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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


The fabulous, glorious, brilliant, and undoubtedly exquisite day
6/26/2004 09:30:46 PM
"Dear Mom and Dad, wrote Rudy. This place is terrible. Each day I am subjected to countless atrocities. The food is spoiled and poisonous, and the drinking water is contaminated so there is an outbreak of typhoid. Our cabin collapsed last night in a typhoon, but don't worry. Only one guy got killed." - I Want To Go Home!, by Gordon Korman.

I finally found a copy of I Want To Go Home! I'm filled with fuzzy warm feelings of bliss and goodwill toward humanity. I feel renewed, invigorated! I read it while I walked home and managed not to get hit by traffic! Today is indeed a good day.

Last night I started playing Star Ocean, because the thought of Final Fantasy X made my stomach turn, and the text in Shadow Hearts gives me a headache. I am liking Star Ocean so far, although it makes me positively long for the silent heroes of the first two Suikoden games. Because if I have to hear Claude promise to protect Rena, or make sympathetic small talk at her, I'm going to punch someone.

Normally I don't actually mind female characters except to be annoyed that they frequently aren't much good in battle, but Rena just presses buttons that scream Mary Sue, even though I abhor using that term (I think it gets grossly over-used and bandied around needlessly instead of people stopping to think and express an original opinion). I don't know if it's because the first time you encounter her you have to save her from a giant salvating monster, or because shortly after that you encounter your first quest, which is saving Rena's ass after she's been kidnapped by a fellow who wants to marry her, -or- the fact that you find out she was mysteriously abandoned and found in a forest and possesses mysterious (white mage) powers that no one has ever seen before. Or if it's just because she's particularly useless in battle and mostly just stands there while Claude kills things.

Maybe it's all of the above.

But that doesn't matter, because I have I Want To Go Home!

Never before this day,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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Numbers and languages, numbers and aparment confusion, and a number of books
6/25/2004 11:50:37 PM
". . . That would be dream number 6,312 come true!" - Chex, Checkerboard Nightmare.

It should be mentioned that, whatever else I took away from French Immersion, I have been left with a good deal of confusion with regards to the way numbers are written, and tend to think in French when I'm working with numbers. In French, a comma is used instead of a period to seperate whole numbers from decimals.

And I swear, every day this week that I was -not- woken up by construction and maintenace, I had people coming to my apartment by mistake, the first one being a maintenace man coming -into- my apartment at 8 in the morning while I was asleep and resulting in a sick me having to stumble out of bed and croakily explain that no, there was no exhaust fan problem in my apartment, and the apartment number he wanted was next door. The other was a young man looking for a Chinese girl (Thursday), and today a woman with a little girl looking for her husband.

The hell?

Aside from that, the day was uneventful. First Friday off in a while, and I went to the bookstores, hunting for Ven. Didn't come away with anything on her list, though, alas. Did come away with two books for bell, a book for Jinxer (we can call it her birthday present), and a stack of books for me, plus volume fourteen of GTO.

Mmm, GTO.

Picked up Briar Rose by Jane Yolen, the Hitchhiker radio scripts, The Farseekers by Isobelle Carmody (no, I'm not sure why . . . where have I heard of Isobelle Carmody?), Ordinary Jack by Helen Cresswell, and Tam Lin by Pamela Dean. The store that's just moved to near the Safeway is -fabulous-, if unorganized (understandable, since they only moved there last week).

Briar Rose appears to be a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story set during the Holocaust. I have vague memories of reading something by Jane Yolen about dragons when I was in my 'take ten books out of the library every couple of days' phase, while Tam Lin was the book originally recommended to me by Jae, I think, by Pamela Dean, which I couldn't find several summers ago. Ordinary Jack is just an addition to my expanding collection of children's novels. Part of the very funny Bagthrope Saga which I keep meaning to read more of, but keep forgetting to. Because I have the attention span of an apple.

Like I said, good store, a lot of stuff. I could have spent hours poking through some of the other sections, but was sneezing and coughing and feeling hungry and hot, so I didn't. There was an omnibus edition of Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books, which I already have (rather battered) copies of, and Pat Wrede's first Dragon book, which I'm pretty sure I already have a copy of (somewhere . . .). All I really noted, but that's 'cause I can be kind of blind unless given specific things to look for.

