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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Remarkably Gay First Match: Fudomine
4/15/2004 09:55:41 PM
"Here was where Ivan had slipped through the safety-railing, fallen half a story, and cut his head open, with no discernible effects on his intellect. It had been hoped the fall would make him smarter. . . ." - Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold.

I had a dream this morning. It involved a bunch of chibi-fied evil scientists who had entered that state of excessive cuteness and smallness in order to enter a contest to make bubble gum. Only they wanted to make evil bubble gum.

I realized, upon waking up, that they should have made coconut bubble gum.


So I told Meia, before I began watching the second Prince of Tennis Musical (Remarkable First Match: Fudomine) that in my ideal world the musical would be nothing but the Moriyama Eiji (Momo-chan) and Abe Yoshitaka (Taka-san) show. I would now like to revise that opinion and add the fellow who plays Kamio Akira into that, because good lord is he precious. He's so precious he almost makes up for the distinct lack of Yanagi Kotaroh as Ryoma (thereby meaning the musical contains no break dancing or stripping).

Because Jinxer probably won't have her hands on the second musical for some time, I made a couple screencaps . . . I have a new-found respect for anyone who screencaps liveaction stuff.

Ryoma and Momo-chan. Riding Momo-chan's bike. Together. Yes, I know it happens in the series, but still, it's incredibly gay. Also, I figure I better say it now and get it out of the way - Kimeru's face is hollow, he makes Ryoma look anorexic or like he's wasting away from some horrible disease. That is all.

Ryoma and Momo-chan suck at doubles. This is true, but this never happened during their abysmal tennis match on the street courts.

The "We suck at doubles" number. Ryoma and Momo-chan suck at doubles so much they feel the need to sing about it, with choreography. I'd complain, but this is the most I get to see of Moriyama Eiji in the entire show, really.

Someone gave the freshman trio another number. There is more inappropriate touching than there should be. Of course, there should be no inappropriate touching when Horio's involved.

They also gave them pom-poms. When I find the person who decided to give those two gay sparkly blue pom-poms, I'm running them over in the car I can't legally drive.

This is a different number. Someone thought they needed -two-. Where Horio had sparkly giant pom-poms that are too gay even for Mizuki. Maybe if they were purple . . .

Shinji 1 meets Shinji 2. I'm still disappointed that Moriyama Eiji didn't mumble at Shinji.

Y-M-C-A! Prince of Tennis: Now officially gayer than the village People. Thanks, Moriyama.

Tennis meets ballet. Seriously, you may look at this and think "Wow, Taka-san and Fuji look gay", but you're completely overlooking the tinkling, sparkling music that's playing during this number. Me, I'm just disappointed that Taka-san didn't get to sing. He's playing against Fudomine's towel-head, too, who can actually sing as well.

Golden Pair vs. the Evil Rain. Because apparently they were too cheap to hire two guys to be doubles-1 for Fudomine. Meia points out that no one remembres the names of the guys from Fudomine, but that's not the -point-. The point is instead we get Oishi and Eiji prancing around like fruits, with any inappropriate touching at all, while playing against an animated tennis ball backdrop, with occaisional lightning.

The duet from hell. There's apparently a rule that the captains of teams can't carry a tune in a goddamn bucket. And, if that's not enough, we have to listen to both of them sing at -once-. Personally, I'm of the opinion that Takagawa Eiji should have his mouth sewn shut so Tezuka never has to sing, and his feet nailed to the floor so he never has to dance. Tachibana can, I dunno, sit on the sidelines and be paternal, because I like Tachibana more.

Kamio sings a dorky song about his rhythm. He's cute like a button while doing it, though, so no one cares that it's dorky -or- that he can't sing very well.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Kamio! After he leaps onto Kaidoh's side of the net, the Seigaku regulars chase him back onto his side.

Fudomine shakes their booties. Can you tell which number was my favourite?

Kamio's rhythm causes Fuji and Eiji to shake their booty, too. None can resist the power of the rhythm. Until Kaidoh death-glares at them, anyway.

Shinji alternates between singing about his tennis skills and insulting Ryoma. He may not have Kamio's mad rhythm, but he's cute.

Still a Kamio/Shinji fan, yes indeed. Gratuitous screencaps make the world go around (and I loved this scene, even if I now associate Shinji and Kamio with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck).

The game of mystery. As Meia doesn't know -what- they're doing, I think we'll just declare this game another manifestation of Japan's inherent crack.

That's all there is, folks. If you're a Prince of Tennis fan, or a fan of things that are so bad they're funny, you should check out the musical, really. Good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Learning that there is no limit to the potential for gay in the world,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off