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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Screw you, white-haired pansy-ass demon boy
10/11/2003 12:30:13 AM
So, went over to Matt's after class, and we did the usual net surfing, beating of Matt's computer, eating of Matt's food, and playing of Matt's PS2. We started up a game of Kingdom Hearts for yours truly, and we really had an awesome time playing it together.

The opening is on crack. Sora is bigfoot, or he may just be compensating. Quite possibly compensating because his best friend appears to have hit puberty before he has.

I introduced Matt to Video Game Recaps last week so now we refer to the hero of FFX as 'Tightass' tot he point that when Wakka calls him by his actual name, we stare at the screen in confusion for a moment, wondering who he's talking about. We beat the crap out of Tightass, of course, possibly more than we needed to, because it's fun. We also beat the crap out of Wakka, and Selphie (and tried to look at Selphie's panties, just to see if we could - we can), and after many tries, we beat the three of them together. That was on my turn. The thing about playing in a group is you can hand the controller off when needed, so Matt and I spent the first hour or so of the game alternating. Why did it take so long, you ask? Well, because of one white-haired pansy-ass demon boy. We found out later thatn his name was Riku.

Matt, Shelly, and I went up against white-haired pansy-ass demon boy twenty eight times before we beat him.

Shelly wondered where the kids parents were. I pointed out that since we just saw Sora take an incredibly violent beating with a stick for over half-an-hour, if his parents were still -around- to nurture their stick-weilding maniac of a son, they were probably cowering in terror from his psychotic might.

Of course, after we finally beat Riku, there was much cheering and exchaning of high-fives between Matt and myself. Damn, we were proud of that.

Skanky Kairi at one point, in a FMV, tells Sora she doesn't want him to change. I comment on the fact that Kairi's asking Sora to avoid puberty. Matt thinks she just likes his big feet.

Matt makes jokes about Sora groping Riku when things go Dark, and I say it's probably best for him to get his groping in while he can, since he's going to be stuck with Donald Duck and Goofy as his companions, and we like our bestiality straight, thank you very much.

I run around and smite things that aren't Tightass, and try to hold in the laughter when Squall, badly in need of a haircut, shows up, being voiced by -Angel-. Mr. Dark and Broody acts as Sora's babysitter, angst-ridden father-figure, and gay role-model. Everything about him says 'I. Don't. Care.'

Still, he has a cool weapon.

I'm looking forward to the next gaming session. Playing stuff like this is fun, when you aren't being serious.

Still listening to Waya . . .
10/10/2003 08:51:18 AM
Full Metal Alchemist is cute. I'll have to look at the manga. Paku Romi does a great job as Edward, who's adorably schizoid. It's funny. I think this one is a keeper. We'll see how the second episode is.

Kind of makes me think of Trigun. Only, uh, not.

Also, from last night, which I kind of forgot about upon seeing Waya's album . . .

Madly paraphrased.

Sarri: ~drops kitten on the half-awake Jaryn~
Jaryn: What did you do that for? She's annoyed now.
Sarri: I was just doing it to bug you, not her.
Jaryn: ~stare . . . thwaps Sarri in the back of the head~
Sarri: Ow!
Jaryn: ~looks at Ingrid~ Did I do good?
Ingrid: Excellent. It is the duty of the older sibling to hit the younger.
Sarri: Geoff, Ingrid and Jaryn are being older siblings at me!

My friends cheer me up, it's good.

Supper at Matt's tonight.

Got testosterone?
10/9/2003 11:43:03 PM
Don't know the details because, as we all know, Ingrid is Japanese-ignorant, but Ingrid -does- stalk the bittorrent indexes and . . .

Well . . .

Waya Character CD Single.

Which makes me go EEEEEEEE! WAYA!

But which also makes me go "Waya, honey, what happened to your balls?" and "Is that Isumi singing in the background?"

Reiko Takagi has a really pretty voice, and the song, "Mahiru no Hoshi", is gorgeous. But . . . Waya sounds like -such- a girl. And I know, guys who are voiced by female seiyuu always sound a little girly when they cds, but . . . dammit, Waya!

I need translations. Now, if possible. Wayawayawayawayawayawayawaya.

Hey, it's not Prince of Tennis. Be thankful, monkeys.

10/8/2003 10:09:56 PM
So, Mum came home from Ontario today, got in the Saskatoon airport at 5pm, Dad came and picked her up . . . and they went back to Prince Albert. Dad said they'd call and come by and stuff, and they couldn't even -call- to tell me they'd changed their minds.

They went home, and went to Guthrie's volleyball game. I found out about half an hour ago.

I'm just . . . really sad. Really hurt. Really upset that I have to put my own parents on the apathy list that I've developed pretty much over the summer, whereby I just stop expecting people to do what they say they'll do, or care if they don't do it, or even care very deeply about them, because I know I'll just end up getting hurt.

It's a really long list, these days.

Fucked my evening over as far as working on my paper went, and I ended up not eating supper, or doing my laundry (I have no clean socks, now, and will have to recycle socks).

But, whatever. You can't trust anyone anymore. I get it, God, stop sending me the signs.

I need a keeper
10/7/2003 09:26:10 AM
So, I have my cold, and I usually get the kind of long-lasting cold at least twice a year, once in spring, once in fall/winter. This is obviously my fall/winter cold. A nuisance, makes it hard to do work, but not the worst thing ever.

There've been some stomach aches, though, and I just threw up the contents of my breakfast (tea) into the toilet.

Will ask around and see if anyone can recommend a good doctor. Just in case. And because Meia said so.

I hab a code
10/6/2003 08:14:54 AM
It's fucking annoying to try and write a decent paper (or anything else) when your head is stuffed up. At least I haven't lost my voice. Yet. ~touches wood~

The reason I'm posting, however, is to make note of the fact that Atobe Keigo is a dork. He is a dork among dorks. He is in a series in which the main character has an album on which he sings to his pet cat and raps about tennis. He is in a series in which a major character sings a remix of one of the themes as a lullaby to the narcoleptic character. He is in a series where everyone is in love with tennis. And he is a dork.

He sings a song to -Kabaji-. And you can hear Kabaji going 'usu' in the background.

It's just . . . oi . . .

Words. Fail.


Stephen's a bastard and got me hooked on Nip/Tuck, dammit. I even know the main characters names, now.

Spoilers, obviously.

Last night's episode was very cool, much less "Oh god, I'm going to throw up" than last weeks.

Christian and Sean both need hugs, and it's good to see Christian being a bit more vulnerable and human. I'm not, however, seeing slash between them that easily. Although Christian and Sean's son . . .

I'll stop there.

Sean's son reminds me of Jaryn.

Also, can a single episode go by without the son being dragged into some kind of horrible medical calamity? STDs, man . . . At least it turned out to be a false alarm.

I liked how the transexuals were handled in this episode much better than the lady in the last episode. She was just so horribly sad and messed up . . . Anyone who places that much importance on physical appearance? Not cool, man.

Mr. Must shower before class.

Almighty (and stuffed up) Ingrid, signing off.