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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Happy Happy Day . . .
9/27/2003 04:24:39 PM
Ryoma, I don't even know what you're singing, and it still sounds like teh gayest thing ever. Fuji, Tezuka, Oishi - you guys aren't helping at all.

The pink jacket was bad enough, man.

I am teh 1337
9/25/2003 06:00:22 PM
Or not.

Doesn't matter.

Regardless . . .


Now I just have to kill Emerald Weapon . . .

. . .

Maybe tomorrow.

But still - I ownz.


Talked to Dad today, apparently he wired some flowers to Mum's hotel room in Quebec from all of us, which rocks. And four people are going to be running against him in the upcoming election. He will kick their asses, and democracy will bow down before him.

I also put in the request for a PS2. May good luck be with me, and a PS2 be in my apartment within a few weeks.

It's an eventful day today
9/24/2003 06:32:41 PM
Today is the day my mother is official Old.

I don't have a birthday present for her, but that doesn't matter, because she's in Quebec City.

I'll have something for her at Thanksgiving.

And, she will not read this, but happy birthday Mum. You're a good mother, as far as these things go.

In honour of the occaision - pictures of Wee Ingrid.

I ate pants.

My mother didn't come about by spontaneous generation and neither did I.

I meet a moose.

I get high off helium.

Sweet cousin love. I'm the one standing up and screaming.

Me, Connor, Guthrie, and Garret.

To proove I wasn't raised as a boy.

Thank you and good day.

Don't trust dwarves. They're rascals.
9/23/2003 12:28:50 PM
Or so says Professor Harris.

This is after said dwarves have killed several people.


My legs are sore. This is because, Sunday afternoon, I walked down to Amazing Stories, on Stephen's order. It's a forty or fifty minute walk from my apartment (hard to tell exactly, I got stopped by someone I knew from high school, and we talked). And then I walked back (also went grocery shopping, bought apples and things).

I don't know whether I should kill Stephen for directing me to Amazing Stories or hug him until he bursts. This is the first time I've been to a store that sells anime and manga stuff to such an extent. It's good that it's so far away, otherwise I'd be broke and couldn't buy food or pay my rent. I came away with the Tokyopop releases of the first volumes of Gravitation, Duklyon, and FLCL (!!! LOVE!). Gravitation because, while I do have some of the Japanese tankouban, it's impossible to find translations online. The english translation seems good, but I can't really say, being Japanese illiterate. This is why I edit.

They seem to have toned down the gay in Duklyon (yes, I had to buy it, my Duklyon love knows no bounds, plus the translations I have are . . . rough, to say the least), but I only skimmed it.

And FLCL is . . . FLCL. I hadn't even realised the manga had been licensed for release. Mmmm. FLCL tastes like crack.

I would have picked up FAKE, too, but the only had the second volume. Maybe I can ask Jinxer to buy me the first? Or beg the nice man to order it in for me?

Maybe make going to Amazing Stories a monthly thing? I should probably limit what I buy, too. Translated manga is expensive . . .

I'll need to go down to McNally Robinson sometime in the next few weeks, too. Paladin of Souls is out.

. . . I need to reread Curse of Chalion, I really do.

Off to 17th Century Lit. class.

I am not your bitchmonkey
9/21/2003 10:41:30 AM
Let it not be said that I do not adore and revere the brilliant men over at Bioware. They are obviously semi-divine beings who can do very little wrong.

However . . .

As I once again try to make it through the third underground level of Durlag's Tower, I am filled with a gentle, bubbling desire to kill. I'm trying, again and again, to get through the level, and looking at walkthrough after walkthrough, and beginning to think that the puzzle is totally randomized depending on your copy of the game. Not only do none of the walkthroughs I can find agree on how to get through the level, but none of their suggestions have -worked-.

I strongly suspect that I'm just going to have to sit down with the game for a couple hours some night/morning and fiddle and fiddle, and kill the dopplegangers over and over and over, until I manage to get the doors open properly (without, I beg, the Durlag dopplegangers multiplying to infinity in the throne room).

Um, right. Video games are fun.