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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


From beneath the papers, the beast rises
10/4/2003 03:11:50 PM
Went to the bank to get some cash so I don't have to rely on plastic . . . and got sucked into a store, where money was spent. Bad Ingrid, no pleasure-purchases for several weeks.

On the bright side - FAKE. w00t, baby, w00t. And this store offers student discounts (if Amazing Stories does, they didn't draw attention to the fact). They also have a better backlog of older stuff. I am most pleased.

It has to be right next to my bank, though, doesn't it? ~facepalm~

Avaunt, temptation, avaunt.

Sometimes my friend's rock
10/2/2003 11:13:34 PM
So, I think I've got the DWJ paper out of the way, and go over to Sarri's for new Angel, Buffy, and old Angel. Old Angel (first season, post-Doyle) sparks this exchange (after an actress spills something on Angel's shirt, and he goes to change it, returning with an identical shirt on):
Ingrid: Man, I need Angel's wardrobe.
Sarri: Ingrid, you have Angel's wardrobe.
Jenn: I don't think Angel has any shirts with evil kittens on them.
Ingrid: True.
Sarri: Angel needs Ingrid's wardrobe.

My friends are weird.

I still want Angel's wardrobe, though.

The month of chaos begins
10/1/2003 09:55:00 PM
I'm worried my familial obligations will interfere with my school work this month - namely, the essay I'm trying to mentally piece together about Cinderella and the number three (no, really). I'm frustrated because I wanted to ask Dice for some references of the stuff she talked about when we were discussing it, but she's in hurricane land, and it's due in two weeks . . .

Oh, and the weekend before it's due is thanksgiving, and my parents will want me to go home and, for that and for my mother's belated birthday celebration . . .

I'm sure I can manage it, I can always manage, I'm mildly competent, but . . . I really want to make it a good essay, because I like this class so much and I don't want to disappoint the professor. He doesn't know who I am, but still.

I'll figure something out. Maybe go home on Saturday afternoon and come home Sunday night, or Monday morning.

I need to figure out what I'm getting Mum, anyway. I'm not familiar with stores around here at all, but I'd like to get her something nice . . . Maybe something from Laura Secord? But I don't know where it is, and I think it's pretty far away from here anyway . . .

I should ask Dad if he calls this week. Maybe there's something Mum needs around the house.

I'm sure inspiration will strike somehow.

Going to get to bed early tonight, I think, and wake up dark and early, maybe even start working on the DWJ essay right off the bat. If I can get it done tomorrow, I can devote the weekend to shopping and the Cinderella essay.

Mumble time . . .

This is Ingrid, Almighty and Not Stressed (yet), signing off.

10/1/2003 07:39:31 AM
I can't remember how to spell that, it's in my notes somewhere, I think . . .

And I repeat - I am absolutely blameless for the Loki flim noir thing. No guilt here, nope! All innocence. ~beam~

So I managed to get out of bed at six this morning and stay up. I'd forgotten why I like getting up so early. It's quite and peaceful. Hell, it was still dark when I got up. I was able to watch the sunrise, although it's slightly obscured by irritating things like other buildings on the horizon.

And, after about half an hour, and several cups of tea - I'm a fully functioning human being, even if I did get only five-and-a-half hours of sleep. I prefer running on less sleep, I feel more alert when I'm not drowning in lethargy. Obviously.

So, I'll try to keep this up, because it's nice, and because it allows me to eat breakfast before class.

A good thing.

Even if I am ridiculously babbly and occasionally weird when I'm up early after staying up until midnight.

Went over to Matt's for supper last night - he's a really good cook, I was surprised. We had steak, and parmesan-garlic noodles. Quite possibly the best meal I've had since moving to Saskatoon. I have to mooch off them more often, obviously.

Shelly had some kind of boring-ass night class, so Matt and I surfed Homestar Runner while we waited for the steak to cook, and I showed him Video Game Recaps. I think he quite liked the FFX one, although now I think he's going to start talking in wankese. He also commented on the number of gay sex jokes in the Suikoden II recap (which I haven't actually read, having not, yanno, played the game). But, well, how can you not make gay sex jokes about a Suikoden? 108 characters, and they're all gay.

There was a discussion (discussion? try "something that sounds like an excerpt from a movie" dialogue) about taking over hell with an army of penguins. Because that's all that's really fixed in my mind about Disgaea, and we both agree that we need a copy. We also need a copy of the Buffy the Vampire game. Not because it's good, because I've heard it probably sucks, but because it has a midget with a flamethrower at some point.

