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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Final Fantasy X: The Road of Wankers
3/6/2004 12:29:38 AM
"'Boys will be boys' chuckles Admiral Naismith, while in the background his troops burn down London . . ."

Stayed up way too late talking crack with bell - nearly slept too long to make my morning class (which would have been a shame, since, for once, I'm actually interested in what we're reading, although we're down now, and somehow the amusement factor is diminished when your inarticulate professor is trying to explain why something's so funny). Rather miffed, I translated the first page of "The Seafarer" yesterday, and we were given the full official translation today, no interrogation required.

Wasted effort makes me sad.

I made up for all that wasted effort by being a hermit tonight, and played some FFX (more in a bit, behind ye old darkened text), and took a bath. Shaved, too, and cut my leg so deeply that I had to bandage it up with gauze.

All part of a fun and happy night in the home of Ingrid.

But, for your amusement, the usual whining about Final Fantasy X.

After a long absence from the movie game, I catch up with the party of wankers on their way to Djosse Temple. And that's all I do for the hour and a bit I play this game - I walk along a dirt road to Djosse Temple, endure multiple cutscenes with a lot of wankers, nearly get run over by a bunch of chocobo, have some more stuff vaguely alluded to but never explained, listen to Tightass whine, fight random battles, and listen to Tightass whine some more.

Also, Yuna really -is- like Jesus, in a way. Not only does she walk on water, but she's the only hope of Spira, and will keep small children from being eaten by Sin.

You know, if there was a university class on religious symbolism in video games . . .

There's an encounter with a religious fanatic (good lord, I can't even escape the nuts in my games!) who tells us that the dorky Crusaders who've been running around with some secret plan to defeat Sin involves the dreaded -Machina-. Despite my protests, Yuna -encourages- the lunatic to go and continue pestering the poor men who're just doing their job to keep babies from being eaten.

I hope I never meet this whacko again.

I stop when we reach an inn/store/thing that's run by the Al Bhed, and I have access to a save point.

Wakka, I love you, but if you keep on with your Al Bhed schtick, and try to get in the way of Auron's sleep, I'm going to smack you upside the head.

I think the high point of tonight's bit of gaming was when the loot from a defeated enemy involved a new toy for Lulu - a flaming moombah. It's so damn -cute-. I want one of my very own.

Not dead from wankers yet,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Gayer than Mizuki
3/5/2004 12:27:24 AM
"You wouldn't like me when I'm happy."

You know, every now and then, I look at Prince of Tennis, and I think to myself "Well, that can't possibly get any gayer". First there was the whole Momo-chan the Pedophile thing, then there was Mizuki (Mizuki needs no explanation), then the Date episode, and then the musical, then Atobe's Valentine Kiss song . . . and each time you think, "This is the pinacle of gay, it can't get any gayer".

And then you see the -official- music video for Aozu's "Birthday" and Caps to Bins "Rock 54!", which involves some cracked out boy-band AU and you realize "Yes, there is always more gay to be found."

It also makes one ask "If they're this gay, why can't they dress better?" Queer Eye for the Straight Guy -lies- to me. Gay men (and teenage boys) have as much taste as anyone else. Maybe even less.

So I took some random screencaps of the stuff that made me go WTF?! - poor quality, because the video is of low quality, but here you go. Enjoy. Share my pain.

Did I mention the pain?

Honestly, I don't know which is more disturbing here. The entire scenario or Eiji's hideous pink shirt. Seriously, kids, do not emulate Mizuki. He is a bad example for you all.

Fuji - you, at least, should know better than to dress like Mizuki. The fact that you're being gay with Taka-san doesn't make it any better. You're still wearing something that looks almost exactly like the outfit Mizuki wore in episode 71.

Let's ignore the sheer wtf-ness that's embodied by the presence of the coaches in a recording studio with the Seigaku boys and focus on the fact that I'm pretty sure the guy at the back is the incredibly gay pimp coach of Hyotei. With a purple sweater around his neck.

I just find this shot of Ryoma disturbing. I suppose I should be glad his shirt isn't purple. But still - you're twelve, boy. Twelve. Did I mention -twelve-?

This is disturbing too. I think Momo-chan's drugged Ryoma, or something.

It's like Eiji and Ryoma are competing for who can make the biggest fashion faux-pas in this video. I don't know who's worse, Eiji and his mauve overalls and pink-purple shirt, or Ryoma and his . . . sweater-vest . . . thing.

As a Canadian growing up in the north I have seen many stupid hats but this is the dumbest, ugliest thing ever. Also, Eiji's wearing pink -again-.

This poster scares me so much. Just . . . shudder.

Is Fuji supposed to be a boyscout? A flight attendant? I can't figure out what, but he looks bloody stupid.

Twelve-year-old boys should not wear leather pants. That is all.

Kaidoh and Kamio boxing. Speaks for itself, really (Kamio!).

