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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/5/2003 10:55:12 PM
I finished Suikoden III, and now I have more questions than I started with.

Also, Sasarai has "existential angst". I laugh. A lot.

4/3/2003 11:42:49 PM
Meia's reading the Nightrunner books (which, some may know, I read late last year, and reviewed with minor snark on Logic and Chaos) and all I can say, is that she's pretty much right.

And also reminds me that I need to read The Amber Spyglass. Sooner or later. I need to read a lot of stuff . . .

Still slogging through The Bone Doll's Twin which is, oddly enough, by the same person who wrote the Nightrunner books (I'm too tired to try and spell her name). It's frustrating, because it's got a damn cool concept behind it, but it's poorly handled, she tries to juggle too many points of view (some of people who are utter prats), and I know what's going to happen far too well. Also, it is part of a series, and I know it's going to end on a damn cliffhanger.

I would contend with Ko for title of biggest Keiichi geek, by virtue of having a computer named Keiichi, but this weekend Keiichi will be retiring/merging with a new computer, a Compaq PC with a 1.2 gigahurtz processor and a working burner. We're sure it's going to work now. I'm thinking of naming it Illyan.

I have a 77% in my biology lab, as a final mark. Sigh. It's not as good as I would have wanted it to be, and hopefully my mark proper will be brought up by the final.

Now, I have to work in the morning, and I'm going to hand in my physics assignment, and then go to bed.

Also: Neil Gaiman has a wonderfully sexy voice that breathes additional life into already brilliant words.

4/2/2003 10:09:36 PM
I really need someone to gush over Suikoden III with who isn't Matt or Dice. 'cause Matt's a guy (it's just not the same, sometimes) and Dice hasn't actually played the game. I just kind of gush at her.

We did, however, determine that (spoilers for major plot revealed in chapter five) that since Luc wants to destroy the true rune in his body, and in doing so will potentially destroy God and/or the world, all in order to free himself from the prison that is the world, he's an existentialist. Also, I now really need to play the first two games (it will be arranged), because I have to see Luc when he was not-evil. Dice thinks a paper should be written on video games and post-modern thought.

Also - so very glad I finally managed to get those damn runes off Rody. I'm sorry, but the only people who should be sporting firefly runes need at -least- five-hundred hp. Anything else is just suidical. Also got the wall rune off, and made him forget a couple useless things in favour of getting him S in Sword Magic. After certain developments at the Brass Castle Strategy Battle, though, I'm thinking he won't be the mage I stick in Hugo's party for the end battles. I want someone with Pale Gate Magic, I think. Have a surprising number of Pale Gate Magic runes, though. Four or five. And Matt said he never got one. Bah.

I've finally begun to not dislike Chris. Sure, she isn't as precious as Hugo, and doesn't Own like Geddoe does, but she's become less insuferable since chapter three. Maybe it's just because I see her less, but, I think she's good. Hell, even Borus is less of a prick. Well, okay, he's still a prick, but at least he's feeling massively bad about what he did in chapter one.

I want to make more comments about a lot of the characters, but, I think I should wait until I finish the game.

4/2/2003 03:28:50 PM
It has to be said - with frequent repetition - that Geddoe is the man.

Going to study some for organic chemistry before . . . playing more. I'm bad.

4/1/2003 10:28:25 PM
The template seems to be vaguely considering updating, from time to time. Wow.

4/1/2003 10:14:41 PM
News of the day involves someone being quoted on the front page of the local newspaper, calling my dad "delusional", "paranoid", and "in need of psychiatric help".

I am so getting harassed about this by Ham on Thursday.

4/1/2003 08:33:03 AM
Meimi, I'm a dork. That's all there is to say. ~grins~ Beyond the fact that your car not starting should be an excuse for being late for school. If you lived in Canada, it certainly would be. Well, maybe not, because that would only be in the winter, and if you live in Canada, it's assumed you know enough to plug your car in overnight in the winter . . .

Stupid strict schools. I smite!

Also, I'm sugar high. And kind of sick to my stomach from said sugar. Cancer society pancake breakfast was this morning, and I went with Mum and Dad ('cause I like pancakes). Mum likes supporting these things, and she's doing the Relay for Life, too, at the end of May, with her team from work, the Forest Ecosystem Branch Studs and Peelers (It's some kind of forestry equipment reference, although I'm still not sure what).

Didn't get much sleep thanks to pancake breakfast, and I'm yawning like mad, but I feel okay. Kind of tired, a little mellow. Plans for the day include watching the new Six Feet Under (rawr, Brenda ~hopes~), maybe watching an episode of CLAMP Campus Detectives (with the Duklyon boys), and then I'm thinking about going out book hunting. I'm thinking about picking up a couple Terry Pratchett books for Shelly and Matt as belated birthday gifts, since Shelly loves to stare at the covers of whichever noe I bring during biology (these are the infamous Kirby covers, of course), and Matt frequently browses through them during physics, and reads bits and pieces. It's good to spread the love. Also, still on the hunt for books for bell (the box isn't nearly full enough yet), and am thinking about indulging myself at Tramps by picking up a copy of Neil Gaiman's Stardust graphic novel, if it's still there . . . Expensive, but I got quite a bit of money on Saturday (for the massive amount of typing I did) so, maybe. We'll see.

3/31/2003 06:14:06 PM
I've been asked why I think that birthdays are just another day. Well, not so much asked, as chided for my negative attitude.

To which I can only respond a) fuck you and b) would you like a run down of my memories of recent birthdays?

Matt and Shelly got me a stuffed sheep. It's huggable. Hug.

3/31/2003 06:41:02 AM
A double comic is more than I could have asked for as a birthday present. I'm good for the day (for me).

If I ever develop a sex drive and find someone I actually want to have sex with, and the hormonal urges are returned, I hope I can be as incredibly cool as Collin.

3/30/2003 10:05:36 AM
Meimi, so we can conclude that Giles better damn well be evil, because if not the First has sucked his brains out and he's just another dumbass. When he stormed into the old library/principal's office and started ranting about the lack of books, though, that was good. I think that's the only time we've seen the good old Giles.

Spike was Superb and Special though. Normally I hate flashback episodes for the vampires, because everyone either has crappy accents or it's so unbelievable . . . But this was good, and sick, and twisted, and evil and horrible, and Sigmund Freud would have a field day with the cast.

Also, any and all Andrew = Good.

And I do intend to read all the new Bound, I just never seem to think of it when I have -time-. Maybe tomorrow (more likely Tuesday, no classes at all then). I am looking forward to it, though. Mmmmmmm. Treats. ^_^

In other news - if you want to wake me up in the morning, take a hint from my mother: "Ingrid, I made banana pancakes."

3/30/2003 12:04:37 AM
On Buffy . . . it's not as much fun if you dont' have someone to bounce it off on.

I will say this much, though: Spike is Special, Giles is Evil. I think. Maybe? Probably? I think so, yes.