I'm so there.

I told Matt to get his ass over to Amazing Stories. I may have to go and poke around and see if they have any good posters there at some point. My walls are so bare it makes me downright uncomfortable some days. I don't like empty walls. It's not right.

The cute hurts us, preciousss
9/30/2003 11:42:03 AM
Dear god, Taichi is cute enough that I could puke.

Seriously, man, there should be a law. You could get diabetes from watching that kid.

I should call Matt after class and see if he wants to come over and see the Suikoden IV trailer . . .

Yup, still evil
9/29/2003 05:45:28 PM
But that doesn't mean I won't loudly and cheerfully protest my innocence in regards to certain fic.

Just killing time before norse mythology right now. Will probably look over the stuff for bell's thesis when I get back, unless there are people around feeling chatty. Who knows.

Finished reading The Saga of the Volsungs before supper, and was quite cheered by the massive amounts of DEATH found therein. Fans of DWJ's Eight Days of Luke should try and get their hands on a translation of it. The version I have is a Penguin Classics edition, translated by Jesse K. Byock, and it's okay, even if he tries to glance over some of the MASSIVE phallic imagery in his notes. He was trying to make it appropriate for wee high school students, we forgive him. I feel sorry for Sigurd, though, even if he does come off as a bit of a snot in this translation.

Ooh! I got 100% on my last old english quiz. Even doing the declension of 'scip' which I hadn't had a chance to study. Happy Ingrid!

Cower before my MIGHT!
9/29/2003 12:23:00 AM
I am a force of evil, j0. EVIL!

Yeah, I updated the Prince of Tennis Recaps. That makes four episodes. Probably no more for a while, I have important stuff to focus on, like not failing old english and getting papers and stories written. Still, it's good to unwind with when there's nothing else to do, is recapping.

Off to bed for me, moderately less crackful than I usually am. Think I feel a mood coming on, but that may just be lack-of-sleep talking.

Oh? And Nip/Tuck? Makes my skin crawls, it does. But can't . . . stop . . . watching . . .

Damn Stephen.

Experiment: A Failure
9/28/2003 05:45:36 PM
I think my attempts to make Mum's maple carrots has failed horribly. I'll give it a bit more time but they aren't looking so good . . . Maybe the thing needs to be sealed? Mum always uses a casserole dish to cook them in, but I don't have one of those, I thought I did, but I can't find any in the cupboard, so I guess I imagined getting one, I do that sometimes, I thought I had a ladle too, but I don't, so when I make soup I've been scooping it out with a measuring cup because I don't have a proper ladle . . .

The apartment smells like maple syrup now, so maybe not a total failure.

I should probably save the maple syrup for things like pancakes, anyway.

I should make pancakes on Tuesday.

Random muscle spasm occured during diner, resulted in ketchup on the monitor. Cleaned it off. Random muscle spasms worry me a lot, but they don't happen very often, so it's probably okay. Hate it when I don't seem to be in control, though . . .

Totally random - if Atobe's getting his own cd, I want a Shinji-and-Kamio duet single to go out. 'cause even if they aren't doubles partners, you know, it would be amusing and dorky. And if full of mumbling, even better.

9/28/2003 12:27:12 PM
Just found out that Donald O'Connor died. Don't know the details but . . . Sadness, man.

He was funny.

I suddenly wish I was at home and could curl up on the couch and watch Singing in the Rain.

Music soothes the savage beast
9/28/2003 09:35:57 AM
I've been listening to some classical music recently. Some Mozart I picked up on sale at a cd store back when I was using the computer-that-hates-mp3s, a tape of the Nutcracker that mommo gave me as a Christmas present ages ago, ie. when she still gave me stuff, and it makes me think of Princess Tutu, and some Chopin I downloaded.

I'm thinking I should look into getting more cds. This stuff makes me feel very calm.


I'm having fun doing Prince of Tennis recaps while I wait for WPP to release more Loki (and yes, I am patiently waiting for them to release, I haven't given up yet, go away voices of evil). Loki's the better series, definitely, but Prince of Tennis is fun, and fun to mock. I've got three episodes done so far, may get the fourth done tonight while watching Nip/Tuck and Six Feet Under. Not sure. It's fun, though. I like doing recaps, regardless, even if they are time consumming whores.