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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


3/28/2003 08:41:18 PM
Oh, my word, I am so glad to turn on the tuner to CBC and see Ron James instead of Peter Mansbridge. If it had been Mansbridge, I would have killed. I need my Made in Canada fix.

3/28/2003 12:50:24 PM
I would really like to be able to have a conversation with my parents that doesn't begin, or end, with "This is confidential, you can't talk about this to anyone." Because, really. Especially when I'm going to be going to a class, shortly, where the teacher is well aware of what my parents -do-. Make my life more difficult, please, parents dear.

Also, I found my towel, and Mum harassed the Residence Office people in a very Polite manner. And my girl isn't dead. I'm not going to say, however, that things are looking up. But I have stopped crying.

Doesnt' mean I don't still want to go and find those residence office pricks and do horrible things to them, though.

3/28/2003 11:57:32 AM
Dear Residence Office,
Please take a large, sharp, barbed, red-hot metal spike and shove it up your goddamn fucking collective asses. I hope you and all you love get run over or killed in freak lightning storms. I hope gophers eat your babies and I hope your parents are killed by inexperienced nurses. I hope you burn to death in a horrible fire and I hope there's nothing left of your stupid office but ashes. I hope they can't identify your bodies because your remains will be nothing but ash. When I take over the world, I am going to hunt you all down and kill you with a blunt probe that smells vaguely of formaldehyde, fetal pigs, and fish. If it's ever within my power, I will make your lives a horrible, painful, excruciating living hell.

If I fail my exam in any way because I was too busy having my life fucked up on the telephone with you, or because I had to take medication afterwards to control my breathing and I can't control the scalple in the dissection part of the lab, I will kill you.

I hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you. I hope you all get fucking SARS you incompetent bastards.


3/28/2003 08:35:52 AM
Stephen prooves me wrong on SARS. It's good that he knows what's going on, though.

I hadn't heard about any in Saskatchewan . . . Shit.

3/28/2003 08:33:25 AM
It would figure I'd get my sleep not only disrupted by Guthrie and his craptaculat music, played at an intolerable decibell level, but I'd also be woken up, repeatedly, by the telephone, and some damnable political scandle.

3/28/2003 12:17:16 AM
Ham gave a . . . very interesting lecture today. And, in between the bits where I was reminded of my mother's dinner time rants after a particularly difficult day at work (usually followed by things like "Don't talk about this to anyone, remember, it's confidential" - yes, my mum had to take an oath of confidentiality), I thought. A lot. Ham presents some interesting and very harsh facts about the world that people would normally rather not think about.

I'm not sure what to think about it. I recycle and usually keep lights off in rooms unless I'm working late at night. I walk almost everywhere, because I can't drive, but I'm not allowed to walk in certain places after a certain hour due to my parents (probably justifiable) paranoia. I'm no bleeding heart liberal, though, and I'm an addict to technology, although not to the extent that I need The Newest, the Fastest, the Most Useless Piece of Crap Ever Made by Anyone Anywhere.

Still, it makes you think . . .


Coverage on SARS was thankfully more prominant on the news today than on the war. I'm not sure I agree with the people, whoever they are, that say it's worse than ebolla, because not even fifty people have died yet, and if people know what they're handling . . . Unless I'm thinking of something else, ebolla is that awful thing that was contained in Africa, that had the doctors getting sick because of blood and sweat and waste . . . Stephen will probably correct me on this (sorry, man. ^^;).

I think it's a little extreme for people to be wearing surgical masks around Toronto, though.

And there was a case found in Winnipeg today, I believe. I'll try not to worry about it - what happens, happens.


Class was okay. I read during English, as always, and Matt and I had our usual conversation-on-paper, which involved a length discussion on the character designs in Suikoden III, the Wrongness of Cowboys, threats of PS2 removal and yaoi incest, not evil and hot evil Luc which Matt brought upon himself, "Tale of the Leg-Snatchers", the worshipping of a piece of beef on my pizza and whether the worship would follow it through the digestive system, the war, techno music mix, and, of course, "Kick the Lim Lim".

