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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


A bubbling cauldron of rage and resentment
7/3/2004 07:40:42 AM
"I never saw a woman faint and tell me to get out in the same motion." - Rafi, Friendly Hostility.

Allow me to echo the proper embittered cry of pain and despair: DAMN YOU CLAMP!

I full admitted to being highly scornful of the professional work ethic displayed by CLAMP. It's very hard for me to respect people who simply abandon projects without warning. Hell, I'm inclined to raise my eyebrows at people who abandon hobby projects without warning. That means I really don't look kindly upon CLAMP and their tendency to just ditch things without bringing them to anything like a resolution.

Translation: No, dammit, I'm not just bitter about the Keiichi thing.

However, two things remain clear. I still rather like CLAMP's art, for starters, although that isn't enough to make me want to read trainwrecky, fanservicey, cracky Tsubasa. The second thing is that I still have an unfortunate weak spot for the wacky antics of Duklyon. So while I'll probably grumble about and think evil, nasty things about me ramming poles into CLAMP's skulls for some time yet, I'll also display immense weakness and purchase volume seven of CLAMP no Kiseki. Because . . . Duklyon. Even though I'm sure most of the volume will be devoted to Nokoru and his detective bitches.

. . . Really, that's the only news there is. Life remains quiet, my folks are going to be in the city today to give me my mail so I can register for classes. Oh, and I've been reading Pamela Dean's Tam Lin.

I think I've decided I don't like Pamela Dean very much at all. I thought maybe the first book of hers I read was just a bit rough, but I'm finding a lot of things in Tam Lin that irked me in Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary (I think that was the title, I'm too lazy to check Logic and Chaos archives and verify). Mainly, the too-large cast and the gratuitious literature references. Although they aren't as gratuitous as they were in Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary, I guess, since I can see that most of the stuff quoted relates to the plot (somehow . . .), it still seems overkill to me. The way it's presented says to me not "Look at the subtle parallels between this work and the plight of so-and-so" but "Look at how witty and clever and well read I am, to be capable of drawing these kind of parallels". It tastes of snobbery and elitism, a fact which is not helped by the fact that Janet is, I feel, equally snobbish, being an English major of the worst kind.

But Ingrid, you say, aren't you an English major?

Yes, says Ingrid, and 'lo how I loathe it. Note that I'm hoping to go to law school, not graduate school.

Janet typifies the things I despise in English: the elitism, the snobbery, the belief that what's being studied is actually important, to the extent of showing disdain for biology majors and other people studying sensible, practical things . . . I will allow that I can't fault someone for believing that what they're studying is important. To them, personally, particularly. It shows passion, a love of the subject, which I think does most students good. What I cannot appreciate is those whose love of the subject impairs their judgement and common sense, and as a result look down on anyone who studies anything else, considering themselves instantly superior to someone who would rather study science or math or any number of other things that aren't based in literature. Lord spare me from arrogant, self-absorbed students.

Also, I deeply resent anyone who expresses an apparent belief that lack of appreciation of poetry is the fault of the reader for not being smart enough or not trying hard enough. For the love of God, people, some of us just don't like or get poetry. We don't give you shit over not being able to do integrated calculus, we don't suggest that you aren't bright enough or you just aren't applying yourself. Some people's brains just aren't wired the same way as others.

Possibly I should have saved this all for Logic and Chaos and made a delightfully snarly review, but it's always possible that the book will stop pissing me off. Until then, I just had to get this off my chest. Not that it helps that much - it still drives me batty.

Wallowing in pet peeves and 'lo how they itch,
almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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Blind stupid dork panic
6/27/2004 11:08:48 PM
"You traumatized Betsy Sri'vastra without me?" - Padma Maharassa, Friendly Hostility.

So, the other day at work, another cashier comes up to me and asks if I'm schedule to work on Monday. I say yes. She offers to swop me my Monday shift for her Wednesday shift. I say sure, she runs off to talk to our manager about it . . .

And doesn't come back to tell me what our manager said.

And I didn't notice what her name was.

Now, I'm faced with a dilemma, but a dorky dilemma of the sort only I could end up with due to my own social ineptitude. As I did not catch the other cashier's name, and am actually unfamiliar with how one goes about switching shifts, I have no idea if my shift -has- been switched. I have no idea if it's my name still written down on the sheet for Front End that figures out who's on what lane and the other cashier just comes in and says "Hey, I've switched shifts with Ingrid" or if that's changed before hand (since it was several days in advance) or what. I have no idea if -I- was supposed to go talk to the manager. I mean, I remember one of the girls training with us needed to change her first day on the floor training shift, but I can't remember if -both- of them talked to the manager or what.

So. Do I just not show up for work tomorrow and assume things went through and that if they hadn't, the other cashier would have come and spoken to me? Should I walk to work and see if I'm schedule to work, and thereby possibly waste quite a bit of time walking there and back when I don't need to? Or should I phone an hour or so before my shift's to start and talk to the person who'd be telling people where to go on the floor and ask if I'm down to work?

Except we're not supposed to call asking for our schedules . . . but this isn't the schedule, exactly . . .

And I'm suddenly very nervous about this and feeling twitchy and paranoid because my psyche grabs any opportunity for paranoia presented and wrenches it open as far as it can go and then takes a bath in it.

Twitchy, paranoid, nervous dork,
Ingrid, Signing Off

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