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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


My dad's useful
6/28/2003 11:22:03 AM
Currently, Dad's in Saskatoon to shoot a wedding. He's also there to drop off some cheques I made out for my rent, and to transfer some furniture from the garage to my apartment. Yay! I'm not sure what he took with him though. Hm.

Also, if anyone can offer suggestions for some reliable free webhosts out there with minimal popup ads, I'd be a happy happy Ingrid. I need to find somewhere to move the Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps.

You know we're cooler than you
6/27/2003 10:42:29 PM
The most important thing to mention today is that Jenn, Dice, and I went to Liquidation World after supper at a really nice Indian place. I have leftovers in the fridge now. Nummy.

Liquidation World = Coolest Place Ever.

Also, Dice is working on designing a t-shirt that says "Constance Vigilance" on the front, overimposing an eyeball of some kind, with "Mr. Black Reads Harry Potter So I Don't Have To" on the back, with the Logic and Chaos url.

I don't feel like staying up, just going to go to bed and hopefully wakeup before noon, and work on something. What, I don't know. I'm thinking of either Loki screencaps, or finding a new server for the site, or writing. I don't know. Muse isn't around. Her laptop blew.


6/26/2003 05:28:00 PM
Dice wants a "Constant Vigilance" t-shirt.

6/26/2003 04:31:11 PM
Conclusion? The new blogger can suck donkeys balls.

6/26/2003 07:17:07 AM
What the fuck? ~stares~

Well, as long as Blogger manages to work slightly more often than it did before . . .

Dad's ordered me an Epson 2450 scanner, or something, apaprently. So there is much rejoicing, although it's a confused sort of rejoicing.

Work's going okay. I alternate between doing pretty neat stuff and deadly boring stuff. Yesterday I tried to get the hang of databases, but I can't tell if it's what Chris wants until he's in the office again, which won't be until next week sometime. I also went map hunting, which was surprisingly unfruitful. Apparently people aren't big on maps here. But I also had to continue the hell phoning, and I've started organizing the shelves.

Ah well. It's work.

Still trying to come to some sort of an agreement with Jinxer concerning Hell Book reading while she's in Israel for a few weeks. I'm not sure if actually reading the book without causing her pain is a good idea, although it would give Logic and Chaos some regular content, and if we get it out of the way, we can go onto the next Hell Book, which has Neville. Supposedly.

It also supposedly has swearing, according to a girl at church. I have certain opinions on that, but I think I'll save them until I see for myself what kind of swearing it actually is. I've already been given shit for spouting off opinions on stuff I hadn't read. Ho hum.


Hikaru no Go's been -licensed-?! Chock that up on the most improbable manga to be licensed, ever. I'd have thought they'd have the Gravitation Remixes on the market or something before they had Hikaru no Go. I'm going to have to stab someone and make them get me the later volumes. I am -not- waiting around for whatever company it is to get to volume twenty, dammit.

6/24/2003 07:26:01 AM
Yes, Meimi, you're welcome to make the t-shirt. And you're right, the eye probably would make more sense on the back. Make the shirt, with my blessing.

Will the letters still be neon? :P

As for Moody, I didn't really clue on to him being, you know, Evil until he started torturing spiders, and being really nice to Ron and Neville. Suspicious behaviour just builds up there, y0. Besides, I have the added benefit of being brought up on Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes audio books. My brain is sharp and keen, like a really eager knife.

And fanart = yay!

Work time is now. I managed to wake up on time today! Go team!

6/23/2003 10:49:48 PM
The following will probably make a lot more sense if you read this.

Jinxer XD T-shirt
Ingrid Can't you see it? Like, with an eyeball or something on it, and then on the back "CONSTANT VIGILANCE" in huge letters.
Ingrid They'd probably make them flash, if they could.
Ingrid Like, in neon colours.
Jinxer XD
Ingrid You can see it, too! I know you can.
Jinxer Flashing neon, yeah
Ingrid And a BIG HUGE EYE on the front of it.
Ingrid Right in the middle.
Ingrid The eye could flash too, if you like.

. . . Okay, maybe I sometimes I get carried away with things.

6/23/2003 09:45:35 PM
On Thursday there was a hooker fight at work in the information centre, and the police had to be called in, and I -missed- it. I'm not even sure how.

Naturally, I'm disappointed.

No one was talking about it at work today. They also weren't talking about the Hell Book. This may be because people in forestry have better things to do, or because there was hardly anyone in. Four bug counters, as most of them were on field work, the hyperactive guy I met at church before the centre opened, the guy who looks like the hyperactive guy but isn't, and Angus.

