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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


7/19/2003 11:19:24 AM
Warning: This post is entirely about Loki. Run away, ye who have no Loki love.

Meia - I'm hoping to be able to do the next Recap soon too, but it's obvious that WolfPackProductions have no love for me. NO LOVE. Ah well, gives me time to think up a nickname or five for Reiya and Freyja.

And I weep - weep! - over the limitations of text in lj icons. Obviously the world will never have Recap Inspired icons, although icons may inspire recaps. I have faith that you'll think of something . . . "special" when you're able to make icons. Mmm, mockery.

Hopefully you'll now be able to take screencaps without problems - if you can't, beat up WMP and everything else in sight, and I'm sure they'll come to their senses.


So, last night, Dice came over. And while there was talking, and swearing at Microsoft, icecream, and other appropriate things, there was mostly Loki in large amounts. We watched episodes five through eleven, and enjoyment was had by all. It was nice, I haven't marathoned as a while.

Things that don't relate to any episode in particular - we need to have a cartoon where the theme song involves the words "Everyone is perplexed" and a mention of the fact that the creators were doing crack. And fanfic needs to be written for the simple purpose of mocking the dorky and inappropriate clothing. I already got in the mocking of kakusei!Loki's jacket, but Freyr needs to be mocked/insulted/smacked. Badly.

Episode five - Freyr's a dork. Gullinbrusti -rocks-. Heimdall has no logic. Loki wears hot pants. The weird little cartoon where Loki explained Freyr's challenge made Dice twitchy - she thinks they should have found some way to do it in Japanese, or Norwegian or something more appropriate, not english.

Episode six - Dice ponderings comitting filk. The reaction to Reiya was -positive-. She's so cute, in a mentally unhinged kind of way. Her hair ribbons are cute and girly, so they're sort of the female version of Loki's ribbons, which are cute and gay. Heimdall wears high hells and they do not suit him. Dice starts having urges to slash Thor and Yamino. Thor is called Luke Skywalker. The words "Voodoo Hotel of Doom" will probably find their way into the recap title.

Episode seven - We try to figure out if Loki wears high hells or not. Is it decided that Freyja is not as nice to look at as Reiya - Reiya is the epitome of cute. More slashing of Yamino and Thor, and innuendeo concerning Yamino's broom (we can't get away from broom innuendo). Yamino has Evil Hands! And also probably never gets laid. Loki would rather have Reiya around that Freyja because by the time she's old enough to be a hot teenager, he'll be too, and neither of them will be arrested. No potential recap titles suggest themselves.

Episode eight - Uncontrolable squeeing over Yamino's little morning routine. Dice wants a Yamino. She starts thinking about slashing Loki and Yamino, and I try not to say anything. "I would kick your asses but I'm too busy throwing up" probably can't be worked into the recap title, but I wish it could. Loki's kidnappers are named Beavis and Butthead. Loki's robot elicits much amusement, as does Mayura's attempt to provide a distraction. Yamino saving Loki is cool, but Dice has to be consolled over the overall wrongness of slashing them. Dice tries to figure out a way for Yamino and Loki to be slashed without it actually being Yamino, and it is decided that Heimdall could take Yamino's form (not possession) but this morning I recall that the only person besides Loki who can shape shift like that is Odin. So it obviously has to be Odin-as-Yamino-.

Episode nine - We mourn over the fact that Heimdall has been relegated to the position of Freyr's straight man. Freyr is still a dork. so is Thor. Amusement is had from Thor and Mayura playing Jenga, and even more from Loki blowwwwwwwwwing in Thor's ear to distract him. So sexy and so wrong. Freyr in an apron! Mayura's Santa Claus outfit broke Dice's brain, I think. Loki is a dork on a skateboard. We still can't really tell if he has high heels, but if he does, they aren't as high as Heimdall's. Melty cooing over Reiya and Freyr. Someone else thinks that the Evil Tree resembles a tentacle monster. Possible recap title "Little Timmy Needs His Medication", but possible not, as it's an obscure comment over Freyr riding over the city on his flying pig at the beginning of the episode. Maybe something about pumpkins instead.

Episode ten - Loki and Reiya shouldn't be drinking coffee, unless Loki doesn't mind being four feet tall all that much. Loki in hot pants without his dorky jacket on. Thor cleaning the toilets - "Even in Asgard I had to clean the toilets!" - and the massive amounts of innuendo stemming from the fact that Thor calls the old man his master and is enamoured with his big stick. Lots and lots of gay jokes at Thor's expense. The teacup is the vase of demons, and the holy grail is your sippy cup. And, of course, Thor isn't allowed a job that lasts for more than one episode. Poor bastard. And his stick.

