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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/11/2003 09:18:18 PM
Dear universe,
Please fuck off and die.

I have to make an appointment with the doctor to get my pulmicort again (I'm out and I have to go the entire damn weekend without any, ugh) and the cuts I made during chemistry still haven't healed over. There'll be questions . . .

On the bright side, Mythical Detective Loki is really cool. I like. I want. I angst because there's no way I'll ever get the manga, and even if I do, I can't read Japanese.

Someone hates me.

4/11/2003 03:49:48 PM
The most absolute, unquestionable failure since my calculus final.

I feel bad, but mostly for the people who tried to help me out. I'm sorry that, despite your help (Stephen, RealLifeStephen, and professor) I still couldn't grasp even the simplest things.

I would like to do some kind of ritualistic killing of my text book, but that would be a waste, since I'll need it in the fall.

Rather envy people who can go and get pissed and forget their problems. Consumption of alcohol would not do me any good under the circumstances - my stomach hates me enough as is. A bit worried about the ulcer cropping up again. Sigh.

Gonig to forget my problems in a wander with Wapi, and I dunno, screw around for the rest of the night. Write, or draw, or something. I downloaed the first episode of Loki after hearing Meia's good words on it. Looking forward to that.

4/10/2003 10:44:56 PM
Thanks go to Stephen, for keeping me from having a nervous breakdown, and for letting me yell obscenities at him. It helped a lot.

Going to sleep now. I have a final tomorrow, I probably won't do well in it, but it's not the end of the world.

Note: that doesn't mean I think things in my life will work out for the better. I'm still incredibly pessimistic about my future, and know I have no hopes of achieving anything I want. But that's okay. I sleep, and it'll be nice.

4/10/2003 12:18:12 PM
I wonder how the good director of human resources will react to getting a letter mailed in an envelope with the city of Prince Albert's coat of arms on it. Heh.

Anyway, time for physics. Whee! It's Wackiness Time!

4/9/2003 10:46:20 PM
So, the Worms were wonderful as always (note: Hate new art centre still) and it was rather nice to attend a concert where my mum's the biggest Worm freak in the place. We're talking about an audience who didn't even know when to yell during "Jesus Brother Bob". Mostly old people there, who had season tickets.

They sang the usual stuff. "We Are the Beaver", "Rocks and Trees", "Log In to You", "I am Cow", "Last Saskatchewan Pirate", "Gaelic Song", "Carrot Juice is Murder", "Celine Dion", "I Ran Away", "Trichinosis", "Baby Poo", "Rippy the Gator", "A Man Has Needs", "Mounted Animal Nature Trail", and the unreleased (currently) "The Hot Dog Song" and "The Wolf Island Ferry". The last two are infamous for having lines like "So have a hot dog on me, it's the particle board of meat" and "The fairies fly to Wolf Island and the sprinkle fairy dust over it, which is really a lot like battery acid, and it burns and then you die".

The running joke of the night was "keel" after Chris mentioned a band called Keel in his great rock bands of the 1980s.

Mike's improv song was about a furry catamount (last year it was a fuzzy roll of duct tape), and, if that's not enough, when they started singing (in loud, scary voices) lyrics from children's songs, I believe I heard something along the lines of "Banana telephone call to Satan".

It was a great concert, the Worms always seem to be having a great time on stage, Mike spit on some people (really, you could see it) and, when a girl got up to leave (for the bathroom, presumably) he stomped after her until he walked into the curtains. That's what happens when you sit in the front row at a Worms' concert.

I picked up their new album, Semi-Conducted, with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and will be listening to it shortly, and a copy of Christmas Turkey for my girl. I realize now I should have asked earlier if anyone wanted/needed some albums for their collection. At concerts, cds go for fifteen dollars a pop. Bah. Next time, I'll remember.

4/9/2003 02:13:26 PM
Now, I may be picky, but if I see an example in my text book for the reduction of a nitro group to a primary amino group, I'd like to see how it balances out.

I don't see how an arene with O2N and CO2H (I'm still balls at naming things, shuttup) plus 3H2 can possibly result in an arene with H2N and CO2H bonded to it, and 3H2O, when there's only four oxygen molecules in the products, and five oxygen molecules in the reactants. Fucking mechanisms.

4/8/2003 02:24:13 PM
Eight chapters down, five to go (I think? Ugh). I've made twenty-four post it notes, covered with things that I'll never be able to remember. Functional groups, reactions, definitions (for those things I can never keep straight, like stereoisomers) and . . . ow. This is a lot of work for a test I'm going to fail anyway. Going to walk dog now. Need air.

4/8/2003 01:46:58 AM
Jinxer wants to write a book about me. "Birth of a Fiend: Dictator Atkinson".

"'Oh, I always knew she was evil! Right from the start! It was her death threats that used to tip me off.'
--Jinxer, on D. Atkinson"

"'We lived in unholy terror of her wrath. There was this one time when she locked me up in a dungeon and made me scanlate Hikaru no Go all day. I've been seeing a psychiatrist ever since she ran out of space elsewhere and I got him as a roommate.'
--Ookla the Mok, Toriyama World Editor

My laught out loud moment of the day. The first since Sunday afternoon, when I talked to Matt, and he talked of playing Lords of the Realm and loading people into catapults, and firing them, and singing "It's Raining Men" while doing so.

4/6/2003 09:57:58 PM
Dad's going to Toronto on Wednesday, and I am, of course, irrationally worried.

Sigh . . .