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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


I spread corruption like a veneral disease
7/12/2003 12:17:43 PM
Meia: well, I'm glad to know now. And Freyja sounds kickass in the manga. I wonder if they've translated it into french . . . But she -did- drop washbasins on Freyr's head in episode thirteen. That has to be worth something.

And I'm going to keep mentioning kakusei!LokixKoutarou until it happens. Like twincest, only better.

Yes, I know Koutarou is Mister Heterosexual - that's part of the charm, y0.

Spreading wrongness since, uh . . . Damn, I can't remember. Whenever I came up with the FuumaxKeiichi idea with bell. LokixKoutarou - the new and improved and CLAMPless FuumaxKeiichi, baby.

. . . Right, going to get ready for those weddings now. ~coughs~

7/11/2003 11:46:06 PM
Got ahold of episode thirteen of Loki - I was willing to wait until one in the morning to watch it, if it continued slow, but it finished up while I was in the bath.

~fans self~

Randomly, do find it interesting that the producers or the mangaka and I are on a bit of the same wavelength in one respect - Loki did some crappy, crappy stuff before Balder (which depends on who you're reading anyway, some versions of the myth have diddly squat to do with him, and his binding to the rock is actually considered a result of the events in the Flyting of Loki . . .) and just having a way with words would -not- have saved his ass from wrathful Aesir and Vanir. It's a lot easier to accept something as poisonous as Loki is (frequently) portrayed to be when it's wrapped in a really attractive package.


That being said, I still love Luke in Eight Days of Luke more than any other form of Loki because . . . man DWJ just got it perfect, making him nice and interesting and cool and sympathetic without ever backing down from the better known version of the Balder myth.

Oh - and Heimdall? Your only real scene in this episode makes up for the fact that in episode twelve you made my brain try to commit suicide by jumping out of the window and out into oncoming traffic.

I'm wondering if I can fit washtubs into the recap title somehow.

Everyone needs this
7/11/2003 08:56:43 PM
That's because I'm so great, right? ~grins~

Really, though, everyone needs a friend who, when someone's being insufferably insufferable, they'll suggest that murder is the only option. If you lived in Canada, I'd offer to do it for you, because I'm just that kind of generous person.


Loki thirteen is out. ~watches download hungrily~

Only one thing to do
7/11/2003 07:31:20 AM
Kill him, Meimi.


If anyone's looking for me online tonight, odds are I won't be around until later in the evening due to having to do two wedding rehersals, one at four and one at seven. I hope I have time for supper - rehersals usually go -long- unless people are really organized. And what are the odds of that happening?


Things that make life a better place - Collin's freckles and scandalously short bathing suit.

Oh, and getting Marie's old computer in my office. Sure, it's slow and buggy as the riverbank after a rainstorm, but it's not a fscking -Quantum-. Going to take Meril and Stephen cds with me to work and see if it can handle mp3s. Unlike the bloody -Quantum-.

Ahem. I'm calling it Neville.

7/10/2003 09:18:06 PM
I can never be one with a fandom that involves so much character bashing, especially when it's focussed almost entirely on one character.

Am I the only one who -doesn't- hate Reiya/Freyja with an unholy burning passion? 'cause, I dunno, Reiya isn't any more annoying that Freyr. They're both idiots, sure, but they're fun, cute idiots. And at least Reiya has the excuse of being a little kid. Freyr, dude, you have no excuse for being completely on crack.

And Freyja? I felt kind of bad for her in the one episode where she got proper screen time. I thought she was sad and awesome and actually better than I had hoped.

Dunno. Maybe you build up different impressions of characters if you read the manga too. Maybe that makes her/them grate more. Dunno.

Just one person who would rather see LokixKoutarou than LokixHeimdall/HeimdallxLoki rambling into the void, and is perfectly fine with Loki screwing anyone he wants to.

Uh, except for Mayura and Reiya (until she grows up anyway). Because Mayura, gods love her, is a sweet, hilarious, mystery-obsessed ditz who should just be left to herself and doesn't need sex and Reiya, um, is a little kid.

Oh, and Yamino.

But anyone else, Loki can screw.

Or be screwed by. Or there can be no screwing involved at all. Whatever works.

