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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


Weddings suck wang
7/26/2003 05:57:46 PM
You know the worst thing about the wedding? It wasn't the country music, or the fact that the people involved weren't attractive. It wasn't the fact that I couldn't sit curled up in my booth and read for the entire time. It wasn't the heat. It wasn't the odd gnawing loneliness in the pit of my stomach.

It was the fact that before the wedding even started, I dropped my book clip, picked it up, and when I lifted my head got it whacked right on the edge of the sound board.

Owowowow. ;_;


I'm wondering if they teach sex education as a rule in Japanese schools. Why? Because of something Kou-chan wants to say in the Verdandi-the-therapist fic. I'm wondering if it would actually be relevant (as relevant as anything ever is).

And yeah, Meia is adored. Because Loki is wrongly hot, and kakusei!Loki is just a sexy bitch, and I've never even -seen- Utgard Loki, and I already want to see some kakusei!Loki and Utgard Loki "twincest".

Your random mythological fact of the day is that some theories are that Utgard Loki -is- Loki. The only problem there is that Loki gets his mind fucked by Utgard Loki along with Thor and Thor's, uh, boy. ~cough~ Maybe there's a version of the myth where Loki is not travelling with Thor and Thor does the eating as well as the drinking? Or can Loki's powers spread to duplicating himself? In which case why would he bother to fuck himself over?

. . . This is getting wrong. I'm going to eat.

7/26/2003 12:42:35 AM
Apparently the Mood I was in yesterday didn't go away, it just hid itself until a time when it could make me look like a complete asshole in front of the people who rarely choose to tolerate my company.


Am, however, slightly cheered. Meia rocks my world, even if she is encouraging me to commit -massive massive- sin. But still.

Will show my gratitude when I'm not doing a good impersonation of a zombie.

Wedding tomorrow. Will probably have to put up with people and their satanic country music for most of tomorrow. I may have to start working on Verdandi-the-therapist fic to keep me from murdering someone. I'm already half way there, and I don't even know why.

Rain rain rain
7/25/2003 08:25:56 AM
Meia cracktastic scans of Verdandi and the coffeeshop are a -must- <3

And there's definitely no denying that this one is going ot be your fault.


It's raining, I'm at work, I have nothing to do.

And I just think I saw a bug scuttle behind my keyboard.


Pledging eternal devotion
7/25/2003 07:20:32 AM
Meia - you rock beyond words. Loki -and- DNAngel. Mrrr. Great start to my day.

I suppose that means now I really should write the fic with the Norns.

Oh, the pain I endure, the pain.

Also - I would eat Neil Gaiman flavoured ice cream.


Had some indistinct dream, which I think involved a discussion of t-shirts.

. . . Yeah, I don't know what crack I'm smoking either.


Wedding rehearsal tonight at 7. Blah blah blah blah. A pox upon it.

And life continues
7/24/2003 10:52:23 PM
Jinxer's back, so let's see how long we have for peace and quiet.

Work was okay, if you can call drinking about four cups of tea and stuffing envelopes all bloody day okay. Don't think Kris was around. Also don't think Angus was able to fix the printer. I weep.

At Jinxer's bizarre request, I scanned in some photos of Wee Ingrid tonight. May or may not post them. Depends on if anyone's inexplicably curious and wanting pictures of Wee Ingrids or not.

In the requisite Loki-related post: I have the music that plays during the Card Captor Loki segment. MWAHAHAHAHA. Dying . . . of . . . laughter . . .

The good, the bad, and the work-related
7/24/2003 07:33:39 AM
Good things: Waking up to find that the world has no exploded, the fact that Meia has the ability to scan things in potentia, Loki/Heimdall spamfic to go with my tea, Stephen's Loki-icon, and the fact that I have time to drink my goddamn tea.

Bad things: Sleeping in, needing to go to work, bugs existing in potentia at work in creepy amounts and positions, and, quite possibly, eating a burrito for breakfast. Burp.

Things that can swing one way or the other: Being alone at work, having not much to do.


Chris did not come up yesterday, although we did talk on the phone (his bird was driving him up the wall yet again). He'll be up next week, probably, which is good, because I'd like to get those goddamn papers off my desk.

Printer is still broken, can't print more brochures until it's fixed. Angus is supposed to be fixing it. Yay Angus. Printers haven't made any new Expo letterhead, so the brochures we do have left can't be mailed off until we have the letterhead.

Boss is gone until Tuesday - Ingrid's flying solo. ph33r, forestry people.


Guthrie rented "Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wanker" the other day, and I got a chance to play it yesterday. It's very cute, and Link is still a little pansy-ass fairy in green, and quite possibly gay. We love Link. Haven't gotten very far and probably won't get very far before Guthrie has to return it.

Stupid Guthrie.

Another day, still no money
7/22/2003 10:24:11 PM
Spent the day swearing at a printer, folding brochures, and stuffing envelopes. Was a much happier person when I found the thing that keeps me from licking the envelopes. With five hundred of these things to mail out, my tongue would have been -dead-, man.

Was a fairly normal day, aside from some guys from Kramer Ltd. coming in to talk to Marie and getting . . . me instead. They were very nice, of course, even if they did steal a couple of the brochures.

