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Meimi has apparently decided to make herself my awesome layout fairy. Behold my twenty-first birthday present: A layout of pants!Logan, from Gilmore Girls (and, you know, that girl who's always hanging around him, what's her name . . .).


House isn't realistic? Oh no! Next you'll be telling me that American politics aren't 24 straight hours of drama
4/28/2005 09:46:00 AM
"I don't ask why patients lie, I just assume they do." - Dr. Gregory House, House, M.D.

There was no new episode of house this week, but it was an episode I only caught the tail end of during Christmas break, and one with piano-playing and Laurie putting on a exagerrated British accent to try and con information out of another doctor on the phone. So it was nice to see all of it, and see the good parts again.

But, speaking of House, I was going randomly through livejournal stuff and somewhere I was a post or a comment which essentially said that they watched the show for a bit, thinking it was good, until they realized that a doctor with House's lack of a bedside manner should be fired, and House goes against the old rule of looking for horses when you hear hoofbeats, not zebras.

. . . Which is, y'know, kind of the point of the show. Or at the least the point of the Volger arc.

Maybe it's just because I'm Canadian, but in my experience doctors can be anything from abrupt to incomprehensible to sweet. Plus, of course, it's not like House is completely incapable of communicating with patients - he likes them when they're crazy, after all. And the entire point of House is that he's a doctor who'll be bored, bored, bored by normal cases, so the ones that get him interested or excited are going to be really bizarre. Usually that's why they call him in in the first place - there's something about the symptoms that just don't match up. If he's looking for a zebra, it's because there's obviously a zebra there. Not to mention the fact that he -does- deal with normal cases - that's what he has to deal with in the clinic, mostly, but you can't expect them to craft an hour long show around a guy getting impatient with hypochondriacs and so forth.

Complaining about the fact that House isn't very nice or the cases that the show revolves around are rare is like complaining that Fox Mulder is kinda crazy and not only would the FBI not be retaining him, but they wouldn't be sending him off to investigate totally batshit alien abductions and fluke monsters.

The more I watch and think about it, the more I think Ven's right - the way the show's set up, House is very much filling a Sherlock Holmes kind of role, and he relates to sickness in that way. The problem is that people expect certain things from medical drama on tv, and House isn't exactly delivering the emotional manipulation or a lot of the "will they live or DIE" drama? I mean, it's there, but because House doesn't really care, it's obviously not the focus. And that's why it's an interesting show.

Beating you with a stick,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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I'm actually having to restrain myself from rereading Murder Must Advertise right now
4/24/2005 02:22:00 AM
"I thought Henry Tudor would be better looking."
"Yes, and not so Jewish." - Cordelia and Goneril, The Foretelling, The Black Adder.

I'm starting to think I really must be a truly terrible person, because it's the only way to explain some of the stuff that happens to me. But, thankfully, my nastiness is not so apparent on the internet. It's the only way to explain -other- stuff that happens to me. And so even when I've alienated my family and all my offline friends, I'll still be able to con people online into thinking I'm a decent human being.

By which I mean, my father and brother were in the city for a couple of days, and I'm not talking about it further, because there's really nothing to talk about.

Dad did stop by for a few minutes to drop off my recent mail, though. Two packages - two! One from Meimi, one from Ven. Memi sent Veronica Mars and some episodes of Gilmore Girls with pants!Logan and Danny Strong, which should be awesome. And there's some music and the first volume of Matantei Loki Ragnarok (in Japanese, but still - LOKI!) and Meimi did me some Keiichi-fanart and it's so pretty . . . And Ven sent "A Short Film About John Bolton" and a Courtney Crumrin comic book and books and IRRESISTIBLE FORCES EEEEEEEEEEEE!

. . . So, in conclusion, once finals are over, mine will be, temporarily, a happy life.

(Seriously, my friends are just too awesome for words. I am constantly awed by the things they do for me and what they put up with from me. I do not deserve them, ever.)

Sad and awed at the same time,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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