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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


The world needs more head smashing and evil lawyers
1/23/2004 12:15:19 AM
"Yes. Even if the Monster Moon were hauled out of orbit by pre-crisis Superman and flung at a sleeping Van Helsing, with Batman on it, Van Helsing would still win."

I have a blister on my thumb - it's a nice chance from having blisters on my feet. For one thing, it doesn't make it difficult to walk.

I made cookies tonight and found myself lacking eggs when I was already well into the mixing process and, upon asking Katie and Geoff if there were any good substitute ingredients for eggs they both said "No! Eggs are essential!"

It should be immortalized here in text that I tossed some milk into the dough, the cookies are wonderful, and I am dancing on Katie's grave.

I also caught old, Doyle-full "Fucktard" in which I swear Cordelia called Doyle 'Glenn' at one point. But who knows, my hearing is generally considered screwy.

There was no Lindsey in the episode, though, and this made me sad.

Before that, though, I had a bath with baking soda (Dice says it'll help the tendency softer areas of my skin show toward intense itchiness and bloodiness) and read "Egil's Saga". Aside from the fact that my book now looks very water-logged, I realized that it would be very cool in all things based on D&D if the bards were like the bards in Icelandic Sagas. D&D is just a cheap immitation leech sucking ideas from Tolkien, who is in turn stealing ideas from the Norwegians, so it doesn't make sense that in Baldur's Gate (my D&D experience is that the game is boring, the paper can be better used for drawing, and I want to see shit blow up, so we'll be talking BG here) the bards you can recruit (and use as cannon fodder) are these prancing little twerps, often slimey, who serve no useful purpose. Their magic is crap, a mage or a druid or a cleric would be better for a number of reasons, they can't even have a unique character sprite, and as for weaponry, it's best to get a thief. They're pretty looking nancy boys, sort of like high-quality used car salesmen who look like Pierce Brosnen instead of just greasy, and no one wants them in their party, let alone wants to -be- one of the prancing little twits. But in "Egil's Saga", baby, the bards are the guys you want watching your back. Egil (who, besides being a bard, is also a murder, drunk, lawyer, and farmer) is a towering ugly bald man who scares children (well, nothing specifically references this, but he probably does). He has a sword, he has a shield, he has lots of weapons, he totally lays the smackdown and bites a berserk on the -throat- to kill him, he randomly composes poetry before and after killing people, cows, whatever, and he punches his fist through a guy's head at one point. This guy has it all. -Everyone- would want to be a bard in Baldur's Gate if you started with a basic power like 'Mock opponents with music' (kind of like Mort's 'Taunt' in Planescape: Torment) and worked your way up to 'Put your naked fist through man's head'.

This is why I need to be put in charge of designing an RPG. It would totally own. Also, there would be zombies. (The new Fallout game Matt has for the PS2 is multiplayer, and you can be a -zombie-! How sweet is that?)

When I grow up, I want to put my fist through someone's head,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

I don't know about you, but I think 'bopping the gerbil' is a sexual euphemism of some sort
1/22/2004 12:37:19 AM
"Please, for the love of all that is decent: Spay/Neuter Your Catgirl."

So, Matt called today around quarter to five with 'You want to come over for supper?' and, because I am an impoverished student living off sandwiches, and even though Danny Strong was going to be on tv, I agreed because . . . free food. Matt's a good cook, too.

We had some weird layered tortelli/meat/cheese thing, that was yummy and incredibly filling.

Shelly was settling down to watch some disgusting program involving living bugs in a guy's stomach (seriously) and Matt and I made our escape to the basement where we once more attacked Kingdom Hearts with our usual "What the fuck are we supposed to be doing here?" mentality.

There wasn't much pole-humping, but there was a lot of "FUCK I HATE THIS WORLD" and "AAAGHTOOMANYBOSSES". Seriously, tonight we went against the entrance to the Cave of Wonders (and -that- was a fucking mess, trying to whack eyeballs and jump up on the things head just to get inside), Jafar and his Pointy Beard, and Jafar the Genie and his ANNOYING AS FSCK PARROT. It was almost a delight to go after the parrot swinging Sora's keyblade around like a maniac. That was the only one I managed on first try, though, which fills me with shame. Shame and loathing.

But before the delightful killing of the evil bird voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, there was a random running around in the cave full of treacherous drops, jumps, touching monkeys, and falling boulders. It was painful and frustrating and made me HATE. Thankfully, it spontaneously combusted once we disposed of Jafar, so we'll never see -that- hell hole again.

There's some crappy exposition, and the forces of darkness want to get into Riku's pants.

After that we went back to Crack Traverse Town to activate our newest Trinity (which involved Sora humping Goofy's head and Donald humping Sora's head - agh!) and try to throw boxes at Cid's head.

It didn't work, which is okay, because we love Cid, foul-mouthed tea-loving bastard that he is.

We wandered around in the Pooh Book, and Matt messed around with an inane mini-game that involved whacking bees to keep them from popping Pooh's balloon, so he could gorge himself on honey.

. . .

We got a new summons for our trouble.

The summons? Bambi.

We have the power to summon frickin' -Bambi-.

This game is ridiculous.

After this I get Donald and Goofy new weapons and we let Matt modify our gummi ship so it's the ugliest looking pice of shit ever, complete with random asymmetrical blocks in clashing colours. We dub it 'Monstrosty' because we didn't have enough room to write 'Monstrosity'.

Shelly flies the gummi ship for a bit, and we eventually proceed to the next world, which causes Shelly to scream.

It's a giant whale. We are eaten by the giant whale from Pinnochio.

