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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/26/2003 11:53:44 PM
Still not dead. Finished Suikoden yesterday afternoon. More later. Review for Logic and Chaos, uh, soon. Maybe.

Having weird ideas thanks to lack of sleep and my cold.

Have to do my taxes tomorrow and Matt and Shelly want me to leave my room so Matt can pimp me more games and we can watch anime. I'm bringing FLCL. Go me.

Added a link proper to the oh-so-classy-and-beautiful (heh) Mythical Detective Loki Screencap Recaps (it flows from the tongue like . . . something flowy). Still waiting for the subs of choice to come out so I can do the next episode (you'd be amazed at how long it takes, really). If they take much longer (people, we don't need more groups subbing DNAngel, fans everywhere seem to have agreed it's pretty much on crack they don't want) maybe I'll go with Anime Junkies of Seichi Fansubs. Dunno yet. Lacking any Japanese skills, I can't tell which is actually a better translation.

Need to answer some e-mail (one). Will do that in the morning before church.

I'll leave you with this: Mute doesn't wear any underpants.

Thank you, and good night.

4/24/2003 11:26:58 PM
Not dead. Have The Merlin Conspiracy. Broody a bit, though. Dunno why. Just brood. Feels weird to not have school to go to.

Also, pretty much exponentially reduces my human contact.

I'll adjust.

Still sick.

Princess Tutu's on crack. I still like Loki better though. 'cause, mmm, Loki. Fscking with mythology in a way to produce massive amusement in yours truly.

Meia (yes, I'm too lazy to go and bloody well do the html and linkage and crap), your spamfic produced great amusement, and I would have commented but, uh, I sound like a babbling idiot when I'm sick. Still, hee, spamfic. With flowers. Mwaha.

Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam SPAM.

. . . I'll go sleep now.

4/23/2003 11:18:03 AM
Finished going over all the stuff we've done since the last midterm. Panic rises. Ugh. I'm going over fscking cellular respiration and photosynthesis again because I hate them, and the odds of not being asked ot detail one of them are slim to none.

The person who can actually understand what's going on in either of them is far stronger than I am. Sigh.

4/23/2003 08:28:15 AM
I'm glad someone agrees with me ^_^ Also, always glad to inflict death on others. It's one of my great joys in life.


Still feel horribly sick, but it's slowly fading. I can swallow without feeling pain! Yippy!

Playing Suikoden over breakfast - lots of fun, especially since I now found that goddamn opal in the bloody prison and got that useless vain bitch to join.

. . . Not that I'm bitter, or anything.

But man, they love heaping on the angst, don't they? Poor McDohl. He needs a hug.

4/23/2003 06:00:21 AM
Feel like shit, have a cold or some damn thing, and an exam to write this afternoon. Ughhh.

4/22/2003 11:47:08 AM
There are people here and they make -noise-. Gah. I'm going to go walk the dog, hopefully they'll be gone when I get back, and I can study the ever-fascinating immune system. Yawn.

Still don't have the damn opal ring for that bitch in Suikoden I.

4/22/2003 09:43:32 AM
I think being able to download and watch episode three of Loki is either the world's way of saying "Here! Have something that doesn't suck!" or "We want your brain to be thinking about something that isn't photosynthesis for the rest of the day, aha! Evil laughter to follow."

Heimdall is so . . . so . . . wrongly attractive and evil. Loki is still hot cute and the eternal charmer.

He's a total dork with his wooden scythe of woodiness as a weapon, though, especially summoning it.

I still want the wolf pack productions subs before I do screencaps for the page - like Seichi better than Anime Junkies, but I have my doubts as to the validity of their translations when they translate the lyrics so strangely that it makes nothing resembling grammatical sense.

Still - out fast. Points.

Can't take screencaps anyway until after Wednesday afternoon, and I have Adobe set up on Waya.

4/21/2003 11:36:19 PM
Dammit, just drop the god damn ring already so I can recruit that useless bitch whore in the top of the inn in Antei.

This is worse than looking for the screw for Belle in Suikoden III because, at least then, I -knew- the things dropped the damned screws because I'd had one at some point, and because Belle was a -useful- character who could kill things and came with a demented barrel of death.

Honestly. ~mutters~

4/21/2003 12:17:28 PM
I still hate photosynthesis.

4/20/2003 02:57:33 PM
Slogged through chapter five of biology: The Working Cell. Very boring, all micro stuff. Next chapter's worse, though. "How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy". Awful hell process known as cell respiration will be therein. I hate fscking cell respiration.

Going to take a breather so I don't try to kill anyone while going over it. Bloody cell respiration.

Also, unrelated note: Will need to reinstall some form of Adobe so I can do the screencaps for episode two of Loki. Remembered that not all versions of Thor are idiots. Diana Wynne Jones did a quite nice Thor in Eight Days of Luke.

4/20/2003 01:46:38 PM
I'll be a happier person if I can find MP3s of the Loki opening and ending. 'cause dammit, good stuff.

. . . Right, going to study biology now. Until my girl's on the radio, anyway. ^_^

4/20/2003 09:25:06 AM
Well, now I know why everyone was so upset over this week's Buffy. It hurts so . . .