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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/18/2003 08:47:20 PM
Oh Loki, even though your very existence would make my ancestors roll in their graves (if they hadn't turned to dust and dirt hundreds of years ago) I still love you.

And, no matter what his incarnation, Thor is universally Dumb. Cute, but Dumb.

4/18/2003 07:40:15 PM
Just after seven thirty, and I have reread every damn chapter that'll be covered on tomorrow's test. I payed particular attention to nuclear physics, as we have not been tested on it previously, although it is hardly the most complex subject.

A little nervous, because unlike organic chemistry, I can write this exam and pass, but I can also write it and fail if I loose my head.

I'm going to relax for a bit with episode two of Loki, then reread the summaries to make sure -something- sticks in my head. I'm focussing on the theoretical, because I did balls on the multiple choice in the last exam. Matt did better than me, and that is Not Normal. Ah, well.

4/18/2003 04:14:42 PM
Everyone, meet Waya. Waya's my new computer, a COMPAQ CPU with a lovely super fast processor and much disc space.

Waya is able to play anime without lag. This is Very Good Indeed.

Unfortunately, Waya's video card is not compatible with the tv tuner. Which means I'll have to leave my room in order to watch Buffy. Shocking. Also there'll need to be some futzing done to get scanner-kun and Neville working. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly tomorrow.

4/18/2003 09:39:52 AM
My Fiora's upset which means I'm upset. Some asshole reported her site for copywrite violation, which it's not, fair use and parody and all that, and she's got all sorts of things coming up shortly promoting it, and no where to direct them to. Plus, I won't be seeing her until Sunday. Gloom and doom on the menu today. My poor girl.

Bright side - still planning on mucking with the new computer today, hopefully won't disrupt my studying if I can get Dad to take care of most everything upstairs . . . We'll see hwo things go. I need the video card and tv tuner to be functioning until Buffy ends.


4/17/2003 09:25:44 PM
Meimi, I admit it, I just wanted to see Angel and Connor singing together. It sounded so funny. ^_^


Still staring plaintively at the bittorrent list. Wolf Pack Productions continues to try and make me miserable with the whole not releasing episode two of Loki. Sigh. Want want want want . . .


Link of the whatever - Absurd Concept. Unremarkable, you say? I say - HAH!

Hyel's page features Vorkosigan, manga-style fanart. I admit I don't think it's one of those things I'd go hunting for (I found the link because it was the number one in a search that also hit Fuuma's Shoes and Logic and Chaos) but it's really very nice, and cool, and there's Bel. Some of it's quite well drawn. Her other stuff is good too (some nice Boy Meets Boy fanart). And did I mention the bit where there's Bel? 'cause, yum, Bel.

Hoping to set up the new computer tomorrow. Planning for a weekend of boredom. So I really especially hope Loki comes out, and I can futz with the Screencap Recap page.

4/17/2003 07:53:15 AM
Woke up this morning to find my mailbox not full of hate mail telling me to die.

This may seem perfectly normal to you, but every morning, when I wake up, I find it rather surprising.

It would help in knowning where I stand, though.

Test shortly.

This week's Angel sounds really cool. So, naturally, even though I'm done my biology lectures, I won't be able to see because I agreed to go do the sound for the choir's bloody rehearsal. Gaaaaaah.

Better now. Time to bolt tea and run.

4/16/2003 11:48:33 PM
My mouth has stopped hurting, so I actually was able to eat some food at little while ago.

Have a test in about nine hours - English. Excuse my laughter, but, really. Physics review after that, with cake. w00t, et all.

Mood is still doing wonky things, but random insanity with Dice and Jenn have helped. Everything in life is put in perspective when you can write songs about chicken lumps.

Chicken lumps are good to eat
They do not have smelly feet
Or uncomfortable inner parts.
Just sweet bits of air filled meat!

Thank you and good night.

4/16/2003 04:46:05 PM
Jinxer has The Merlin Conspiracy. I think I'm going to kill her.

4/16/2003 04:17:51 PM
My mouth hurts like a bitch, although Dental Hygienist Cliff (that sounds like Loyal Minion Tim) was a lot more gentle than the dental hygienists I've had in the past. it's mainly the flossing that gets to be. Last couple years, I swear, they're trying to see if they can cut up to my nose or something with the floss. There's usually a lot of blood, and it's all very painful. No blood this time. If there was blood, it wasn't really noticeable, which is good enough for me.

Have a cavity, though. Buggerit, I haven't had a cavity since I was six years old. I can't remember much about getting the filling, but I do remember I didn't like it. Also talk of getting my wisdom teeth pulled because there isn't room for the three of them to come in and, apparently, one already looks like it's trying to jam itself into the nearest molar. Goody.

4/16/2003 01:40:29 PM
This is a lesson to never, ever make statements here about feeling non-suicidal. Something always comes around within the next twenty-four hours to dash it and make me feel like throwing up.