Did you know the inside of a giant space-whale was all pastel blobs and random bones? I didn't! Also, it's full of crates, fat fire-breathers, winged monkeys, and barrel-spicers (I hate barrel-spiders). There's a flashback to Riku and Sora going to fight the one-eyed monster investigate what later becomes their 'special place' together. Young Riku is seriously creepy looking. Also, the real reason he wanted off that dinky island was so he could get a new shirt.

Shelly's in control, and there is much falling off of ledges and killing things, and trying to figure out what the hell is going on, since Riku appeared, dragged Pinnochio off (why, god, why?), and taunted Sora a bit.

Riku is full of bitterness and sadness and thinks Sora's betrayed him (for Goofy and Donald?! I admit, the kid isn't that bright, but give him some credit . . .) and he does a crappy job of hiding it.

I take control at some point and we wander around some more until we finally encounter a save point (did I mention this is in a GIANT WHALE?) and we decide to call it quits for the night.

Who knows when we'll continue and get out of the giant whale of crack - Matt's quit his job, so maybe Friday, maybe sometime this weekend - who knows? It's crazy and random like that.

When you work for Square-Enix you have to smoke a certain amount of crack on a daily basis,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Self-editting, self-restraint
1/20/2004 12:19:46 AM
"Tasty, like eyeballs."

I'd forgotten how much I missed Rick Mercer, and his glorious wit. Everyone in Canada should be watching "The Monday Report" to bask in his beautiful wit.

I was quite surprised to find Daryn Jones (of "Buzz!" fame - Daryn Jones and Mistah Mo - that awful show you may have seen if you're up late on Saturdays and you're channel surfing) working on it, though. Guess scoring that Gemini must have done something for him, actually working on a show with, well, a budget.

Good to see Rick again, though, really. I'll have to remember to watch it, but it's on at the same time as "Firefly" on Space . . . how to choose . . .

The new episode of Angel was, well . . . it was funny, I guess. Maybe it's just because it was Harmony focussed, but they aren't using the ensemble cast well at all.

Seeing Angel called 'man whore' was awesome, though. ^_^

I'm very pissed, though, that after almost two months hiatus, we get a totally pointless episode focussed on -Harmony-. I want to know what's up with slutty Eve and Lindsey the Evil Lawyer.

Now, dammit.

Other stuff transpired tonight too but . . . it's irrelevant, isn't it?

I hope I get to hang with Matt and Shelly at some point this week.

They don't make me feel stupid.

I think you're all fucktards, but I think I am too,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

The Atkinson Diet
1/18/2004 06:51:57 PM
"There's a perfect explanation for the nudity!"
"Is there? Let's hear it."
"Er. Okay. First off, then, do you at least have a decent grasp of thermodynamics?"

You know, if someone gave me an explanation for sex that involved thermodynamics, I might almost be convinced to sleep with them . . .

Padma rocks (although every time I see his name I think of Padma Vorpatril, who definitely -wouldn't- have a thermodynamic explanation for sex).

Tonight, however, I don't want ot talk about the thermodynamics of sex (although I will make sure I use the word thermodynamic as much as possible before I start the actual blog entry - thermodynamic!), I would like to introduce you to "Why Ingrid Will Never Host a Cooking Show".

The reason is this.

Ask me for the ideal food to be made by someone who isn't very experienced with cooking, and my answer will be, invariably, 'a sandwich'.

Wait, wait, hear me out! The sandwich is the perfect incompetent cook food! It can be soft and moist, or it can be toasted. It can be vegetarian or full of meaty goodness. It can involve any produce you care to name. It can be large or small, a small square or multiple layers, or a foot long sub.

Behold tonight's example, a superb work of sandwichy goodness comprised merely of two slices of whole wheat bread. Observe that there is no butter or mayonnaise or any kind of adhesive inside - no unnecessary fats here. A few pieces of lettuce on either slice of bread, encompassing tiny slices of tomatoe. There you have your grains, your fruits, your vegetables. You may or may not wish to add cheese for dairy, but I prefer a glass of milk, especially when the meat is spicy Italian sausage. A single sausage, red and spicy, fried to happy deep brown to avoid such nasty and unfortunate things as food poisoning, and all you need for one sandwich is less than a quarter of the sausage! Balance it properly, and that one sausage could feed you for several days! This limits the intake of unnecessary protein, maximizes fruits and grains, and takes about ten minutes to make, and ten minutes to eat.

Do you have leftovers, but not enough to really count as a meal? The remnants of a chicken curry or spaghetti in meatsauce? Toast some bread, heat the leftovers up in the microwave, and spread them on the toast like sweet sweet peanut butter.

The sandwich, dear readers, is obviously the ideal food source.

You can start worshipping me as a culinary god any time,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

The chickens are revolting!
1/18/2004 12:40:24 AM
"This is the appeal board. The success of your appeal will be decided by where your dart hits."

Zidane's at level 78 . . . oops. Didn't mean to do -that-. At this rate I'm going to have him up to level 99 before I even make it to the fourth disk. Curse my obsessive-compulsive levelling up ways!

In between the great festival of levelling up for no apparent reason I -cleaned-. Cleaning is a strange thing, and may in fact be satan. I cleaned the bathroom (even the bathtub and toilet) and my bedroom, and made use of the vacuum in those rooms, put up the rest of my Hikaru no Go posters and was promptly too exhausted to do anything but game for the rest of the night. It was about five hours of cleaning, far more cleaning than a human being such as I should ever have to do.

I listened to Greenwood and Initial D music while I played (a very weird combination), but the Initial D stuff has energy and the Greenwood music is cheerful.

When Mitsuru sings, I am occassionally reminded of a pimp.

Cleaning can burn in hell,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off