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Adoration for Bujold, a rusty spoon in the gut for Square-Enix
5/01/2004 06:40:30 PM

"Nobody expects you to carry out a really good revenge till you're at least old enough to shave." - Miles Naismith Vorkosigan, A Civil Campaign, Lois McMaster Bujold.

A Civil Campaign produces increasing amusement with each reread, as well as draws my attention to random details - like the fact that the Vorbretten colours are green and orange.

Goord lord, poor René.

Mirror Dance will always be my favourite, however, because no matter how brilliantly Ivan shines in A Civil Campaign, no matter how many interesting new characters are introduced, no matter how genuinely funny or engaging it is, the raw emotion found in Mirror Dance is far more compelling for me. The serious scenes in that one give true life and depth to the characters - you see them at their worst and best.

Plus, you know, Bel.

I still can't see anything resembling slashy subtext between Byerly and Ivan, though.

Poor Ivan.

Before I delighted myself with A Civil Campaign (all I did this afternoon, the bliss), I played FFX, and all I have to say is that I hate fucking glowing light disco Tetris, and any triple-form boss that -also- casts mega death? Not acceptable at all unless it's an optional boss, man.

I think I'm going to finish my sandwich and go read Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors now, instead of going straight to Diplomatic Immunity, so I can get some review-fodder for Logic and Chaos (although I -could- review my newly acquired copy of Who Is Bugs Potter? . . .).

Seeing happiness as a fleeting but pleasing thing,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

And God looked down and saw that Ingrid was almost managing to have a decent day, and saw that this was bad
4/29/2004 12:36:33 PM

"Lord Dono insisted on detailing his car and a driver to take Ivan the short distance to his apartment, thwarting Ivan's faint hope of being mugged and murdered in a Vorbarr Sultana alleyway on the way home and thus avoiding the consequences of this evening's revelations." - A Civil Campaign, Lois McMaster Bujold.

God and the weather apparently hate me, as this is the second time I've gone out with intent to apply for jobs and been attacked by the weather. Last time I got unseasonable snow and freezing wind, this time I got the heavens opening and showering me with ice cold rain. I return from Safeway soaking wet and freezing, and have changed back into my thankfully dry pajamas.

Still hating life, and still feeling incredibly discouraged.

Apparently you're supposed to hand in applications/resumes directly to the manager if you want results.

Well. Fuck.

I spent part of the morning between the picking up of the Safeway application and the dropping off of the Safeway application with a blanket over my head crying. Because, really, if I can't function in social situations or manage to form a bond with a single human being, why should I magically not be completely inept when it comes to trying to earn a living? My ineptitude is all-encompassing.

Oh, and the dentist that's a short walk away from my building? Not taking new patients.

I'm just sucking all around here today.

I think I'm going to make some lunch and curl up on the couch, and very possibly not move until tomorrow morning, when I'll torture myself with this process -again-.

Miserable and alone, and also very wet,
Ingrid, Signing Off

A brief overview in the life of Ingrid, do not take notes, there will not be a test after
4/28/2004 08:27:00 PM

"'Throw yourself on that unexploded dessert, boy!' Ivan grinned. 'It's your duty to save the Emperor from indigestion.'" - A Civil Campaign, Lois McMaster Bujold.

Oh, Ivan. ~swoon~

Since bell asked me to update, I figured I'd throw the swoon in, so she can make the obligatory tease-Ingrid-about-Ivan comments.

Finished my last exam yesterday, and also made an appointment to speak with a course advisor about the whole mess that is my degree, and the process of applying to law school.

Still to do - clean apartment, make appointment with dentist, find a goddamn job.

The first is tedious, the second can probably be done tomorrow if I go out, and the third remains elusive.

I've applied for three job postings in the last week, and haven't even been called for an interview. One was for a tour guide, one for a retail job in a bakery, and one was for the position of part time administrative assistant. Two of these were jobs I would have actually been qualified to do, as well as have had some experience doing similar things. If I can't get jobs in fields that I have some familiarity with, how can I get any job at all? I'm really starting to dread the job hunt, and I just want to get it over with. I want to find a job -now-, as soon as possible, so I can just work throughout the summer and not worry.

With the economy the way it is, I think it's very unlikely I'll be getting a job anywhere this summer unless some freak bit of luck strikes. It's like playing the lottery, and it's utterly discouraging.

On the other hand, my parents are talking about going to Ontario and Stratford with the brother creature, which makes me feel a good deal less guilty about the financial strain my education is presumably putting on them when I can't cover the costs myself. If they can go and buy very expensive tickets to see plays in Stratford, I shouldn't be bloody well wracked with guilt over having trouble finding a job.

I am jealous that Woody's going to get to see more plays, though. I wonder if I'll ever get to go to Stratford again.

Since my period recently struck, I haven't been actively persuing the job problem (which I'm sure would annoy my mother). If things run their course, the cramps won't be too bad tomorrow, and I can do the planned 'Walk to every damn business nearby and see if I can apply for a job'. If not, I'll probably just stay in and try to tidy, or continue my hate-filled attempt to KILL GODDAMN FLUX SEYMOUR.

Have now gone against that bastard five times, and died each time. I was so very very close, this time, he only had a couple thousand HP left, but immediately after casting Total Annhilation for the second or third time, he cast Flare on Auron before I had a chance to cure him with an X-Potion.

Stupid, stupid Seymour. No one likes you.

The current aggravation of the game obviously makes things a bit less fun. But there's also wholesome reading of A Civil Campaign and old Gordon Korman books. I'm seriously considering buying myself a new copy of I Want To Go Home if I get a job. I'd feel less guilty about needlessly spending money on one of my favourite childhood books, then.

Because, dammit, Rudy Miller. He rocked so hard. When I was ten I wanted to be Rudy Miller. He was just so -cool- about everything.

There's also copies of the Bruno and Boots books I don't have which is tempting . . . but the new covers are ugly, man.

We'll see what happens on the money (and used bookstore) front.

Nothing else to report . . . Oh, except I got 85% on a paper where I used the word 'zombie' to describe high school students, and was scolded in the comments for my commonplace book for not making it more artistic (when I drew during class . . . oops).

Since all else is the status quo,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

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