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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


7/3/2003 07:19:06 AM
If it weren't for Collin, I think I'd have a new favourite character. Red is such a dork, it's adorable.

Had a lot of weird dreams last night, on which I blame the whole class anxiety thing, but none as weird as one I had earlier this week, in which the Queen of Canada was preparing for her coronation, and I think it was in my house. She was small and fat and looked rather Greecian, but was neverthless described by a small child I spoke to at one point as a "bitter barbie doll".

I think I was trying to prevent her assassination.

Although I may have been trying to cause it.

Also, Matt and co. were in it, briefly, as was Matt's friend, the Oracle, Tai (who I've never met). We went to Staples (which was cooler than regular Staples as it had actual stuff in it that was wanted, also, string) and I Tai was pretending to be Russian and saying his name was Vladimir. Matt called him Joe. But it was still Tai . . .

I think he was trying to assassinate the Queen of Canada. Or prevent her assassination. Definitely the opposite of what I was trying to do, anyway.

Suck on -that- dream analysist people!


Loki, sweetie, please stop being so goddamn hot. I mean, I know you're hot. I've had a deep understanding of how incredibly attractive you are for the past few years. But actually seeing it? Man, it's -painful-. Especially when you wear such horrible clothing and continue to look incredibly hot.

Despite the hotness of Mythical Detective Loki's uh Loki (adult Loki, who apparently likes wearing clothing that clashes with his hair, as opposed to chibi Loki who sensibly wears black, and is also hot, but in a more, um, girly way, yeah, that's it) I maintain my utter devotion to Luke of Eight Days of Luke. The self-absorbed little firebug is still the best representation of Loki -ever-.


Listening to "Till My Head Falls Off" on constant repeat by They Might Be Giants. Have I mentioned how great this song is? 'cause really, it's a wonderful song. It's just one of those songs that's just perfect in every way.

It's also, in my mind, the perfect Neville song. It's weirdly upbeat (fast, at least) while still sounding incredibly depressed and sad. It's weird, it definitely affects me in odd ways, and it was introduced to me as being a Neville-song. Therefore, it will always be stuck in my mind like that.

I think I need to find the cd with it on.

If I were a fanfic person, I'd be tempted to see if someone had committed songfic to it.


Also, on the subject of Neville, I will personally go insane if I'm told by one more person about what a good book the latest Hell Book is for this little loyal Neville fan. I think I've gotten four people to tell me of it, which is all plus two of the Potter fans I know (Meimi, Jinxer, Katy, and Jae). I don't know if I should be happy that Neville's actually getting some attention, or furious, because That Woman is apparently trying to corrupt my soul.

I will never be a Potter fan. I will never like the books, or the woman who writes them, because I can recognize them as being trash, and when most of the world fawns over them for being something they aren't, -someone- has to keep a level head. But, because no one's perfect and every soul needs a slight tarnish, I will always be a Neville fan.

A little bit of tragedy in my otherwise tragic . . . wait, that doesn't work. Hm.

Another day, another, um, something
7/2/2003 09:49:40 PM
I watched episode eleven of Loki the other day - Freyr, please for the love of god stop scaring me. You have less brains than Thor, and that's saying something.

Oh, and the entire episode was smoking scary, scary crack. I mean . . . just . . . AGH!

Any episode that features lots of Freyr almost begs for me to make it -less- ridiculous for a recap.

Work was work, with additional orange juice and field trips (field trips are how Chris describes anything that involves me leaving the office and going . . . somewhere else).

Jenn and I went to SIAST and picked up the U of S calendars, which brings up the unfortunate conundrum of what the hell I'm studying. It looks like I'm going to be going for a bachelor of arts, if I can figure out what arts classes I -need- to get me into law school, which is the other thing.

Whether I want to go to law school or not is really irrelevant. It's something I can probably do without failing horribly, and at this point, I don't really care what I do, so long as it isn't too boring and I get out of school eventually.

On the classes front, I'm looking at some history courses, maybe some humanities because I'm sure it's necessary, and some stuff on Icelandic Literature, Icelandic Culture and Language, and Norse Mythology because they technically count as English credits, and look less boring than most stuff.

Loki is your god
7/1/2003 04:08:48 PM
Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps is now happy and cozy in it's new home at nyahnyah.net. It's also lucky enough to have finally been updated, as I -finally- conquer all problems associated with it.

Touch wood.

Go read, enjoy, something.

A sad thing
6/30/2003 11:34:49 PM
Katharine Hepburn died today. I meant to mention that before work, and forgot. I'm sad to see her go. She was a good actress and quite beautiful in her very own unique way.

And if you don't know who she was? Shame on you. Shame.

Where does it end?
6/30/2003 11:14:32 PM
Best thing of the day? Sad to say, was a discussion between Chris and Angus over lunch time.

Wildly paraphrased.
Angus: And we could play stuff besides music on it. Stuff from Quarks and Quarks.

Chris: And Ideas.

Angus: Yeah. Or books or something.

Chris: "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen King.

Angus: By Stephen King?

Chris: Uh, yeah. Chapter one - a monster came. Chapter two - I fell down the stairs. Chapter three - the monster is approaching me.

Angus: Is the universe expanding? Only because the monster is pushing it out. Will the universe eventually explode? Not until chapter forty-two.

Unfortunately, after that, and getting off work early, things just got very obviously worse. I don't want to go into details. At all. It's just . . . badness that, I think, I want to choose who I relate the information to. It's that sort of thing.

Anyway, it's why I haven't gotten everything done tonight I wanted to. Unfortunately. I'm still working on moving Loki stuff over to nyahnyah.net, although I did finish taking screencaps of episode four.

I'm a gamer geek
6/29/2003 10:36:05 PM
Had a lovely full day, of church, Baldur's Gate, Men at Arms, Dice, and Loki.

When I finish the fourth episode recap for the Loki page, all will have to thank Dice, 'cause she makes mocking easier.

Note: Nothing makes mocking easier than Thor and his stick love. I mean, really.

Oh? And I -so- kicked those dwarven warders ass, once I got the right strategy. Now I'm just stuck on the third underground level, on a bloody click click click door puzzle. It's bringing back traumatic memories of the safe puzzle in Grim Fandango. Took me ages to get -that- one under control, too.

I have stuff to do tomorrow. Well, besides work. I want to get a review done, maybe in the morning over my tea, and I'm thinking of reading Bound (go team Meimi!) after I get home from work. Also, hope to be able to spend quality dork time with Dice. Or Matt, if he isn't dead, and Dice decides to impersonate me at my hermitiest. But I have two two litre bottles sitting on my floor, one of Coke and one of Ginger Beer, that belong to her, which it is our Goal to finish.

. . . We're sad, yeah.

But it's a happy sadness!

Stupid dwarves
6/29/2003 03:40:15 PM
Dear Dwarven Warders,
Please die.