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Meimi has apparently decided to make herself my awesome layout fairy. Behold my twenty-first birthday present: A layout of pants!Logan, from Gilmore Girls (and, you know, that girl who's always hanging around him, what's her name . . .).


Yeah, so I spent my Friday night making a pubscent video game character pole-dance
1/10/2004 10:08:55 AM

"Oh, who would you do for a Klondike bar?"

I'm going to miss Boy Meets Boy. It was an awesome comic, and Sandra is one of the very few comic authors out there who actually managed to make almost every damn strip funny (a lot of them, once they start having plot arcs and stuff, seem to lose the whole funny thing). It was a great run, and I'm going to miss it. Thankfully, my feelings of loss will be sedated by the fact that there is now Friendly Hostility, which looks damn awesome. Maybe it'll be as popular with fans of BmB, maybe it won't. Maybe a lot of them are full of bitterness that Cyanide and Skids never did anything - if that's the case, though, I say - good riddance to them. Friendly Hostility looks fun, and when it starts up proper after Sandra's break, will feature the two characters who made themselves my favourites since their debut in the comic by their frequent comic-hijacking. Until then there's a prelude weekend comic about Fox's parents that looks to be awesome.

All hail Rafi, man.


Went to Matt's last night, so I missed seeing my little cousins on the telly - maybe someone taped it. I doubt it, though.

We had tacos, which were very good, and I ended up being very full, which isn't something that happens much anymore.

Shelly got some mice for Christmas. They're little poop-machines, man. Cute, though.

They gave me my Christmas present - "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" which looks just great. Shooting things, shooting things! (I forgot their gift in my apartment, so I gave it to Matt when he brought me home - copies of "Mort" and "Good Omens").

And, of course, there was the playing of Kingdom Hearts. Matt ran around jumping on furniture as we tried to figure out what the fuck we had been doing the last time we played (November). Eventually, we remembered, and for reasons unknown, we went to the Coliseum and kicked some ass. I wrestled the controller away from Matt at some point, and Shelly took control as usual for the flying of the gummi ship.

We forgot gummi-bears and worms.

I defeated a boss without needing Matt's help or a retry, and the white-haired-demon-boy made his ominous return. Sora looked at his crotch. Riku touched Sora's 'keyblade' and was revealed to be a pawn of evil (not that anyone could blame him, because, well, if you have naturally white hair, you're going to be evil - Matt's planning on bleaching his future kid's hair white, but I told Shelly to draw the line at letting him name one of them 'Vicious' or 'Million Knives'). Why anyone would be jealous of Donald and Goofy, though, is anyone's guess. Riku really has Issues, in that case.

Messing around with camera angles we find out that Goofy should in no way be able to see anything since his nose is in the way. That might explain a lot, really.

Donald is repeatedly used as a human duck battering ram to break down walls with trinity marks on them.

Donald's life sucks.

There's more wandering around jumping on furniture, and practising magic by blowing up someone's flying furniture.

When Sora casts magic, Shelly and Matt think it looks like he's masturbating. With flaming ejaculate. Ouch, man.

More stuff happens, Sora violates another keyhole, at some point we notice that Sora's current keyblade has a girly -butterfly- attached to the end of it, Matt tries to make our gummi ship into a giant block of lasers, and Shelly flies the gummi ship around aimlessly until we accidentally end up going to Agrabah.

Agrabah is not as bad as the evil world of treehouses. For one thing, it lacks monkeys, treehouses, and monkey-rape.

There is, however, that fucktard Aladdin, and evil spider monsters disguised as jars. Evil spider-monsters ~shakes fist~ Sora spends a lot of time jumping on stuff, and frequently needs to climb up poles, which we call 'pole-humping'. Sometimes, though, he needs to go -down- poles, and if you actually use the poles instead of simply jumping, he spreads his legs wiiiiide like he's doing a pole-dance.

I am reminded of His-Mind-Kills and the strippers.

We left Sora in Aladdin's house with a creepy little salesman. Why he's selling stuff in Aladdin's house, we don't really want to know.

At one point, both Matt and I got distracted, and started talking about Initial D. Matt's addicted to the game in the Cove, while I've seen the first bit of the anime. We spoke adoringly of Takumi's Trueno, and I promised Matt to bring what I had the next time I come over. Shelly thinks we're insane.

When Sora grows up, he apparently wants to be an exotic dancer,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

By the rumbling of my stomach, something wicked this way comes
1/08/2004 03:17:23 PM

"When I become Fuhrer all female personnel in the military will have to wear mini-skirts!"

I finally got caught up in Full Metal Alchemist . . . Roy Mustang is a lunatic. Hughes, however, is awesomeness personified.

