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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Fansubbers can suck my dick
8/23/2003 12:39:45 PM
After spending far too much time downloading players, uninstalling codecs, installing codecs, and instaling filters, I finally got Ultra Maniac 14 to run.

Mmm. Tsujiai-kun. <3

Also, Nina's Grandfather treats her like some kind of goddamn digi-pet. It's freaky.

Wub to Ultra Maniac.


Dice got a hobby horse thing yesterday, from someone where she works, and was carrying it around. I declared it her partner, and many jokes about Thor continued for the rest of the night, much to the confusion of Jenn and Sarri. Haha, naive suckers.

Work - a source of constant amusement
8/22/2003 10:33:51 AM
And the winner of today's "Stupid things seen during the course of work" is the city of Elbow, Saskatchewan.

It's not quite up there with "Find the cities named after Suikoden characters" game, but it works.

8/20/2003 10:09:21 PM
So, Dice and I watched episode seventeen of Loki tonight, after some confusion, and I think Ultra Maniac description scared her, but . . .

All that really needs to be said is that this episode is going to be subtitled as "Loki is Cute", because Dice decided that that's what this episode is really about, showing how cute Loki is, and that Skuld has earned herself the nickname of Chairman Kaga.

I so want to see episode eighteen before she leaves next week. Because it features kakusei!Loki and the dorky scythe of dorkiness - at the same time!

I can pretend it's something from the third concussion fic.

My brain . . .
8/20/2003 07:25:00 AM
I'm kind of wishing I could find the romanization and translation of the full version of the ending theme for Ultra Maniac, Hitotsu=Unmei Kyoudoutai by can/goo (?!). No luck though. Bah.


I have a throbbing headache and no tea. I really have to stop hanging out with people who have feel no need to do wacky and crazy things like go to bed before midnight. Owowow.

8/19/2003 07:18:55 AM
On Loki 17 - everything Meia said and more.

I'm trying to decide what Loki's dorky spell of doom will be called in the recaps. Quite possibly just Loki's dorky spell of doom, 'cause, dude, it's almost as dorky as his dorky scythe of dorkiness.

And Loki is so taking advantage of where his height puts him in relation to women's chests. Little pervert. ^_^

Freyr - please stop scaring me.

I'm honestly surprised that Kou-chan didn't appear - I would have thought the tv station would end up belonging to his father, or something. I mourn the lack of Kou-chan.

On the other hand, Ultra Maniac 13 still hasn't downloaded - damn you cliffhanger, damn you!!

Oh, and Loki?
8/18/2003 09:45:50 PM
If I don't come home from work tomorrow to find episode seventeen of Loki downloaded, heads are fsckin' going to role. Preferably down a completely vertical cliff.

Also, more Ultra Maniac is a good, good thing. Come on baby, download for Ingrid.

Yes, and I'm Loki withdrawel, and have been trying to fill the void with The Giant Slayer, Ultra Maniac (Yuta, you just don't cut it, you're such a girl), and American Gods.

Low Key? You're such a -bastard-.

Clearing some stuff up
8/18/2003 09:37:36 PM
People seem to have been a bit concernd about the post from early early Sunday morning. No worries, folks, just the very natural result of me coming home after a delightful evening with Shelly, Matt, and other human-things, in which milkshakes and garlic toast were consumed, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was watched, and the usual jokes about porn and gay sex occured, to find that not only was my desk gone and had been replaced by the dinkiest little table ever, but my bloody -chair- was gone, too.

I've ransacked a cushioned stool from the studio, which isn't all that comfortable, but is better than sitting on the floor.

And I've decided I really don't like moving. I'm still in fscking pain.

8/17/2003 12:39:22 AM
I'm going to fucking -kill- my parents.

Consumed by rage. Too incoherent to explain.

Fucking stupid parents.