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Shiny Things
7/04/2004 07:33:00 AM

"I believe it's very hard to have fun in Iceland without fish being involved in some way." - Mr. Fletcher, Johnny and the Dead, Terry Pratchett.

Yesterday I had early morning shift, just fifteen minutes after the store opened. This is both good and bad. Good, because for the first hour or so, things are quiet and I can stand in front of the checkout looking at the covers for trashy tabloids. They have informative headlines on them, like "Pope John Paul felled by giant space rock".

I fancy it must be rather fun to make up headlines for that sort of thing. Giant space rock is classic. I wonder if I can work it into anything.

After that, however, it becomes busy, because, well, it's very rarely anything but busy at work. This is because the store I work at caters to many people, including the majority of the immigrant community, students, and assholes.

This is all made rather irrelevant, however, by the fact that my family was visiting me today, and so about five minutes before the end of my shift, I caught sight of my mum.

It's very weird to see someone who had long, long hair since before you were even born, but it doesn't actually look bad. It feels cool. ^_^

There was food, which was good, and then the bookstore where, in a spontaneous fit of generosity, my mother bought me a study guide for the LSAT, Johnny and the Dead, and The Wizard Hunters by Martha Wells.

I hadn't even realized the last was out.

This would have been a prime moment to get a copy of A Hat Full of Sky but for reasons that are both suspicious and mysterious, the store I usually get books from had only stocked the US edition. It's baffling, really, and as it already pains me to have several Discworld books in their ugly US edition, I'd rather not add to my collection of US editions of UK books. Which is not to say that the US edition of A Hat Full of Sky is particularly ugly, but there's something about the cover that doesn't look Discworld. Nothing to distinguish it from any other children's book on the shelves. The colours are bright, the design simple, the lines bold. I, however, happen to be very attached to the UK covers for these younger Discworld novels. They're pretty, beautifully detailed things. Therefore, I still don't have a copy of A Hat Full of Sky. I'm sure this problem will rectify itself eventually.

After the bookstore there was Value Village, in which Woody was bought a set of tails on orders that he would enter the music festival and wear it, and wear it to graduation (Woody may delude himself, but he is not going to get any taller). There was the mall (where I saw the UK edition of A Hat Full of Sky in the bookstore that's- usually- of inferior quality). Woody got a CD, a new discman, and massive headphones. I payed my bills.

Grocery shopping and then back home, accumulating to roughly five hours spent with my family and not trying or wanting to kill any of them. Astonishing.

Among the things my parents brought with them was my mail (other students get baked goods and treats and homemade food to ease the pain of eating nothing but cup ramen). Important things, like my registration card for university, and even more important things, like packages from Dice, Ven, and Cathy.

Fabulous, fabulous ladies, the lot of you.

Dice gifted me with pocky (including the oh so tasty mousse pocky), hand cream, a very ugly cup, and what is quite possibly the god of notebooks. It informs me that it is a moleskine. It's rather divine and superbly tasteful and pocket-sized and utterly perfect in every way.

The wonderous Cathy sent the promised posters, plus crazy Asian candy, because Cathy has way too much fun at the Asian food stores. One of the crazy candies tells me it's called "Chocolate babies". This may be as close as I ever get to eating a baby without being arrested. The posters are lovely. Several X ones, which is wonderful, even if I want to bite CLAMP. Because Mokona's art is still lovely. A Fruits Basket one (squee!), a Hikaru no Go (double squee!), an Utena movie one (beyond squee, hedging on mad drooling), and a Prince of Tennis one with the Seigaku regulars (and Fuji looking, as I told Meia, astonishingly gay). They're all up, up, up, and my room now has a greatly reduced amount of visible wall in it.

Ven sent all that was promised, as I've been spending more time than is healthy blissfully staring at Firefly. I have yet to decide if I want to carefully ration it out, in all it's beautiful shininess, or go crazy and watch it in massive chunks, or even try and marathon it. As I can't decide, I'm just left wondering where the clip of Jayne singing the Jayne song with the Hat on is. Books have actually been given a temporary spot on my shelf (I desperately need to organize that mess), comics and cds don't have a proper place yet.

All is very, very shiny. It almost annhilates the twitchy pain I feel at the thought of going to work in a few hours, and possibly slaving away there until 6.30.

An eight hour shift, and I've been working without respite since Wednesday.

It seems very probable that I'll collapse.

But at least I have Firefly.

Not materialistic, just very fond of shiny things,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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