Been watching some Initial D, too, which is good, although the art style is obviously dated. And live action GTO, which is just plain fun. Onizuka is a god, man.

Talked to Matt yesterday after, apparently, hanging up on him twice - I hadn't realized it was him, though! Going over to his place tomorrow for tacos and stuff. Must remember to dig out the books I got him and the Shelly.

Also must figure out if I want to stay in this apartment - I got the lease renewal thing shoved under my door today. I want to stay here, I think, 'cause it's so close to campus, and moving again would be a fucking hassle. But I should probably talk with my parents about it, or something.

Whatever. I have to translate the first thirty-something lines of "The Battle of Brunanburh" for class tomorrow. That takes precedence over worrying about my living situation. The thing doesn't have to be handed in for a month, anyway.

I think I'll go find something to eat and watch more Initial D before worrying about schoolwork. Laziness - ho!

Not to small to be seen,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Not dead, just wish I was
1/05/2004 12:29:00 AM

"All the red ornaments stand for the blood of Christ Jesus that he shed for our salvation."

New episode of Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps up. Because truly, I have no life.


I called for my marks the other day. Only two of the three classes I finished had marks in.

Jaq was right. My good mark in first year was just the fluke of an easy marker.

I'm no genius. I'm not even smart. I've just been lucky in some ways before now. I can't even write worth shit for crappy english classes in subjects I know like the back of my hand.

I don't think I'm clean enough to be a good janitor.


I had an okay holiday. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, have I mentioned I hate holidays? Yeah. It could have been worse.

I reread a lot of Gordon Korman, because his earlier stuff cheers me up, and I love Bruno and Boots (my hometown library didn't have a copy of "I Want to go Home" - bastards), and some Bujold. My adoration of Bujold is undying.

Dad was late picking me up - we didn't even have time to go through a drivethrough and get food. I hadn't eaten a proper breakfast or lunch, so I was half-starved, and didn't eat anything until after the choir cantata practise, when we went to the Lostels house, and I ate many many cookies.

I came home to packages from Meril and Stephen. Books and a plushie keychain thing and a Loki pencilboard. A nice thing to come home too.

A package full of Hikaru no Go posters arrived the next day.

Dice's new cat is cute.

I need a cat.

Dice gave me a very cool, comfy, and cynical bunny-hug, and this weird wooden monkey. The Happy One gave me a dagger and some treats for Wapi. Jaq gave me a black hood-scarf-thing.

I'm probably a bad friend.

We decorated the very short Christmas tree.

My brother hates me, and hates every moment I'm in the house, and I do nothing when I'm there but make people unhappy.

I will never be the child my parents wanted, but Woody might be.

I am worthless.

I got some nice swag at Christmas. A PS2 (dubbed Hugo), but no memory cards, so I have to go on a quest on Boxing Day so I could actually play stuff. I got Final Fantasy IX, which I spent a lot of time playing. I got a DVD of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy miniseries. A copy of Terry Pratchett's "Monstrous Regiment". A new pair of pajamas (black, mens), a t-shirt (black), and a fleece (black). A mug with sleeping kittens on it and a box of vanilla tea from my aunt Laurie. A drying rack, a baking pan, socks, underwear, measuring spoons. Matches, deoderant (womens - I prefer mens, I think), razor blades, pens, post-it-notes, chocolates.

I wonder if my parents try to make me feel loved by giving me things.

I wonder if it works in their heads.

Put up with by Piddlie and Poodie on numerous nights.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is the worst movie ever.

I don't understand why my friends put up with me.

Stay out until 5ish playing Civilization and my parents are sarcastic at me.

I still don't understand why my friends put up with me.

Spend New Year's Eve once more with those tolerant parental units of the Happy One's and the Goon's. The Happy One and Dice have an unhealthy fondness for bad movies. The Goon has boney feet. He also snores. We watched two movies, both of them bad. We were there until 5:30. My parents were more sarcastic.

Hogmenay haul - Final Fantasy Anthology, measuring cups, half-priced chocolates, "Paladin of Souls", and the promise of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

Come back to Saskatoon after cannaloni night, get hauled around the mall by parents and Woody as Woody buys a lot of stuff.

I wish my parents had ever cared about me as much as they care about him.

I score a plannar that has two Edward Gorey stories in it, but no wall calendar. My wall feels empty without one.

With a gnawing pain in my stomach we finally go to the Mandarin for Dim Sum. Then to Safeway, then I'm back at the Hovelpartment, alone once more.

My life doesn't suck. It's just pathetic, and when I hear about the problems my friends have, I feel bad that I get depressed over the nothingness of my life, and know it could be worse.

Lost on the wind,
Ingrd, Signing Off