT DUBBED IF IT'S JUST HERE IN SASKATOON.

Besides, I -want- to hear Lauren Becal as the Witch of Waste. Lauren Becal, man.

No justice at all,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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Dead? Dead?! I'll show you fucking dead
6/16/2005 01:53:00 PM
"Never do yourself what you can con an expert into doing for you." - Elli Quinn, Ethan of Athos, Lois McMaster Bujold

So, I was asked recently if Fuuma's Shoes was dead.

Because apparently not updating during the month where I was desperately trying to study for a major exam and having attacks of paralyzing guilt when I wasn't is sufficient reason to declare yours truly "dead".

I mean, I thought it was a good reason to not blog, because if I had been blogging I might have gone into terrified, paranoid mumblings about the LSAT. About how unprepared I felt I was for the LSAT, how, if I did poorly on the LSAT, I couldn't apply to law school and if I couldn't even -apply- then I would basically be thrust out into the world next year with a useless degree, little work experience, and a complete lack of desire to live in a world that wants me for nothing more than scanning groceries at minimum wage.

Or I could have talked about how much I hate the summer class I'm taking, how every single lecture results in me wanting to break something over someone else's head due to rampant stupidity or assumptions.

I might have discussed my hunt for a summer job, and how it's going nowhere. How difficult it is to even wake up in the morning when you know all you'll be facing is rejection after rejection after rejection, how depressing it is to know that I'm going to be going into another year of education and I'll have virtually -nothing- to help shoulder the financial burden, how much of a failure I feel like for not even getting a simple job, how worthless, how incompetent, how idioctic . . .

I could have talked about how I want to just end it so I stop being a drain on my parents' money, when it's obvious that my education is taking me nowhere and going to get me nothing.

But, see, I haven't been blogging. So I didn't.

Bite me,
Ingrid, Signing Off

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