Fuck humanity. Somedays, I'm just sick of goddamn hypocrites who preach about looking beyond the realm of society and crap, and about everyone being special and good and worthy of love and good shit in life, but the minute you confront them with someone who doesn't believe that, or who isn't happy and optimistic, they can't get away from you fast enough.

I'd apologize for being a miserable misanthrope, I'd apologize for having a streak of self-loathing wider than the country, I'd apologize for being pessimistic and wanting to die on a weekly basis, but you know what? I don't fucking need to apologize to a bunch of stupid idealistic twits who really, deep down, don't want to help anyone if it endangers their own precious, self-contained little bubble of optimism.

Fuck you, world.

Rant off.

I have to go to the dentist. Blegh.

4/16/2003 11:26:13 AM
My Fiora's going to be interviewed on some online radio station on Sunday. I'm tremendously proud of her, even if it is just for dressing up marshmellow peeps as Lord of the Rings characters. ^_^

4/15/2003 01:37:48 PM
Have been feeling okay, despite exams. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I've been writing a bit more often, maybe it's because people have been reading what I've written, and liked it, and told me so in many ways. Maybe it's because I've been keeping busy, or maybe it's because I've been avoiding contact (or they've been avoiding me, I don't care, because I don't need them) with people who make me feel bad. Maybe I just happen to be in a fairly good chemically balanced place at the moment.

Or it may have something to do with the box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer downstairs.

Despite my good mood, it needs to be made clear that I still hate all of humanity and want to crush you all into a bloody pulp. It's nothing personal, though. ^_^

4/14/2003 11:29:36 AM
Toriyama's World has gotten on to volume eighteen of Hikaru no Go, which means I'm a happy, happy fangirl. 'cause mmmmmmmmm, Waya's back.

Highlight for minimal spoilers.

Hikaru with a fan is cute cute cute. Hikaru and Akira fighting like an old married couple is also cute. Now I can see slashing them, maybe. But still.

The Junior Tournament could be an interesting developement (and a chance to see more Waya, whee!). But there's hints of things getting less than friendly between our young pros. Waya seems abruptly very reluctant to tell Hikaru about the tournament. I'm rather disappointed by this turn of events for Waya because he's usually all for the go-love and having his friends around, even if it means a bit more competition for himself. Hopefully, that'll get cleared up. It saddens me, a bit.


I made an appointment with Doctor Cantin for three this afternoon, so no one's allowed to beat me tonight. ^_^

4/13/2003 11:36:05 PM
Meimi, see, I miss all this stuff because, on the Canadian telly, both Buffy and Angel are shown on networks that don't do the "Next week, on Blankity Blank" thing for those shows, for reasons that are beyond me. So I never get to see the cruel cruel teasers. I feel almost left out :P

And thank you, now I'm scared to download the next episode of DNAngel. I wasn't planning on it until the end of the week, when someone who isn't AnimeJunkies (I don't like their subs, they run badly on Keiichi) has released it but now . . . man, I majorly ph33r.

The evil AnimeJunkies have also released the next episode of Loki. Which I'm keeping myself from downloading. I like WolfPackProducts. Their sub of episode one was good and actually ran on Keiichi. I think I'll stick with them and wait patiently for the next episode. Impatiently, though. I really do like it. I watched it again on Saturday, and was talking to Dice at the same time. As is so often the case, I began describing it to her, and then started taking screencaps . . . And so this was born. I don't know if I'll do it for the next episode or not, but it was kind of fun, once I got into the rhthym of it and all. Silly and pointless, but sometmies you need stuff like that.

Still mulling over the reviews I need to do for Logic and Chaos. Hoom.

In real!news:

Dad came home from Toronto today. He's not dead, which is good. He did not bring back presents. This is bad. :P

Guthrie leaves for his bandtrip tomorrow morning at six, and Mum's going with him. It's a trade off. Real food in favour of peace for studying. Sacrifices have to be made, and sadly, they involve minimal blood.

I have to remember to call Dr. Cantin tomorrow and schedule an appointment, because I don't like being without my asthma meds. Maybe just the air, but my throat was scratchy as hell this morning. On the bright side, I don't think the ulcer's come back. Yay!

If tomorrow night I haven't studied physics or biology, or called the doctor, please, hit me.

Of course, the most important new of the day is that I got promoted to Captain. Whee. ^_^

And there ends Ingrid's Insanity.

4/13/2003 10:03:27 AM
Meimi, the latest Angel bloggage makes me feel incredibly dirty. Maybe drunk fanfic writers have somehow gotten access to the writers? The only explanation I can think of for a pairing that whacked out.

4/13/2003 09:45:38 AM
I begin to suspect my mum and I are rather sick individuals.

Ingrid: What, I'm not allowed to eat any more?

Mum: No, you've been cut off.

Ingrid: Oh.

Mum: But I suppose, since you have it already, I'll let it pass.

Ingrid: I could throw it up afterwards, if you like.

Mum: No, I don't want you becoming bulemic.

Or not.