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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Well, I'm confused
11/1/2003 02:44:51 PM
I think a guy was hitting on me when I came home from comic-and-grocery shopping. I let him help me carry my groceries to my apartment. He's African, wants help with his papers or something . . . I'm a lot confused.

I don't really know how to handle these kinds of situations. They aren't the sort of thing I usually encounter. ~puzzled~

Importantly, I got FAKE 4 and Duklyon 2 from 8th St. Comics when I went to the bank. I'm eyeing some other stuff, Brain Powered looks cute, not sure . . . And Jump was in the grocery store, but I didn't pick it up. Although I do want to look through and see how they're handling Hikaru no Go . . .

Perplexed Ingrid, Signing Off

Halloween is over . . .
11/1/2003 11:35:18 AM
Yesterday was Halloween. No, I did not dress up. I dressed as I usually do. Black jeans, white t-shirt, blue silk shirt, baseball cap. I'm stylish, man.

Matt lost my number, so he just randomly buzzed my apartment last night, and I let him in. He admired my new games, and my wallpaper of Ryoma and Karupin, and then we went to his place, where several people were drunk, and we got to watch four girls grope each other on a small couch.

I don't know why Matt doesn't have a video camera, when so many of his parties turn into lesbian orgies.

It's better than Showcase, man.

There were chocolates and cookies and cupcakes, all of which were very good, and I probably ate too many cookies (but they were really really good ~starry eyes~). Someone ended up ill in the bathroom, and didn't come out of it for the rest of the night. I think she fell asleep in there around midnight.

Matt ended up driving one ingrate to another person's house, and some other people home before I was ready to leave, and when he was gone, Shelly declared me as Substitute Matt.

I think my feminity is being insulted, but then I recall that I don't actual have any to be insulted, so it's all good.

By the end of the night it was just the three of us, plus the girl asleep in the bathroom (thankfully, there are two bathrooms), and, after Shelly sobered up a bit, we talked, and lo, it was good. They're really good friends, I think . . .

On the way home, I told Matt about "Young Soul Rebel". The conversation went something like this.

Ingrid: I like really bad stuff too, man. I got ahold of an mp3 of the world's worst song today.
Matt: What's that?
Ingrid: It's Japanese rap.
Matt: ~laughs~
Ingrid: Not only is it Japanese rap, but it's bad Japanese rap. It's a bad Japanese rap duet. With bad puns.
Matt: Stop it, you're turning me on.
Ingrid: And these two guys, they're rapping together about how they aren't gay.
Matt: . . . So, are you sure this wasn't some yaoi thing?

Then he walked me to the building, I told him about Full Metal Alchemist, he wrote a complain on the notice board about lack of zombies, and there we parted ways.

And that was Ingrid's wacky Halloween night. The end.

Almighty Ingrid, Not Hungover At All, Signing Off

I had to hear for myself . . .
10/31/2003 04:13:38 PM
"Young Soul Rebel" really -is- the worst song ever. In-character rapping! Horrible puns! Gay! My god, it's so bad, I love it. Mwaha. And I thought Okiayu Ryoutarou was boring when he sang - how wrong I was! Fufufu . . .

Also - I love bell. She rocks. The end.

Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off

Rageful BURNING, Drippy Angst
10/31/2003 12:32:13 AM
So, Space messed up their Angel-cast tonight, and played the same episode twice. Both old Angel, not the new episode, either. We hate, we do. Very pissed off. I'll have to download or something (stupid network fucks).

Apparently channelled Dice at some point, I don't know, I never know what's going on, everyone has all these in jokes that I'm not privy too, I'm resigned to being in the dark . . .

I think I should stop going to these Thursday night Angel viewings. I have cable and everything here, I don't need to, and I'm just a nuisance because I can't drive, so someone always feels the need to take me home. I was going to walk home tonight at midnight, but ended up not . . . But I dunno, I don't really feel needed, or wanted, I'm probably just a downer, taking up space and making people waste gas . . . Maybe I'll just stay home next week, they probably won't notice, it doesn't even matter that much anyway, it's not like I ever say anything . . .

Dad might be in town tomorrow, to drop off my book and something from bell, I think, probably that's it, I think my family wishes I didn't exist most of the time . . .

Matt didn't call today about the supposed Halloween party. Maybe it's been cancelled. Maybe they just don't want me around. If it's been called off, I guess I'll just spend the night staring at the tv. The olders are having a big party thing, but I don't think I'd be welcome there. I wouldn't want to go anyway, it would just make things uncomfortable, I always make social situations uncomfortable, I'm so inept, I hate it, people never make sense . . .

Wondering if Dice is mad at me, maybe she's just busy, or been working really hard, or having fun with her friends . . . Hope she isn't mad at me, I hate it when people get mad at me, I can never make up with them properly when that happens . . .

I'm suddenly very depressed. I think I'll go get a couple hours of sleep.

Ingrid, Signing Off

Oi, you people . . . (spoilers for Loki 24)
10/30/2003 11:43:33 AM
This is the second time this morning that "October" (favourite song from Atobe 'Sex Voice' Keigo's album) has come up on WinAmp. Dammit, stop that, song.









Why didn't someone tell me there was gratuitous Kou-chan in episode twenty-four of Loki? Gratuitous Kou-chan quoting Shakespeare and hitting on Hel, too. Shame on you people, shame, shame.

I'll watch episode twenty-five and twenty-six later, maybe this weekend or something. Sigh. I don't like the way this is going. Not that I'm not still madly in love with the series of anything but . . . I don't mind Mayura when she's fangirling over mysteries and things. Making her serious about stuff, giving her a clue (admittedly, it's long overdue, but still) . . . I don't want that. I know Loki/Mayura's pretty much implied and sort of a canony thing, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Mayura should not be involved with anyone, she really shouldn't. She's like a little kid, man. It's like Noel from Tenshi ni Narumon actually being in a relationship. It's just . . . not right.

Happy dance, happy dance, we love to do the happy dance
10/28/2003 10:59:30 PM
Finally got around to writing a bit of Loki fanfic I promised Dice in the summer, which didn't turn out as she wanted it, but it's still kind of nice. "Alcohol is a Depressant" - Narugami/Yamino, sort of, but not. I'm actually kind of happy with how it turned out. Narugami's got a lot of sadness in him, here. Anyway, it's linked on the livejournal, and it's on Crack for Crack ~points to sidebar~ for the curious.

God knows why you would be . . .

Yeah, I'm a comment-hungry whore. Go away.

As though rewarding me for my hard work and diligence, MP log today involved Ohtori finally making progress with Shishido.

Mmmm. Even if they so seem to plan on Ohtori topping . . . It's all good.

The MP Shishido reminds me a lot of me. Especially in his saying hurtful things to people he cares about, just to see their reaction/get a rise out of them/be cruel. I do that too much . . .

Still sad about the lack of Kamio/Shinji, though. Where's the Fudomine love, dammit?!

Family Guy's on,
Almighty Ingrid, Signing Off, Should Really Be Sleeping

Who loves ya, baby?
10/27/2003 12:22:21 AM
Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps now goes up to episode nine. I can't remember if I announced the episode eight update or not here. But it's there too . . .

w00t! Gratuitous Kou-chan!

I have massive love for Kou-chan these days, in part due to Meia, who's just increasing what was originally there with the power of Wrongness. Mmm, Kou-chan~!

Random happiness: Showcase has the dancing bat commercial! The greatest Halloween commercial ever, it involves a perky little cartoon bat bouncnig around to happy, perky music in between scenes of BLOOD and GORE.

It's wonderful.