It would be an okay day, but I haven't seen her since yesterday morning, and I'm worried that something bad's happened, because I haven't got an e-mail, and I hope it's just some problem with the internet, and I don't like thinking that something bad's happened to her, because I don't know what I'd do without her, and I know I'll write a horrible exam (my biology lab final is tomorrow afternoon) and do horrible work on Saturday if I don't hear from her soon. I hate knowing that one person can affect my moods so drastically - it's awful, and it's needy, and it's weak, and there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm trying not to think about it.

It's really hard.

If something horrible has happened, only a few days before my birthday (selfish, yet), when I haven't been able to see her that much because of numerous difficulties and conflicts of schedules, I don't know what I'd do.

I don't even know if I'd know.

That's what's the worst thing about it. Something awful could have happened, but it's very probably that if it has, I'll never know.

I think I just have to go and try to sleep right now.

3/27/2003 06:36:37 PM
Guthrie ate most of the butter tarts. This will lead to his demise and an early grave. If that's not bad enough, it's been ages since I had a butter tart, because the last time mum made a batch, just before Christmas, I sent mine to a certain friend (who is, once again, conspicuous only by her continued absence, sigh).

Stupid Guthrie.

Also, I do not know where my towel is.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to biology where I shouldn't suffer particularly because it's biology, and Ham's lecturing. Whew.

3/25/2003 11:55:54 PM
Organic chemistry did not lead to self-mutilation -or- tears tonight. I'm quite proud. Thanks go mainly to Dice, who said many things that made sense, and also to Stephen and Jinxer, just for being themselves.

My head's feeling better (it was feeling very odd during the lecture, and everything and everyone seem far too loud) but I think I'm going to lie down. Not tired, not in the mood for killing of pixels, so I'm going to read. I find myself wanting more Sam Vimes - the best Not Nice person in existence.

In fact, I'm feeling all over okay and remarkably stable for me, despite the looming threat of finals in the not-so-distant future. Maybe it's because Dice got me a minion, or maybe it's because of the talk we had, or maybe it's just a proper balance of certain chemicals, but I'm feeling quite all right. Maybe I'll even feel up to talking to people I've been avoiding because of my own stupidity . . .

But do we really want to bring about the Armageddon before I'm even old enough to get drunk in honour of it?

3/25/2003 02:22:04 PM
Note: I still hate blogger.

On Six Feet Under (spoilers for the third season)

It started off good. Anything that starts off with references to quantum physics is good by me. Unfortunately, it's gone more surreal than usual. I really don't like Lisa. The only thing of good she brought to the show was Catherine O'Hara as her freaky insane boss, and now that she's quit, that's gone too. She's quite freaky, and it seems like Nate's gone and married an extreme and female version of his brother (who has also been rather dull since he came out of the closet). Hopefully, they'll break up with some horrible fight, because she's just so damn weird and boring. I didn't like Brenda much as a character when she started getting into her mega-slut period in season two, but at least she was interesting. Unless Alan Ball is jerking us around though, it looks like she may come back next episode. Whee.

Nate's continuing to be cool. An improvement over last season, I think, as he seems to be scared about turning into his father now that he's "married the girl he knocked up" because he thinks it's the right thing to do. He's definitely getting weirder and more miserable, to make up for the fact that other people aren't.

Ruth is surprisingly up this season, especially with the freaky Bettina as her new companion. Remember, shoplifting is okay if you're a middle-aged woman. I'm impressed, for the moment, with how she's being handled.

Claire is currently the high point of this season for me. I was a bit worried when she started dating Crematorium Guy, but she sensibly dumped him very quickly, like she didn't do with Gabe. Now hopefully she'll get into something not-miserable with Russle, who obviously likes her and is fucked up in a good way. It doesn't seem likely, though, what with Creepy Pedophile Artist teaching them. He obviously has some Pervy Interests in Claire and will probably keep her and Russle from getting together.

And yes, David's basic plot revolving around the fact that he and Keith aren't in a happy lovey dovey relationship -is- dull.

Oh, yes. Fredrico? Get your head out of your ass, please.

Onto Suikoden III. Spoilers for chapter four (Hugo).

