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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Kingdom Hearts: Will someone please stop the hideous THRUSTING?!
4/9/2004 02:32:37 AM
"Not immediately indulging in murder isn't a sign of self-control. It's a sign of, what is it, sanity." - Thief, 8-bit Theatre.

Jenn came over to my place this morning to poke the box in my room which I suspected contained a mouse.

There was no mouse.

Obviously, I hallucinate.

I let Jenn stick around to play Disgaea as a reward for poking the hypothetical box-of-mouse, and as a result, got absolutely no work done. No loss, I have no worries.

Apparently today was pseudo-Friday and people were getting together, but Matt already offered me supper yesterday afternoon, so hanging with Matt and Shelly took precedence, y0.

We had chicken-k-bobs with lots of garlic and spaghetti and alfredo sauce, and it was -food-. Good shit, man. I also drank about a litre and a half of cola. Whee caffeine!

ANd, of course, there was Kingdom Hearts . . .

Our manual dexterity regained, Matt and I were actually able to complete the stupid illogical ship floating in space . . . I actually handled this one solo (and the world following that - score!), and spent . . . a lot of time shouting obscenities at having to fly.

I tried to make Sora fall into the ocean and get eaten by the crocodile, but it didn't work.

The crocodile floating int he ocean which the boat is floating in, in space and . . .AGHBRAINOWOWOW.

There's some flashbacks to let us see that Riku was a fucking creepy looking little kid (Me: It's the eyes. Shelly: And the prematurely grey hair.) and then we're at the . . . tower of London, but still apparently floating in outer space and NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE.

We get a new summon for our trouble (we never, ever use summons, ever) and a new keyblade . . .

The new keyblade is called 'The Fairy Harp'. It is the gayest thing ever. Yes, even gayer than the jungle one with the butterfly dangling on the end.

Really, it can be summed up in this conversation Matt and I had on the way home . . .

Me: I'll rest easy tonight knowing that Sora is no longer prancing around with 'The Fairy Harp' as his weapon.
Matt: But it matched his eyes!
Me: It matched his shoes, too.
Matt: It represented his -soul-.
Me: And it's nice to see how sparkly and gay Sora's soul is, but if I wanted gay weaponry, I'd be playing Suikoden II or Final Fantasy VIII.

Next we go to a town that -isn't- full of flying or swimming or prancing gay cross-eyed men in tights. Halloween Town is one of the coolest worlds ever visited, especially since Sora looks -seriously- awesome in his Halloween Town costume. But in this costume of awesome blackness, Sora's carrying around the sparkly gay Fairy Harp. And the fact that NOTHING THAT HAPPENS MAKES SENSE AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

I'm not sure why it still hurts, because nothing so far has made any kind of sense and it -always- causes pain but . . . agh, anyway.

There's a flying bathtub, anyway, and -that's- cool. Plus, I manage to kill the boss on my own, in one try.

I'm very proud.

We head back to Crack Town after laying the smack down on Oogie Boogie (who looks like a giant bag of flour . . . an -evil- bag of flour) and I let Shelly and Matt run around doing shit . . . We talk to Cid, and Matt accidentally trigers a cutscene which triggers some kind of surreal flashback that involves Sora travelling back in time? He is generally stupid, and I try to throw things at the television, thinking evil thoughts about people who can't recognize a flashback when they see them (Matt: I doubt Sora could spell flashback.). We also have Donald and Goofy comment on how it's okay that they still haven't found their King (Me: Hey, I remember that plot!) since they've found the keyblade master (Me: Now we don't have to think!). Thankfully, we're spared further pain, and we proceed to run around town with our newfound powers of . . . jumping really high and gliding off said high things, freeing puppies from tiny boxes.

We also go and put a new page in the Pooh Book which reveals that Winnie the Pooh is actually mentally retarded, as we have to guide his lazy ass up to a swing that's in clear view from pretty much anywhere (and we have to stay, like, two steps ahead of him at all times - Winnie the Pooh moves so slowly I think he may be stoned). And then we push him off the swing, which is satisfying.

After we've had our fill of running senseless around Crack Town, we fly to the stadium, optimistically hoping to face off against Sephiroth.

We don't.

We do, however, battle Cloud and Hercules (not together in some wrong and slashy pairing). Watching Sora pummel Cloud triggers the following:
Me: It's kind of sad that we have to watch Cloud get his ass kicked by a pansy like Sora.
Matt: Hell yeah.
Me: On the bright side, maybe it'll help reduce those homoerotic dreams of yours.
Matt: Oh, Cloud, you're so strong <3

Also, far too often when he wins, we have to watch Sora thrust his pelvis at the camera.

No kind and loving game designers would subject us to that.

Still, Matt does remarkably well and clears the Hercules cup with the group and solo, and we get the Metal Chocobo, which we promptly use to replace Fairy Harp. Metal Chocobo is big, and grey, with a heavy red handle (and a little chocobo dangling from it, but whatever). It is not gay, and I feel better.

We realize, with great sadness, that we can't fight Sephiroth yet, and leave (but not before mocking Hercules, who got his ass kicked by Sora -twice-, the pansy - and Sora is waist high to Hercules, too). Now with our goal of having our ass kicked by Sephiroth temporarily destroyed, we go to the Crack Dream of Alice and rescue more puppies and shit. Then, because Matt hates me, we go to the jungle world of HELL.