Episode eleven - Breaks brains left, right, and centre. My favourite moments remain Koutarou hitting Freyr in the head with a bucket, and Gullinbrusti pretending to be a zombie. Heimdall gets beat up by high school girls, and we feel sorry for him. "Evil Aura - Get Yours Today" as we wonder why Heimdall's carrying a bottle of evil aura around with him. "Buddha Comes With Death Rays". Cooing over Freyr thinking he had found his sister while he was half-unconcious.

7/19/2003 12:42:31 AM


Will try and gather my senses in the morning.

Stupid blogger.

Pure? Hell yeah
7/18/2003 07:08:41 PM
Meia - do convey my undying love to Liz for that lovely icon of mocking goodness. And I hope you realize icons of mockery are going to have some horrible influence on recaps, right?

Re: screencaps - go tools --> options --> visualization. Under video acceleration click on the advanced button and have "Display full-screen controls" under both video acceleration (again) and DVD video be the only things check marked in the advanced options. That seems to make screencaps possible in the hellbitch that is XP. Works for me, anyway.

In more disturbing news - took the purity test . . .

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
Self-Lovin' 96% Never taken out of the packaging 64.6%
Shamelessness 92% Has yet to see self in mirror 79.1%
Sex Drive 100% 77.4%
Straightness 100% 44.4%
Gayness 100% 82.8%
Fucking Sick 99% Refreshingly normal 89.6%
You are 97% pure
Average Score: 72.2%

[Edit: The code given on the page doesn't allow for half of the thing to show up, so I just copy and pasted the text, the numbers at the end are the average score]

Mmm, cheesecake
7/18/2003 07:23:14 AM
I'm having cheesecake for breakfast. Very nice. No fainting of hunger during work for -me-!

Position at work is currently . . . uncertain. I have until August at the earliest, though. Will probably move to Saskatoon after I loose my job.

In far more cheery news - Dice should be coming over tonight. There will be Loki-age. MmmmgoodLoki.

Translation: Probably won't be online tonight, and if I am, unless it's very late in the evening, I will probably be remarkably pissy.


Fio's computer is still broken. Fsdlkjwrbrljkjfasd. The computer gods loathe me.

At least I have Kou-chan. ~pats scanner~

Meimi does it again
7/16/2003 09:08:01 PM
So, this is the part where you tell me your diabolical scheme, and then I thwart you. With lots of capital letters, and a miraculous appearance by Dumbledore.

Truer words have rarely been spoken. Thanks, Meimi.

Although I could have done without the buggery.

And wow, it's just like the book - a single token Neville appearance. ~snerks~

Might even go so far as to say it made my day, if I hadn't seen episode fourteen of Loki earlier - "Daddy!" Mwah.

Also, Father Complex. Double mwah.

The road to hell is paved with slashy fanfic
7/16/2003 08:33:26 PM
So, I'm going to hell, and it's all Meia's fault (no, really). Well, okay, it's all bell's fault, actually, but Meia helped.

Yeah, I wrote fanfic, which is a rare and terrible thing, as anyone who remembers the last time I wrote fanfic should know. It's Mythical Detective Loki fanfic, of course, and is slashier than a slashy thing.

At least no wings have sex in this one.

I also wrote non-fanfic based on Norse mythology, that's below the slashy wrong fanfic, and of no interest to anyone who isn't interested in certain events in Norse mythology. Still, I enjoyed it.

Rejoice, rejoice
7/14/2003 05:02:13 PM
This is me rejoicing. Why? 'cause Meia's working on her spammy Loki fic. And even though I don't care for Heimdall and Loki as a couple, I've found that I enjoy anything Meia writes. And dammit, the first part was amusing. It made me laugh until I stopped. I'm looking forward to it.

Of course, it also just encourages me to write the kakusei!LokixKoutarou fic. 'cause . . . yeah. It's Wrong, and I like Wrong Things.

Oh, and someone who's played Baldur's Gate needs to go and see the icons Meia made. 'cause, dude, I love them, but they're giving me "Boo" vibes. And that -can't- be good.

In other news - hail the scanner gods! Or maybe refrain until I try and install the bugger and scan something. Our praises may turn into curses with startlingly swiftness. Have to wait and see - I'm going over to Sarri's, so I'll have to do the hauling and installing later.

It looks nice though. Mwah.