Angus pointed out that killing all of humanity (excluding myself) isn't really an evil plan, depending on your point of view. It's probably quite a good thing from, say, the point of view of the elephants.

He also asked how I'd get loyal hench people to die (would they just kill each other?). I was thinking I'd get the elephants to trample them to death, but Jenn had a better idea, involving ritualistic suicide and Swedish cults.

Well, I'm sold.

Although I still plan to start my plot for world domination in Mexcio and work my way downward. Why? Because of this. They surely won't expect it twice. And I'm not even American.


Jinxer's causing me agonizingly huge amounts of pain with Potter. She's back to typing in full force. It's made all the worse by the vague noises people (Meimi) made about Neville having lots of goodness in the Latest Hell Book.

Damn you all. I'm still certain you're lying.

And I can't quite make myself feel sympathy for you in your mourning, Meimi, and I hope you understand that, whoever it is, I . . . probably won't care. Sorry, sorry. -_-;;

I do want to see your fanart, though. You draw pretty (and we still haven't seen Andrew and the pointy death shoes!).

6/23/2003 07:30:07 AM
So what, you ask, is the secret to my amazing psychic powers? One part deduction, one part being totally out of my mind, and one part spouting bullshit until it makes Jinxer twitch.

It's really not that hard. ^_^

I admit that not -everything- in the Hell Books is predictable, and I don't think I've guessed anything from the Latest Hell Book yet (and Meimi, you would tell me if I did, right? ^_^) but if you want to bow down before my incredible psychic powers, go right ahead. ^_^

Mmph. Tea gone. Time for work.

6/22/2003 09:58:15 PM
I watched the Princess Tutu finale and it was so sad, and so beautiful, and -so- surprising, it just made me want to break down and cry, almost as much as the Utena ending did, and it left me with such a wtf/yay feeling . . .

You know, where there are some scenes that make you go "Oh, yay!" and others that make you try to hold back the tears, because it's so -sad-. The Utena ending had those too. Mostly sad ones, though, with no one really remembering Utena at all, even Wakaba, but when Miki gave Tsuwabuki his stop watch. Yeah . . .

So? The spoilers? Highlight, y0.

I'm still stunned that a mahou shoujo anime ended with the main character -not- being the love interest. It was such a blow. I mean, they've been saying it forever, that Ahiru would just go back to being a duck if she ever confessed her love to Mytho, so it seemed impossible for them to be together (and really, they didn't have that much romantic chemistry) but I figured they'd pull something out of their asses, and she and Mytho would live happily ever after and they -didn't-. I'm not sure how I feel about him getting together with Rue, but really, they just revealed so much stuff near the end, and she was so sad . . . I'm kind of glad they did. She deserves a little happiness.

Oh? And in the final episode? Mytho -so- kicked ass. Or is it Siegfried, now?

But the ending was just . . .wah. With Lilie and Pique, walking along and laughing, and looking between them, and getting sort of puzzled, like something was missing but they didn't know quite what . . .

On the other hand, seeing the neko walking in front of the school with all his little kitties trailing behind, and then the white cat was just "AWWW" 'cause you know, he gets to be happy.

And even though it was sort of sad, I think Ahiru's happy in her peaceful duckiness, with Fakir watching over her, writing away . . . That final shot of them was just so sweet, and sad, and just perfect.

I'm still in shock, though. Everyone so needs to watch this. It's obviously not standard magical girl fare, by a long shot. Definitely full of goodness, and, even though I've seen some people go meh over it, I thought it was a great ending. Really. Just wonderful. ~sniffs~

Won't be seeing that kind of thing again any time soon.

6/22/2003 10:07:05 AM
Eugh. I just lost this post.


Thanks to the wonderous Ven, I'm able to take screencaps again. I've already started on episode four of Loki, I'm about eight minutes in or so, have maybe a dozen screencaps so far.

WPP probably won't have episode ten out for a while, but I've got Plans for that one. Mostly, Thor torture. Ehe.

He makes it easy, really.

Unfortunately, anzwers.org, the place that the Loki Screencap Recaps exists on is, uh, not letting me sign in (the page is still there though, no worries). Which . . . annoys me. Immensely. And also means the page won't be updated until that little Issue is fixed.


In other news, really enjoying my job. It has some boring bits, I'm not much of a phone person, but it keeps me busy, and I get to see Sarri and Jenn on breaks. Marie's sweet, Chris is super cool, and I met Angus the other day so we could use his scanner. Angus is weird.

Note: All people who work in the forestry industry are a little weird, in some way.

It's going well, though. I'm glad to be earning money, although I haven't been paid yet. This is sad.

There is still no scanner love for Ingrid.