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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Yes, Virgina, there is a God, and he hates me very much
5/20/2004 12:59:07 PM
"I can see your brain through your nostrils." - Collin Sri'vastra, Friendly Hostility.

Sometimes I think God's laughing at me.

Yesterday, when I left to go to work for training (around five), I found a note under my door that said the guy who's plugging holes behind the radiators would be coming today, so I should move furniture away from the radiator so he can do his thing.

I get home from training around eleven, and go to bed.

I wake up in the morning, moderately early, because hey, they're also turning the -power- off this morning (they said from 9 to 9:30, but it wasn't back on until 10:15 or so). I had food, showered in the dark, and moved furniture out of the way.

In my bedroom, there is a bed. It's a large bed, made of actual wood, and very very heavy. I shove at it a bit and it doesn't work. I move some other stuff, including a dresser which started falling apart, but I popped the boards in question back in with my knee.

I try the bed again, shoving and pushing and kicking and swearing. It moves, inch by inch.

And then something comes unglued and the mattress collapses.

I can't figure out how to put it back together.

The hole plugging guy came about ten minutes ago and began pulling the radiator covers off . . . to find that the holes had already been plugged.

I moved all that furniture for nothing.

I broke my bed for nothing.

God is laughing at me, and I'm planning on coming home from training tonight, sore and miserable, and making a bed on the floor. If I have the energy, I'll take the mattress off the wooden futon thing (there's a frame, and it pulls out, but I'm not sure how). I think I can probably wedge in it the space between the bathroom and the main room, and there I will sleep, until I figure out how to fix my bed.

I realize that normal people would be able to, say, call a relative, or a neighbour, or a friend to help them, because this is a very difficult, if not impossible job for one person to do.

I hate being a social reject sometimes, I really do.

God can stop laughing at me any time, really . . .

So very not amused,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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Living in the Special Hell
5/17/2004 10:42:00 PM
"Going to the hospital,
'cause I shot my face off
With my own dark cannon~!" - Matt.

Hm. Yes. Employed now. In a job I will find utterly unsatisfying, probably depressing, almost certainly spirit-crushing and energy draining.

Oh, joy of joys.

But as we all know, nothing is more important than money.

Not even Matt singing impromptu songs from a hypothetical musical about Disgaea. I wish I'd had a way to record the conversation. It was hilarious.

I appreciate these phone calls, even if they've come lately when I was making supper, because, man, it's pretty much the only friendly, real human contact I -get- some weeks. I haven't gone out of the apartment for reasons that weren't finding a job, no socialization, since Saturday before last. While talking to Matt can hardly be called 'keeping a grip on sanity', it's something, and it breaks up the endless monotony of job applications, reading, gaming, and watching tv.

Among other bright points, after the whole bit where I willingly entered into the employ of a souless conglomerate that's reputed to treat employees like shit, was Firefly, which was just so awesome I don't have words for it. But, of course, I have no one to fangirl with about Firefly anymore, either.

It was good, though, I liked it, I loved -Mal- in it, he had some awesome lines, and Jayne and Vera (I love Jayne), and -Wash-, and Inara, and Wash . . .

Did I mention Wash? Wash Wash Wash.

I wonder if this was the episode bell mentioned that had the cut scene with River and Simon and 'the family way'? Tastes like incest, man.

There was also Fucktard. Um, maybe I should have at least made an effort to find out what last week's episode was about?

. . . They're not going to resolve the whole thing with Lindsey, are they? I mean, there was Lindsey, and I appreciate the Lindsey-age, but the writers are going to hate me and not give me any proper resolution.

Am I the only one who thinks, even after the whole confession scene, that Angel's still -evil-. I mean, I dunno, talking about going out in a blaze of glory that won't actually -do- anything to damage the Senior Partners for long, and he still seems pretty focussed on power, and I just don't trust him.

And there was -more- fucking Fred worship. GODDAMMIT IT.

At least Jayne beat the shit out of Illyria. It almost made me feel better.

I'm not going to like how the series is going to end, I know it.

I admit it, I miss when the series was funny and quirky.

In the news of more things that piss me off, Jinxer mentioned some livejournal thing in which people are trading fic and icons and shit for donations to the campaign of that guy who isn't Bush. You know, the douchebag.

Wow, America, like your political leaders and actions didn't make me sick enough. Why do I bother defending you to my America-bashing friends? Tell me why? Because, fuck, man, your political system is already a joke, why are you kicking the corpse and spitting on it? Look, call me crazy, but cynical as I am, I think politics should be taken seriously. I think political actions, things that have ramifications in the world of politics, should be taken seriously. These things happen when every time there's an election, your mother could very well find herself out of a job.

Politicians are unethical, but so is bringing politics into something that should be pleasure, should be a hobby. If a politician buying votes is shameful, then the public essentially bartering for the support of a political candidate is just as bad. A corrupt voter base will lead to corrupt politicians.

Look, people signing -petitions- pisses me off (petitions are meaningless, wastes of paper, because any moron can sign a petition, at least on a political level, because the people working for the government? toss your petition into the recycling, just in case you ever wondered). This just makes me feel sick. I don't want Bush leading the most sickeningly powerful nation in the world any more than I'm sure the people behind this project do, but mixing it up with fandom? Not the answer, nothing like the answer. If you care about politics, then show it. Debate, discuss, bring the issues to the front, -think- about them, show that you're thinking seriously about who you're voting for, and why.

Just try not to make a joke out of democracy. It's just . . . agh. You people make me sick.

Sick sick sick, and so very frustrated with you all,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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