It's rival gay boy bands! What is this, Gravitation? Atobe is such an . . . Atobe. (Hey look, Tachibana in the background! He's so much cooler than Atobe.)

I think it says a lot when the red-headed lucky leprechaun in a lime green shirt is one of the -better- looking outfits in the video. . . . Sengoku actually looks rather hot. Damn.

Shinji also looks hot, despite the fact that his shirt involves a good deal of -pink.

Jinxer thought this was a shot of Ann-chan and Momo-chan. Poor Gakuto. Like wearing tight plaid pants wasn't bad enough.

Mizuki is the source of all the fashion horrors in this video. I stand by this statement. It looks like he's wearing a dark purple shirt with fur trim that's been dyed -fuschia- for Chrissake.

Kamio indulges in an interschool threesome with Oishi and Shishido. Despite the fact that Shinji looks really hot. On the other hand, I think Kamio and Shinji are wearing matching shirts (Kamio, you shouldn't wear pink either).

Even Karupin gets in on the crack. And Tezuka - wearing purple does not make up for the fact that you have no personality. It just scares me. A lot.

Seriously, wtf are the people doing this -smoking-? I don't want any of it, I really don't. Some things scare even me (and these days, they tend to involve purple).


Apparently I scared Mum with the whole walking home from the concert last night . . . I talked to her, soothed her fears, and told her about Chris' incredible performance during Carrot Juice is Murder, and some of the other funny bits of the concert.

My mum's such a Worms fangirl, it's great.

Dad had a meeting in Regina today (apparently a boring one) and he came through Saskatoon on the way home and took me out for supper at the Broadway. Yay!

I had a milkshake which I drank way too quickly, which resulted in me feeling very ill, and garlic toast and chicken . . . things. Good stuff, despite the whole me feeling ill thing.

Gave Dad a copy of 'Toast' to bring back to Mum, so hopefully she'll like that and enjoy it.

Not a bad day (even if my brain hurts). Should get ready for bed, though. I have morning classes . . .

But "The Importance of Being Earnest" is funny, so it's okay. ^_^

I can see the bunny,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Saskatoon: Home of Bowling and Rhthmyic Clapping
3/4/2004 12:31:13 AM
"And the sack of potatoes goes . . ."
"Sack of potatoes!!!!!!"

So, I went to the Worms concert, because that's what I do, and I went alone, and shivered by myself in line (but I was first, dammit!) and was hunched there with some other people when the Worms arrived and slunk inside (while we continued to freeze).

The concert was good, for, you know, being by myself (and I didn't run into anyone I knew) and I dunno, maybe it was just where I was sitting, but the fucktards who usually sing along with -every- -single- -song- were absent. The audience was more rowdy than usual, though.

Note to everyone there under the age of forty: There's a line between amusing enthusiasm and being creepy, annoying, and repetitive. Guess who crossed it?

They started with their usual appreciation/mocking of the theatre, and of Chris' new shirt (there was actually a fellow doing a couple songs before them, that didn't suck, but he didn't have the same musical talent as the Worms). They even worked in a -carpet- joke.

Most of the stuff was from the new album - Toast (which I bought, did I mention?) - which is a collection of new stuff, and stuff that's pretty familiar to people who've seen them live.

The Toast stuff was "New Car Smell", "Hot Dog Song", "Little Cuban Friend", "I Am Not American", "Bottle of Booze", "Head in the Freezer", "The Monkey Song", and "Wolfe Island Ferry".

Also, a very special "Moment with Mike" featuring Mike's "I Pulled My Groin", which Chris and Trevor refused to sing. They stood far away from the microphones and shook their heads in disgust.

They did some old stuff, too - "Celine Dione", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Mounted Animal Nature Trail", "Jesus Brother Bob", that power rock love ballad about internet porn, of course "Carrot Juice is Murder" which featured a very special Chris falling over with the microphone and singing and writhing on the stage and then got up with a rather twisted microphone stand, which he had to try and adjust while he finished singing (words fail, really) . . .

And "The Bowling Song" which featured an aside about how bowling was invented in Saskatoon so that the people of Saskatoon would have something to do with their hands when they weren't rhythmically clapping (when Chris started 'Celine Dione' everyone began clapping in time to the music, which threw him so much he had to start over).

They actually went off on tangents that involved playing 'In the Garden of Eden' and Meatloafe songs (well, briefly), which was just funny in it's total randomness.

The guys still have it (and yes, the new album is quite good).

Two encores, and I left without trying to get autographs (because I'm very shy) and because I had to get home. Matt's car is still in limbo, so no ride (I would have felt bad if he'd actually come, though). I walked the entire way, in the biting cold (figures it would get cold just in time for the concert - wanker weather gods) and would point out that I didn't get mugged.

Maybe next time I can get other people to go with me to the bloody concert. That'd be nice.

Cymbal monkey clapping workout!
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Stop playing with the demon! It's not a toy!
3/2/2004 11:58:25 AM
"If ever our plots have had a shortcoming, it's had to do with logic."