So, it took a surprisingly short time to complete after I'd finished running around the Flame Champion's Hideaway earning money to upgrade -everyone's- weapons to level fifteen and boosting peoples stats. Didn't get through with everyone, but got a good ways. Hugo's been maxed out in the stats department for a while. I wandered around Cyndar Ruins and got hopelessly lost before realizing I couldn't find Luc and co. and going back Homeland sot he plot could advance. It went much faster then, and I whupped Sarah's ass. I was kind of disappointed that I didn't have to fight Luc though. I was saving up some wicked spells to kill him with, and go totally savage on Yuber's pathetic ass. If I'd known I wouldn't have been meeting up with them, Edge probably wouldn't have died in both major battles (my party was Hugo mounted on Fubar, Edge, Sgt. Joe, Juan (Bujutsu master of Budehuc/Toran castle kicks some major ass when he ISN'T ASLEEP), and Aila, because she has Shield -and- Mother Earth runes).

But dude, wtf was up with the ending? Yes, we knew that Jimba had the True Water Rune, and we knew he used to be called Wyatt, and so yes, I guess it kind of follows that he's Chris' dad. But she just walks into the rune (I assume that's what it was) it disintigrates, and she comes out and calls Jimba "Father". What the hell happened in there to explain that?

Also, it shows that Chris is trully cast in iron, because, man, she didn't get teary or bitchslap Jimba or anything. I would have bitchslapped him for being such a mysterious asshole.I can only assume it makes more sense if you play with Chris as your Flame Champion . . . I'll ask Matt. Since he picked Chris as his Flame Champion by accident. ^_^

One chapter left, and I still have ten stars to find? Damn, they better come automatically with the plot, that's all I can say.

3/25/2003 11:38:37 AM

I hate you.


3/25/2003 01:34:35 AM
Completed chapter four. I'd babble, but I'm tired, and one of my fingers is infected, I think. It makes it very hard to type if you're a touch-typist like me who uses all fingers. Ow.

3/24/2003 08:34:49 AM
Dear God, that Final Fantasy X-2 video is . . . disturbing, even having never played Final Fantasy X. 'cause, man, wasn't Yuna a priestess, or something?

Obviously, I have to tell Matt about this, either before or after I bitch about Rody having two unremovable and useless runes (Firefly and Wall) when he has so much magic power. Gaaaaaaah. If possible, also show him.

Meimi, I for one promise that I will not pick up this latest monstrosity from Watase Yuu, although, being where I am, it wouldn't actually be possible to . . . But if I were somewhere where I could, I wouldn't. :P I do admit that I can't wait to hear about it, preferably accompanied by screams of pain and agony. ^_^

"I'm just wondering how to get my pants off the ceiling fan."

~checks~ Yup, still better than Collin.

3/23/2003 09:25:28 AM
I had a hellish night. Let's leave it at that and look at happy things.

For example: I'm better than Collin - I would never confuse the urge to have sex with the urge to take over the world. Mostly because I never want to have sex, and I always want to take over the world, but that's irrelevant.

I have a place to live next year. I'll be happy when I can say next year to actually refer to the new year, not to the next year of school. It's a student apartment, single bedroom, 490$ a month. . . I have to send of a payment Monday morning. Going to ask Matt if he still wants to use it as a place to stash some excess gaming stuff, and to crash when his girlfriend's parents are in town. We have a pull out couch I can bring to Saskatoon that could be made use of.

Other good news . . . uh . . . still on chapter four of Suikoden III. I have Hugo up to level fifty-six. That boy ownz. I need to ask Matt (highlight for spoiler) if, after you pick your flame champion, that means that you can't put the two characters you didn't pick into a regular party. 'cause I can't put Chris or Geddoe into my party, but I can use them for acting, and sharpen their weapons, and upgrade their armour and stuff. I wish I could, because Geddoe's lightning magic is awesome and all powerful, and I actually like it better than Hugo's fire magic, which is almost impossible to use without setting fire to the rest of the party.

Bad news: Buffy wasn't on last night. I don't care if it woudl have been a repeat. I wanted to see Buffy. I hate you, ytv. Also, I have to leave for about four hours of organic chemistry lecturing in half an hour. Ugh. No fun for Ingrd.