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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


The times they are a changing
9/12/2003 01:06:44 PM
So, Boy Meets Boy is officially going to end in May. I'm sad to see it go, looking forward to seeing a bunch of loose ends tied up, and so say I'm eagerly awaiting the Fox and Collin spinoff would be the understatement of the century.

This is turning out to be a pretty good way to end the week.

Now if only I could think of something that would be suitable revenge on Meia for the revenge she'll have to take if the McDohl fic I promised her I'd write ends up sucking . . .

Suikoden <3
9/11/2003 11:25:01 AM
All Suikoden fans should go and check the screencaps here out.

Suikoden IV, baby.

Based on the screencaps, they appear to be returning to that greatest of Suikoden traditions - a nameless young gay hero.

Also, something tugs at me based on the character design, although I'm probably on crack (highlight for rampant speculation - Spoilers for the bonus Suikoden III chapter) Reincarnated Luc and Sarah, anyone? They have a sort of look to them . . . aside from, you know, the hero's best friend being a guy. But very pale, neverthless . . . Right, right, off the crack now.

But! Suikoden IV. LOVE!

Geekery for the day
9/10/2003 08:55:42 AM
These delightful souls are in the process of working on a shiney and updated new version of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

I think I'll declare them my gods for the day (and Tycho some kind of saint for drawing my attention to it on Penny Arcade today).

Mm, geekery. The Quest for Glory games are the bloody backbone of my gaming experience and also what lead me to become involved online. They are sadly not as well known as they should be, which makes me sad, and are reminders of the good old days when Sierra didn't suck donkey balls.

Happiness is mine, even if I need to get the windows in this room fixed.

A week in Saskatoon
9/7/2003 09:36:02 AM
Long post here, long post.

So today marks me living in S'toon for an entire week. It feels weird that it doesn't feel weird at all, if that makes sense. I seem to be adapting well, although I don't really like using my cellphone (it sometimes cuts out on calls, and isn't very loud, and holding it for too long makes my arm hurt). I have yet to take out the trash, though, or do a laundry. I also have yet to find a ScotiaBank on my own. This is bad - I don't like buying groceries and things with my card. But I don't like buying things, period.

Just tested otu the printer - it works! No driver installation necessary. This is sweet.

My classes are, well, classes. I'm planning on dropping the Religious Studies class for many reasons. One - the classroom is full to overflowing. Call me crazy, but I'm not comfortable being in such a full classroom, with the desks so close together. It makes me very uncomfortable, in fact. Also, the professor doesn't impress me and seems very stupid and touchy-feely emotional crap. I just want to learn about stuff so I can make use of it in my writing, and I can study other religions in my own time instead of paying hundreds of dollars to listen to some idiot wank at the front of a room.

Anglo-Saxon Language, Literature, and Culture however, looks fun. The professor is obviously very enamoured of his subject, and it should be interesting enough, even if it is really a linguistics class. I'm interested enough that I'm going to try and enroll in a class offered next term, which involves actually reading and translating from Anglo-Saxon poetry and prose and things, like Beowulf. This is also the man who'll be teaching me my Norse Mythology class, starting on Monday evening. Norse mythology <3

Readind the Canon looks dull, and the professor is very nervous - this makes for bad and uninteresting lecturing. I fear it shall be like my first year english class all over again. I'll bring a notebook and write, or read.

I haven't decided if I like Seventeenth Century Literature or not. I don't think I will. Too much emphasis on themes and such gibberish. Yawn.

Short Fiction from its Origins to World War I also looks like it should be good - the reading actually looks not-sucky and the professor is quite good. I think I'll like it, as long as I'm not expected to talk. I hate talking.

So, there's that. I still don't know what I want to do, part of me still feels rather miserable at not being good enough to take a major in biology and go into vet med, made doubly so because that's the direction Shelly's going in. I just . . . don't care, and part of me still cringes at the thought of majoring in english. I also stare at my classes and wonder if there's something wrong with me when I'm taking several of them in the hopes of improving my writing, or gaining additional information for it. I know that's just as hopeless as the vet med thing.

Keeping myself amused and unstressed with a regular dose of Tennis crack. Have resigned myself to being a hopeless Ryoma fangirl, and naming any laptop I ever aquire Karupin.

I feel shame.

I've done some socializing, if you can call a game of Civilization that takes three nights to finish socializing. I don't think I'm very comfortable around my older friends, though. I go very quiet around them, aside from occaisional outbursts of frustration, generally voicing a desire to kill everyone in the room. Sarri's older brother, though, is nice, and not as overwhelming as my friends.

Also went over to Matt and Shelly's place - it's a nice place, and there's a cat there. There's also Matt's PS2 there - I watched him play a bit of FFX Wednesday night. Good graphics, good graphics, unusual gameplay, and Tidus is a Wanker. Yuna's even worse.

Nothing came of the things alluded to in the post below. I guess I did something wrong. I wish I knew what. Have to keep working to avoid thinking about it, I guess. This is probably as close as I'm allowed to get to being happy.