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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


6/6/2003 01:30:39 AM
Consider this a public service announcement.

People are important. Even if it's just to one person, in the end, everyone's important to someone. Because if you weren't important to someone, you wouldn't really exist.

And for the people who are there, who support me and hug me when I'm down, who I try to do the same for when they're down, and who generally put up with my stupidity and brooding nature - love you guys as much as my jaded, cynical, divided heart can.

Some things in life are simpler when you're a hermit, and you don't have friends. But, I don't think I'd be able to go back to living like that now.

So, for you people who are loved, consider yourself a highly addictive drug.

6/4/2003 01:47:06 PM
Went, signed lease, got a pocket full of keys, did not find the new Pratchett.

Did find "Norse Mythology: A Guide ot the Gods, Heroes, Rituals, and Beliefs" by John Lindow, but did not buy it. Maybe in the fall when I move. Anyway, I skimmed it, and it contained an entry on Lokasenna - Loki's Flyting which is an epic poem, 65 stanzas, connected with the death of Baldr/Baldur/Balder (you know how the spelling thing goes), and apparently involves Loki insulting people. A lot. And revealing all the weakness and bad points of the Gods as he insults them. Reading the summary made me giggle.

Apparently, Heimdall has a wet back (something along those lines, anyway), and Freyr slept with his sister Freya. Not too surprising, I suppose, since their father slept with his sister to have -them-.

I told bell the Norse were less concerned with wacky incestuous sex - apparently I was wrong. To some extent. The Aesir (of which Freya and Freyr are not a part of) don't approve of incest. The other gods, the Vanir, appear to be all for the wacky incestuous fun.

. . . Okay, I'm done now.

6/3/2003 10:36:51 PM
~watches episode eight of Loki~

I'm full of warm fuzzies. Also, gleeful cackling. And more warm fuzzies. 'cause . . . yeah. Ehe.

Have to wake up early tomorrow morning to go to Saskatoon. Not because the residence office is only open for a limited time, but because Dad has a regional transportation meeting or something in some dinky little town to go to which he wants to go to on the way home. Ho hum.

Probably means I won't be able to make Dad take me to the bookstore. Buggerit. I was hoping on finding a copy of the new Pratchett and maybe some cheap books on mythology, so I don't have to keep taking the same not very good book out of the library.

I haven't even looked at the battered old book I got from Mommo's bookshelf though. It's ancient, like, seventy years old, maybe, which is ancient for a book that's in my room, and doesn't have a cover anymore. It -does- have mythology in it, though.

~goes to look~

6/3/2003 10:21:56 AM
Norse mythological and Mythical Detective Loki rambling and speculation. Potential spoilers for the first seven episodes. Everything else is just my mind spouting out whatever comes into my deranged head.

Probably the thing that puzzles me most is Yamino, and his connection to mythology, and Loki. He's obviously incredibly devoted to Loki, refers to him as "Loki-sama" even though Loki looks ten, so he knows who Loki is. He's familiar with the gods, but doesn't seem to have met them before. Unless we're getting into wacky gender bender territory, he's not Loki's wife, although she is the only person in the mythological canon who would be devoted enough to follow Loki into exile. But that seems unlikely. What about one of Loki's sons, though? He does have five to choose from. The two sons of Sigyn, Narvi and Vali, the foal he gave birth to himself, Sleipnir, and the two monstrous sons by his mistress, Fenrir, and Jormungand. Jormungand is destined to be killed by Thor at Ragnarok - could Yamino be Jormungand in human form? It seems unlikely. There's never anything I've found in mythology to show Loki's kids give a damn about him, or he about them, but, well, it's obvious that they're having fun taking liberties . . .

Other random wanking - Loki's fear of water in episode three seems out of place since, while Loki's typically identified with fire, he's less the god of it and it's more something symbolic of him. Besides which, he can turn himself into a fish, and invented the first fishing nets. Being afraid of water seems un-Loki-ish. Snakes, on the other hand . . .

Not sure what to make of Freya and her love of Loki. Seems odd, but, I guess, there's no reason for her -not- to be in love with him. He's handsome and funny, even if he had what the Norse would have considered revolting sexual habits.

The entire thing with the necklace of Brisings was interesting. The most complete version of the myth related to the necklace is, of course, that Freya saw it and was seized with longing for it, to the extent she was willing ot make love to the four dwarves who had it in order to possess it's necklace. But there's another version, that I can't find completed, and may just be some long-lost reference to a story that no longer exists, about Loki and Heimdall battling for possession of it.

Thor/Narugami actually seems to be brighter than his mythological counter part. He still seems to aadore food in massive quantities, though. I like him. And, while, he's not as dumb as some Thors, he's still a freak, and I'm still disappointed that he doesn't have red hair.

Heimdall himself . . . I don't know. Obviously they needed a villain, but he seems a weird choice. Yes, he's the watchman of the gods, yes, he's going to kill Loki at Ragnarok, but . . . It's -Heimdall-. He just doesn't seem like the assassin type. This is the god who's considered to be father of the different classes of people (serfs, peasants, nobility) after all. But, well, we'll see where they go with it. They may be able to pull it off. Just have to wait and see, I suppose.

6/2/2003 12:54:42 AM
Two things of importance.

The first - congratulations to my friends/associates/people I beat who have grauated: Meimi, Katy, and, yes, you too, Jinxer. May you enjoy no longer being in high school.

The second - Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps has been updated, because I'm just so damn, uh . . . something. The third episode is up. Go team.