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Oh yeah, I have a library, don't I?
4/20/2005 08:58:00 PM
"Just remember that I maintain a strict 'No paid sick days because you were stupid and pursued a jackass romantically and now you need to soothe your pain with ice cream and self pity' policy." - Ms. Arget, Something Positive.

So, after I found my library card (it was underneath the speaker), I went and did a search on the library website for some random comics . . .

And, hey, who knew - they have "Formerly Known as the Justice League". Or at least they claim to. It says it's on loan, which, at my old library, was code for "Lost and will never be found again". Still, I put it on hold, and we'll see if it shows up. Soon. To be a way to relax after the whole exams eating my face thing.

. . . Nothing else,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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In which I -still- hate Wally
4/19/2005 10:26:00 PM
"East is west, up is down, and being falsely arrested for getting your C.O.'s throat cut is a simplifcation. I must be on Barrayar." - Cordelia Naismith, Shards of Honor, Lois McMaster Bujold.

I like the look of Formerly Known as the Justice League. It looks like my kind of comic book - non-epic. I can even recognize (note - recognize does not contain connotations of familiarity) four of the heroes on the cover - Mary Marvel, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold. Of course, I only know Booster Gold because Sarri apparently despises him. All I know is, he can't piss me off as badly as Wally does.

Shame about that whole lack of a disposable income, though. Maybe the library'll have it in a couple years time.

Speaking of that guy who I despise . . . A little while ago, for some reason, Moo and I started talking about Bart and Max's relationship, and how Wally fits into it . . . Which sent me hunting for this particular scene from issue 78 (kind of spoilerish for the awful "Dark Tomorrow" arc, but only in that kind of obvious way) where Wally and Max are talking about Bart, and Wally slips up, and, well, the panel speaks for itself.

But the point was, aside from this being a rare moment where Wally manages to point out something that makes for a really sweet (not because of Wally, but because of Max, and Bart, and the look on Max's face a panel later), is that it also typifies the way Wally handles Bart.

. . . I mean, besides badly.

Namely, that Wally likes having some say in Bart's life and controlling it and knowing what's going on . . . but only in two ways. The first is when he thinks, for some reason, that Bart is going to be out of his hair. Bart's being put in someone else's care, Bart's going back to the 30th century, Bart's comatose and may not revive . . . These are usually followed by Wally in some way recognizing that he's been a total dick and he really should have tried harder to give his own cousin a chance, but, well, he's an idiot and sorry (note - when Bart continues to be part of his life, comes back to the 20th century, revives, Wally miraculously forgets his epiphany of "Wow, I'm being a gigantic dick to a kid" and the status quo returns).

The second way is really just an extension of the first - Wally can be quite gung-ho about Bart and Bart's life . . . as long as he does it second hand. Talking with Iris or Max or pretty much anyone -but- Bart about Bart. He's, like, the master of long distance, affectionless, nanny-controlled child-rearing.

. . . I'm not sure what the point of this is beyond: Wow, it's probably a good thing that Linda's pregnancy was some kind of false alarm. 'cause Wally would raise one fucked up kid.

Every day is Wally-bashing day,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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Fantastic Flash Facts, and other stuff
4/18/2005 12:56:00 PM
"Between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world!" - Dr. Gregory House, House, M.D.

In between the end of classes, Dice playing, and finishing, Suikoden, and final exams, things have been busy, and I haven't really been able to think of much to talk about.

For instance, the last episode of House. The one with Cameron. You know the one. I'm sure I could have said a lot of things about it, but in the end, what it all boiled down to was "Gosh, Hugh Laurie's playing the piano" and a sort of subdued fangirling (because there's something wrong about loudly fangirling Hugh Laurie) because the man plays the piano quite beautifully.

There was also the Arrogant Worms concert, which I actually got to go to with, y'know, people this year. And it was beautiful and wonderful and I bought Trevor's book and it was everything I could have hoped for, plus the touching lullaby "Little Leech".

Oh, and there was this on scans_daily, which I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, as long as I read none of the comments made on it. Seriously. I know scans_daily is chock full of people who love reading erotic, particularly homoerotic, subtext into things, but whenever that's applied to Bart, well . . . he's -Bart-, man. He's three years old. You can ahve whatever kinks and perversions you want, but I'm a lot happier when you don't bring a totally clueless, juvenile character into things.

World of ick, man. But the scan? The scan is awesome. "Fantastic Flash Facts with Max and Bart." It's like the comics in the Sam and Max hint book, which I can't actually reference because I'm pretty sure Sarri still has it.

Note that last picture of Bart - it's just so adorable I could choke.

A late night conversation with Moo has brought up some Impulse stuff I want to talk about, but I should probably crack open my textbook of death and save the Impulse stuff for it's own entry. 'cause it's just that special.

Still not sure what polymorphous means,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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