Our brief soujourn in jungle world can be described thusly (I refused to touch the controller for jungle world):
Me: Yanno, it's a lot easier to keep at it at 1:30 in the morning when we have a specific goal. Like beating the shit out of that fat undersea bitch.
Matt: Unlike now, when we're making up our own goals.
Me: Which right now seem to involve getting Sora hit in the face with tree branches.
Matt: Goal! ~proceeds to do the mini-game again~

And, after being forced to watch Sora hump poles once more like some kind of underage stripper (an evil which is counteracted by hearing his noises of pain when his face contacts the tree branches), we decide to call it quits for the night.

And now I'm home, getting ready for bed, and hoping I don't hallucinate any more mice.

Paranoid like an evil lawyer,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Final Fantasy X: Lack of logic makes my brain bleed
4/6/2004 10:55:12 PM
"Tightass wonders why he even needed to hear the truth about Sin. 'What about my feelings?' he whines. Dude, no one cares about your feelings." - Jeanne, Final Fantasy X Part 9, Videogame Recaps.

I'm still doing a boogying little happy dance over the outcome of my 17th century literature term paper, but, because it was the last day of classes (and I figured people would be loud and obnoxious tonight - they weren't), I popped in FFX and sat down to replay the stupid part I died in last time . . .

This time, I don't die stupidly by the flame-throwing guards, and things proceed without a hitch, so that I can see . . . Tightass humping Auron from behind.

I hate the game designers.

People circle the group of wankers, preparing to kill them horribly, while Yuna is trying to Send Seymour. Unfortunately, since everyone can see what Yuna's trying to do, the old coot who leads Spira tells her if she doesn't stop, all her guardians will be shot.

So, being a dumbass, and thinking it'll save her friends, Yuna stops. Sigh.

Seymour proceeds to molest Yuna in hideous FMV, and when he's done, orders the guardians to be killed. I know I'm surprised.

While people are preparing to kill the guardians, Yuna runs to the edge of the tower and threatens to throw herself off if the guardians aren't released. For whatever reason, the guardians are (temporarily) freed, and they all rush up to Yuna.

Who throws herself off the building anyway.

. . . Ooooookay.

While she's falling, Yuna summons Valefour, and is saved!

But her guardians are left behind with Seymour and all his guards. . . . Brilliant, Yuna.

Thankfully, Rikku has a convenient pouch of, uh, stuff that enables them to escape. Or something.

I don't know, none of this makes any sense.

Once they're no longer being chased, they decide Yuna has gone to the Chamber of the Fayth . . . and I have to deal with the most -annoying- Cloister of Trials -ever-.

After I escape the hell that is the Cloister of Trials, Tightass and Kimahri decide to break into the Chamber of the Fayth to get Yuna instead of doign something crazy like, I dunno, -wait- for her like they have every other time.

Still, he goes in, gets Yuna, and comes out to find a bunch of Yevonites with guns! Whee trap! Everyone's going on trial.

Nice of them to wait for Yuna to get a new aeon first, though.

So Yuna, specifically, is put on trial for hurting Seymour and hanging with the Al Bhed. The guy conducting the trial is a Ronso Maester who seems a bit clueless about important things like Seymour's -death-.

I'm wondering why all the non-human things use their species/race as a last name.

Yuna responds by telling the Ronso that Seymour killed his own father . . . and no one but the Ronso seems to care about this.

Oh, and she tells him that Seymour's dead, and begs to be allowed to send him, allowing Old Coot Mika to reveal that -he's- dead, too.

Damn zombies.

Stuff transpires that causes everyone to be totally disillusioned about Yevon and everyone gets put into prison. And then they get, uh, dumped in a lake? Or something?

Well, only Wakka, Tightass, and Rikku get thrown into the waterway. Everyone else is, uh, somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the trio of evil maesters (minus the Ronso) cackle evilly over the impending DEATH of their enemies.

Then, we join Yuna (all by herself) down in an empty dungeon, which she wanders around until she finds the remaining guardians.

Then we proceed further and encounter the gay looking summoner who's name I've temporarily forgotten. He's been sent to deal with Yuna, and they have a duel with aeons. AND I KICK HIS SCRAWNY ASS!

And then I turn off the game before I have to deal with Tightass again, because it's time for Angel.

There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday night. ^_^

Masterfully dealing with illogical plots,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Full Metal Alchemist: Why don't you just JAM A RUSTY KNIFE INTO MY STOMACH?!
4/5/2004 08:50:29 AM
"Night night, Padma's hat an' Nefertari." - Rafi, Friendly Hostility.

Look, I recognize the events in Full Metal Alchemist 25 were necessary, but . . .

Did it -have- to be Hughes? I know -someone- had to die (and I've known pretty much since Hughes' wife showed up that he'd be the one to go, and I promptly hated myself for getting attached to him) but did it -have- to be Hughes? Of course it had to be Hughes. He was the only character who touched the lives of the Elric brothers and had a life we saw outside of the military.

Sensei is a bastard.

I have the utmost respect for authors who -can- do this, who can do things they know will hurt their readers, possibly even anger them, but do them anyway out of commitment to the story. It's admirable, really . . .

But I don't have to be happy about it.

Showing the worst taste in choosing favourites,
Ingrid, Signing Off