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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


6/21/2003 01:49:40 PM
My parents enjoy my misery. Apparently a scanner that doesn't turn green to blue, red to brown, and white to yellow is nowhere near the list of things I need.

Hate them.

Bought a pot with holes in and two knives today at garage sales.

I like knives.

6/20/2003 07:44:09 PM
Happy Disembowlment Day, everyone!

Meimi, you make me and Baby Jesus cry.

Remember about Neville.

Stopped off at Coles while doing a price check on things at Staples for Chris, and they have The Wee Free Men in, finally (also, their childrens section apparently does not understand "alphabetical" or, if not that, "author"). Unfortunately, I won't be able to get it until Sunday or Monday. I'll try to get Mum's card, though, and will need some money (I have ten dollars to my name now) but dammit, it WILL be mine.

If I can light small children buying Potter on fire, so much the better.

6/17/2003 11:13:49 PM
Episode nine of Loki . . .

Okay, seriously, Loki producers - how many tentacle monster jokes do you want me to -make- in an episode? Really, you just make my job too damn easy some days. At least you're giving me the chance to make easy, easy gay jokes (aside from calling Yamino Loki's Bitchmonkey) but, man, I'm starting to regret naming Ecchan the Baby Tentacle Monster. If I'd known about this episode, I wouldn't of, even if Ecchan -does- molest Mayura in episode three.

Also - no Card Captor Loki summoning his rod of power in this episode. But he rode on a skateboard. And it was dorky. Dorky in that super cute Loki way, but still, man, dorky as hell. Especially with the Card Captor Loki summoning music playing in the background.

6/17/2003 09:11:15 PM

Bloody goddamn stupid software!

Translation: have the wpp subs of episodes four and five of Loki. This is good. Bad is I can't open them in RealPlayer . . . and I've been using RealPlayer for the Screencaps. I know you offered some advice on the whole black screen where the image should be thing Meimi, but I couldn't make it work. >_<

So . . . any suggestions, loyal blog readers?

Bah. I'm going for a bath. Very annoyed.

Oh, yeah - job went well. Go team.

6/15/2003 09:45:13 AM
Rhubarb upside muffins: Your friend and mine.

I'd take the recipie with me to Saskatoon, but I don't think I'll find any random stocks of rhubarb growing outside of Wollaston Hall. Unlike in our garden, where apparently rhubarb grows like some larger, redder, more poisonous version of dandelions. We have several rhubarb patches, and most of the garden beds (raised, surrounded by wood, that sort of thing) have rhubarb growing at the base.

No, we don't do anything to make it grow. It just kind of . . . exists.