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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Note to self
8/15/2003 04:37:21 PM
Dear stomach, now is not the time to start making my life hell again. Things are fscked up enough as is. Please. Stop. Gurgling.

It's just stress. It'll go away soon.

I'm not going back on that ulcer medication again. That stuff gave me headaches from hell.

Random weirdness
8/15/2003 12:00:51 PM
This was in a book I was reading to learn Pagemaker . . .

"After Sister Mary Margaret realized there weren't any openings in the local convents, she was run over by a runaway cement truck."

I came across it a while ago, and thought it completely surreal, but only just remembered it and put it up now. 'cause I suck.

The usual stuff
8/14/2003 07:23:00 AM
Mad mad wub to Meia, the almighty Loki pimp. 'cause, mmm, Loki-scanage before work makes me all warm and fuzzy.

No, it's not indigestion.

And I'm suddenly rather glad that Thor carries around a big stick instead of the proper giant hammer. 'cause, dude, it would be harder to make gay jokes about him in the coffee shop episode if he had a hammer.

Too bloody hot
8/13/2003 07:08:10 PM
This may be late, but this is me wishing Meia good luck on her biology exam.

Stupid tests.


Still insanely hot, still convinced that the Loki fansubbers hate me and want me to die, wishing WPP would put out episode eight so I can watch Dice fangirl even more over Yamino, still wandering aimlessly through work . . .

And still miss my girl. Something's just missing without her around, and it bugs me. Doing well not sinking into a depression though, I think.

Keeping occupied is the key.

Random joy
8/11/2003 07:24:22 AM
Meimi - I love the new layout, even though it's eye-seeringly pink. 'cause, man, FLCL! w00t!

And, in my Loki-deprived state (because fansubbers apparently hate me and Dice), Meia comes through with the conclusion to her spamfic - now with extra concussions! It makes me feel giddy. ^_^


I watched the first four episodes of Ultra Maniac this weekend, and while it's not Loki, I may have hooked Jinxer on it too.

It's quite wonderful, funny and silly and beautiful, and the characters are adorable.

Even though I think Yuta is a girl every time I watch the opening.

. . .


Watched "Becoming" (second season Buffy finale) at Sarri's last night, on DVD, which was all fine and enjoyable, as Buffy tends to be. Hooker count on the way home was only one, though. Sunday nights are quiet, man.

Oh, and in other real-life news - the new minister doesn't seem to suck particularly. That's good. I'd hate for my parents to be stuck with a sucky minister after I leave town.

Speaking of which, moving of most stuff in less than a week. Eek.

Dad revealed yesterday that no, he's not giving up the day bed in the studio (bastard), and we can take a bed from someone he knows in Saskatoon.

This would be all well and good, except that it's a double, and I have, like, four sets of sheets, all for single beds.

. . . Dad, you suck.