Loki's kind of gotten to the point with me where it's a series that I really like, and I like pretty much everyone in it, even when it's stupid, and I don't really -care- about any possible romantic stuff. Kind of like Hikaru no Go, where, while obviously go was a substitute for sex, and I still think that Waya and Isumi together are the sparkliest thing since sparkly sliced bread, I don't really care what the fans do with them, or think they should be doing to each other, as long as I can enjoy the canon in peace.

That was a long sentence.

Heimdall scares me
7/10/2003 05:21:36 PM
~watches episode twelve of Loki~

. . .

That is on more crack than the last one, I think. I don't know how I'm going to recap -that- crackfest.

Oh? And Heimdall? In an apron? That makes baby Jesus -cry-. I'm a hundred percent behind Loki's reaction to that. Not that I mind when people slash them together or anything but, dude, Heimdall was all . . . yeah O_o

And episode twelve makes me wonder if there's anyone out there slashing Koutarou and Loki. 'cause I would definitely want me some of that.

Now, if I don't get episode thirteen soon, I'm going to kill someone. 'cause . . . yeah . . . Loki. ~goes to get a drink of water~ Whooboy . . .

Suikoden in Saskatchewan
7/9/2003 04:27:32 PM
Well, at least there were no disgruntled people on the phone today.

Spent the last bit of work with a map of Saskatchewan, found some amusing place names that made me think of fictional characters . . .

Suikoden III invasion - Scott, Landis, and Melville.

Dickens lover - Ebenzer.

Pottery - Neville. ^_^

Random wackiness also existed. Like Smuts, Findlater, Perdue (Lost), and Qu'Appelle (roughly - Named what?).

Yeah, I'm bored easily.

. . .
7/9/2003 07:10:31 AM
You know, keenspace, by "Fox and/or Collin ... in BmB" I did not, and I want to make this very clear, mean "Don't update BmB at all".

I'd also be a happier person if we could figure out why we aren't able to publish to nyahnyah.net. Stupid blogger.

I'm hungry
7/8/2003 11:05:10 PM
I'm very hungry right now, but let's not go into that.

I'll be a happier person if, tomorrow, the following things happen. Well, one or two would be nice, anyway.

- Fio is on
- Meril is on
- Fox and/or Collin are in BmB
- Loki 12 -and- 13 are out on bittorrent in the morning, so I can blissfully watch them tomorrow night
- WPP gets Loki 6 out so we can get closer to the episode with Thor and the coffee shop
- There are phonebooks for Regina, Yorkton, and the Battleford areas awaiting me in my office tomorrow morning
- Jenn gets into Old Norse Mythology for me
- Anything Loki-related, really
- Anything Waya-related
- Anything Keiichi-related
- Anything Neville-related
- I don't have to deal with one person on the phone tomorrow who completely refuses to give me the information I need, even when I do have the right place, buggerall
- I get my scanner and it WORKS
- Gio (one of Guthrie's little friends) doesn't break into our house tomorrow and steal all our money or otherwise rob us blind

You know, I'm -really- hoping for the last one. What kind of stupid shit gives a key to his house to someone who dunks kids headfirst into toilets.


The apocraylpse is coming
7/6/2003 11:28:38 PM
First things first - a quote from Friday night. "Lesbian porn makes me sleepy." I didn't say that, Jenn did, it was the product of Showcase after ten at night, on a Friday, and if you're a Canadian, that's all you need to know.

Because I'm so infinitely cool, Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps has been updated for episode five, which features Freyr, and copious amounts of crack.

In other news, the Apocalypse is coming. Or at least the Apocralypse.


I read Harry Potter fanfic. Willingly.

I know. I feel dirty. Although I've been reassured that, it containing Neville in copious amounts, it's probably okay and not world destroying after all.

Fanfic? Lust Over Pendle which features Neville. And, you know, other people. But Neville, most importantly.

It still stands that if I write Potter fanfic, that the world will, in fact, explode.

Even if it is about Neville.

I am safe in saying this as someone who's only fanfic was about Kamui, his wings, and their special relationship in the dreamscape.

Very special.

In other news, Dice has a complete design for the "Mr. Black Reads Harry Potter So I Don't Have To" t-shirt, which is probably very cool, if I could view it properly. Still, Dice knows these things, and I trust her.