Spent a relaxing morning playing Disgaea and reading Paladin of Souls, although my oft-neglected conscience tells me I shouldn't be distracted by trivial things and be focussed instead on the acquisiton of a job. Perhaps this afternoon, although my mind would much rather dwell with stories than updating my useless resume and checking out the government website.

But before that tedious obligation, such bablings as relate to demons!

Paladin of Souls, chapter sixteen . . . I don't deny my delight with the book was greatly increased with the arrival of Foix and dy Cabon at the end of chapter fifteen . . . only to be swiftly followed by "Foix, you idiot! Stop playing with the demon! It's not a toy!"

I don't know whether to be attracted or repelled by the mental image of Foix using sorcery to drill -flies- in his boredom. On one hand, it's so adorably Foix-like . . . and on the other hand, it's Foix playing with the -demon-, which he should know better than to do.

Foix, Foix, Foix . . .

You can really see, though, how dangerous the demon could be, if it got in control of Foix. So charming, so bright, so much potential for power . . . and if Ista didn't have her second sight, would anyone even notice?

Dy Cabon's well (although one can hardly blame him for being frustrated with Foix, when the boy's doing things he shouldn't be) and I never really believed bell when she was implying they'd end up having been killed.

Not much, anyway.

The level of obsession Catti's revealed to have for Arhys is damn creepy. I mean, it's good that she really loves him . . . but being willing to sacrifice Illvin (who Arhys so obviously cares for, so deeply, if their banter is anything to go by) just to keep Arhys alive is stupid, and she should know if Arhys ever found out he'd be upset with her.

Obviously a flawed man, though, to be so allured by a girl's obvious adoration of him. Illvin sees clearer than his brother.

I so madly want to know what's going on, and what's going to happen, and who Goram was before the demon tore from him and took his wits with it.

And now that Foix has returned, of course Ferda's gone . . . Get your ass back there, Ferda. Maybe you can tell your little brother he's being an idiot.

I also finished up Episode 5: Etna's Secret, this morning . . . Randomly, Etna seems to be the name of a volcano? It comes up in one of the earlier books of Paradise Lost, anyway. Etna so lays the smackdown and makes everyone her bitch! Bwaha! And really, she and Laharl are so sweet together, in an evil 'BWAHAHAH PAIN SUFFERING DOOM!' kind of way.

I'm rather curious about what that blackmail picture of him involved, though :P

At the moment I rather wished they hadn't brought in Flonne and the angel-side plot. Flonne's cute in her ditziness, but the whole 'Demons can love too!' thing sort of ruins the allure of a game where you're trying to become the overlord of -hell-. Maybe it'll improve and amuse more over time?

I wonder when Mid-Boss will end up becoming one of Laharl's vassals? It's only a matter of time . . .

Need to call Matt tonight - his car died again, but he said if he can get it working, he'd be glad to come and pick me up from the concert tomorrow so I don't have to walk all the way home from Broadway late at night.

Matt rocks.

Matt also has the second Initial D DVD, which has episode six on it. Must steal DVD . . .

Back to the adventures of the demon-plagued,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Why yes, I am a loser
3/2/2004 01:20:27 AM
"Alright, princess. Now we're gonna get ta see our rooster fight another rooster! Let's go get good seats -- maybe you'll catch some feathers!"

Nothing to say about Fucktard tonight. Nothing's been really pulling me in, I'm not on the edge of my seat wondering, I'm not really laughing that much, I'm just kind of apathetically watching out of habit.

Maybe it's a good thing that the series is being cancelled.

I will say that the current arc smells like, well . . . last season, with Jasmine. That's all.

In other news, I'm going to the Arrogant Worms concert on Wednesday.

By myself.

I was really looking forward to the chance to actually hang out with some people I like and pretend I'm a normal person who's actually capable of connecting with others . . . but when they went, tickets were apparently sold out.

If I wasn't an asshat, I would have probably thought to buy them tickets when I got mine.

But I am.

Don't mind going to the concert alone so much (I'm used to being alone, and doing things alone, and it's not something I should become unfamiliar with, because it's only a matter of time before I'm alone again), it's the walking home late at night in a city I'm not familiar with, for what's probably a half hour walk that makes me uncomfortable.

Did I say uncomfortable? I meant fucking terrified.

I grew up in a neighbourhood where I would wake up and there would be hookers fighting outside my window, and where I constantly heard police sirens and cops laying the smackdown. I can't -be- comfortable outside at night. I'm not comfortable walking from the parking lot when someone drops me off to the building.

I guess it doesn't matter, though. Even if Saskatoon does have the highest something or other rate in the country, nothing but me getting horribly lost will probably happen.

And if by some coincidence I do become another statistic . . . well . . . it's not like my life has any meaning.

I think I'm depressed.

What a shock.

Screw you guys, I'm going to bed,
Ingrid, Signing Off