Unfortunately, aside from the printer abuse, the most amusing part of the day was having Kris poke his head into my office over my lunch break and ask how much of the words to Aul Lang Syne (sp? how should I know) I knew. I told him none. Apparently it had been stuck in his head all day.

Yeah, the people in the building are total freaks. That's why they rock.

Chris comes down tomorrow so we can work on organizing his workshops and making pamphlets or brochures or something. He's cool, although I suspect I need to enlighten him as to the Way of Mr. Black.

After the fairly uneventful day, it was quite nice to have Dice come over (with hot fudge sundaes, yum) and we got her caught up on Loki.

Episode twelve - Amusement was had at the expense of Kou-chan. And . . . pretty much everyone. We are all in awe of Loki's collection of Evil Aura. Also, by the fact that Evil is apparently purple and flamey. Like . . . let's not go there. Reiya was cooed over (although the duck she got at the beginning was, officially, the ugliest duck ever, uglier even than Nokoru the Whiskered Duck), particularly when she made her appearance in-game. Yamino was cooed over too. Heimdall scared everyone. Dice nit-picked the spelling.

Episode thirteen - Massive, massive cooing over how damn -happy- Yamino is to be cleaning for his Loki-sama. When the Evil Eye appears, we develop a unique strangled scream of terror. Dice wants to make a drinking game. Reiya is cooed and cooed over, even when she's being angsty. Much laughter was derived from Freyr getting hit in the head by wash basins, but Freyja is not particularly well liked. She should really stop molesting small boys. Sexy Loki was appropriately admired, cooed over, and admired some more (He has a magic wink!). Scene with Sexy Loki, Heimdall, and Freyr definitely funniest thing ever. Disappointment over Sexy Loki not doing the Card Captor Sakura thing to summon his rod of power. Dice can now read Extra Savoir-Faire.

Episode fourteen - Dice wants a puppy. Fenrir is the most disturbingly ugly-cute thing ever. General delight over Yamino going Jormungand and bitchslapping giant wolves. Dice was incredibly freaked out the first time Fenrir spoke. Loki's baby talk - still wonderful.

Episode fifteen - A lot of screaming over the Evil Eyes (they were around a lot) and a lot of speculation. Conclusion - Loki hasn't killed Baldur yet, because having him not realize that killing Baldur is a bad thing, when he also works to keep Baldur from coming back - stupid. I'll be very disappointed if that turns out to be the reason Loki's been exiled. Loki ANGSTS like mad, and no one likes Odin.

Dice now has a desire to write fic, as well as a drinking game, and my job is complete. She can join Meia and I in the 9 and 1/2th level of hell.

School stuff
7/21/2003 08:33:22 PM
Meia's latest crack-tastic Loki-icon is wonderful. It also contains text that will almost certainly, with some variation, make appearances in the episode fifteen recap. When that happens. ~coughs~


I registered for classes today, and it took less than ten minutes, so there people who made me paranoid, nyah nyah.

Will be taking Introduction to Old Norse Mythology all year long, from seven until nine-fifty every Monday night. Will be taking Short Fiction in English from its Origins to the First World War for the first term, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Reading the Canon at nineish Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all year, followed by Anglo-Saxon Lanaguage and Culture, for the first term. 17th Century Literature year long on Tuesday and Thursdays, and World Religions on Tuesday and Thursday after the Lit class.

I feel like such an pansy arts major.

Still something vaguely depressing about no long having any particular goal, but, eh. Things usually work out.

And hey, Norse Mythology. I'll learn how to pronounce stuff, hopefully.

The end of a weekend
7/20/2003 09:41:55 PM
I mentioned before that I went to the lake with my friends on Saturday, and am not particularly fond of lakes and beaches, particularly not the swimming aspect. There also tend to be too many people at beaches. And while it wasn't how I would have chosen to spend my Saturday, there's something oddly reasuring in knowing that I have something akin to friendship with these intelligent people with their varied interests and founts of erratic knowledge. I'll never be a people person, but it's nice to know that there are people out there who can tolerate me and even find me somewhat amusing.

I do, however, regret not bringing Guthrie's copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with me and using it to stoke the fire over which we roasted marshmallows.


Mythical Detective Loki continues to enchant me beyond words, particularly with the development of Loki's character. Episode fifteen featured a particularly nice exchange between Loki and Odin that tugged at my heart strings rather effectively.


After many many months, I finally got around to finishing Transformation by Carol Berg. It was quite wonderful, and I'm sorry I had so many difficulties in finishing it.

Review . . . sometime later this week.

7/20/2003 01:21:34 PM
This is made all the more amusing because Overlord Stephen got Yamino. Mwaha.

You're Loki, the intelligent trickster god.
You do things mostly for your own good, but you're not too selfish.
You usually think before you act, which can help you solve problems quite simply.
Just remember to help people when they're in need, and you'll become a fine person.

Which Matantei Loki character are you most like?

Zombie monkey pirate!
7/20/2003 12:36:56 AM
Episode fifteen of Loki is downloading.

WPP still haven't released episode six.

Will watch fifteen in the morning over my tea.

Went to the lake (hate water) today and got to burn things. Then went to a movie. And I didn't think it sucked. I laughed. A lot. And was amused. And also didn't have to pay. I'll do a review of it in the morning also.

But for now, I go sleep.

Beneficial, but in a good way - Ingrid quote o' evening.