Good, quiet day, really. Now I'll be happy if I just got -better-.

Badly in need of more shelves,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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Hot Pot
6/23/2004 11:30:53 PM
"When she'd started the job, less than a year ago, she'd firmly beleived that everything that was wrong with the world was the fault of Big Business and the Government. She believed even more firmly now that it was all the fault of Bigmac." - Johnny and the Bomb, Terry Pratchett.

Blogging and head colds don't really go together. Mostly because when there are head colds, there's not a lot else, and certainly none of it's fit to blog.

Mostly I've just been sleeping, in bed and on the couch, and reading (Chrestomanci and Johnny Maxwell books, and "The Time of the Ghost"). Occaisionally thoughts passed through my mind about stuff to blog about. Most of them revolved around the fact that Buckley's night time cough syrup tastes like melted vaporub.

Then, I found out that Americans don't have Buckley's, a fact that seems most unfair. I want virus ridden Americans to have to put up with the same pain I do when I want to sleep at night.

It also means Americans are missing out on the most brilliantly honest advertising campaign known to man. Buckley's has been using an advertising campaign based on the slogan "Tastes awful, but it works" since I was in junior high, at the very latest. I, of course, was under the impression that they were just being honest about the general awfulness of cough syrup that other commercials try to deny, but no. Buckley's has it's very own, particularly awful taste, that no other medication could possibly duplicate. It's just that special. And very, very bad.

There was also stuff about the latest bit of Prince of Tennis musical merchandising that is Pulltab and Can, a group comprised of players from rival schools. Namely Atobe (who is, of course, wildly popular, and, I am willing to admit, has a nice voice), Oshitari (. . . his singing voice doesn't make me claw my ears off), Kamio and Shinji (huzzah!), Sengoku (for reasons I'm not sure of, but hey, go lucky leprechaun), someone from Rikkai who's name I can't remember, and . . . Kirihara (~shudder~). No representatives from St. Rudolph's or Rokkaku (or the stupid sucky alien school). The first is a shame - I rather like Yuuta's singing voice.

I'm predicting hilarious disaster, and amusing badness. Maybe not in singing quality, necessarily, but it's just so ridiculous I know something bad is going to result.

There were also general mumbly thoughts about the futility of getting into genuine arguments with anyone, online or off, and the juvenile nature of insulting people, behind their back and to their faces. For the first, unless you have the eloquence of God, you can't change someone's mind when they're strongly committed to something, be it something serious like a religion or a political stance, or something frivilous like a pairing in a fandom, and in the end, if it's an argument and not a debate, it's not worth it. Change of opinion comes from within, for the most part. Don't flatter yourself into thinking that -you- have the power to make someone see how wrong they have been and 'lo how they have sinned. Don't also assume that just because someone's opinions or tastes are different than yours that that means they are either stupid or, by not liking what you like, insulting you. I find this last bit particularly baffling in people who spend a lot of time proclaiming their individuality and lack of conformity. I therefore don't understand the general frowning down upon people who like such-and-such a tv show, or who shop at the GAP. The second half . . . throwing insults, particularly on the internet, is stupid and immature, and, whatever the person who's being insulted has done, insulting them makes you look just as bad. Snarkily insulting them in a way that's obviously meant to make yourself look more intelligent tends to do the opposite. I'm just saying, from what I've observed (and, as a social incompetent, I do a lot of observing and very little else), that these are mostly constants. Is it a strange Canadian thing where I think, despite being evil and sarcastic and punching people, that being generally nice to people and politely agreeing to disagree is the most sensible way of behaving in most circumstances?

Also, on a note that is less despairing of the general state of humanity and communication, it appears that for two (non-consecutive) weeks this summer, I'll be internetless (or at least very rarely on, probably just to check my mail), because I'll be housesitting and therefore not in my (filthy, tiny, butter-melting) apartment. There's dogs involved. They're astonishingly cute and sweet. I miss living with animals.

Really just wanted to post about the cough syrup,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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