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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


3/15/2003 12:45:14 AM
Dear Ichigo, you rock my world, but I'd like you better if Toriyama's World would put our chapters faster. Not as much as I'd wish they'd put out new Hikaru no Go chapters though. 'cause you know we're all just waiting for the chapter featuring our favourite purple-socked prostitute.

I wrote a biology lab test today. One of my answers was "The pectoral girdle, and that other girdle that I can't remember the name of now, dammit, but it's in the general area of the hips, I think, buggerit."

3/14/2003 12:21:22 AM
Not feeling so hot. My stomach better just be whining because I'm tired and I haven't been feeding it well. If it's the flu or the trouble from before, I'm going to kill someone.

3/11/2003 10:40:29 PM
Note to self: Stop swearing at people. They do not like it.

Note to self part two: Kill everyone, starting with chemists. Or optimists. Probably optimists.

3/11/2003 09:14:18 AM
DFasdfsfsa . . .. Dammit, Meimi, that's gorgeous. Both layout and the scans. Dammit, I love that art. So niiiice . . .

~stares blearily at the wall~ Morning world.

3/11/2003 01:19:52 AM
Oi, Ko managed to double my hits again today. My word . . .

And what do these good and strange visitors find? Me gurgling incoherently about Waya. Or Keiichi and lime jello. Whee.

3/11/2003 01:17:51 AM
Fine, you can never have too much Keiichi, for he is like jello, and I just wanted to make excessive use of the word "gratuitous". Which, of course, leads my brain down the happy lane to Keiichi and excessive amounts of lime jello land, a happy place full of . . . well, I think that's obvious.

And an excerpt from this evening's rambling with Meril, that won't make sense unless you're familiar with Tree-san from Tokyo Babylon or X, the kite eating tree from Peanuts, and the infamous 30m tree of the ongoing injoke.

"If you misbehave, little Jimmy, I'll make you go play outside under the thirty metre tall sakura tree that the young man keeps bringing dead bodies to and is full of the corpses of kites."

Thank you and goodnight.

3/10/2003 09:00:08 AM
bell has been talking about the latest ending. That oh so great, tackitastic one. The discussions that follow are quite amusing.

And mmm, Waya in a techno band. Mrrr. <3

3/10/2003 12:21:49 AM
Mfadsjlkiepisodesixty-fiveIsumiinChinauhhhh . . .

Waya is a marvelous bastard, and I love that scene between him and Hikaru in the park even more after seeing it animated. 'cause, mmm, Waya. Pedophilic adoration of a manga/anime character is better or worse than that of a real person?

Also, Isumi is, if possible, even more gay and slashable in the anime than he was in the manga. Watch that blush, listen to his tone when he first sees Le Pin. Yeah. Hehe . . . ~fizzes softly~

~brushes self off~ Ahem. Done fangirling. No, wait, I lie.

This was shown to me by Meril earlier this evening. The . . . gentleman in the last picture would make an ideal Andreas Venizelos. Better than Riddle, even. Mfasdkljewa .. .

Okay, now I'm done.

3/9/2003 10:05:27 PM
Meimi, you are either a wonderful godlike individual, or really really evil. Or both. You get lots of hugs, though. Lots. Like, measured in gigas hugs. That's lots of hugs.

3/9/2003 04:09:50 PM
Blogger is really pissing me off right now. I can't seem to update the sidebar/template. Fsckit.


My dad got baptized today. Um. Not really interesting to note, except that on the baptism certificate it gives his parents' names as "Rodney and Iris Atkinson". While the Rodney is accurate, my grandma always goes by Alanna, and she hasn't been Anything Atkinson for over sixteen years, I think. I wonder how they handle it on those things if the parents are divorced?

More importantly - my cousin Everett is the cutest baby ever. Got a picture of him today sitting naked among vegetables, with lettuce/cabbage leaves on his head. Words do not describe.


Almost done my essay on "Great Expectations". Go me.

Went to the library to pick up books for it. Er, got one. Woman and the Demon: The Life of a Victorian Myth by Nina Auerbach. Also got The Bone Doll's Twin by Lynn Flewelling, even though I wasn't impressed with her other books. This one was mentioned a couple times on the DWJ list and actually sounded really cool. It's big, though. Looks very dark. Might be fun. We'll see. And 1632 by Eric Flint which I think Meril was gushing about last week. It was next to The Bone Doll's Twin and so I took it as a sign.


Suikoden III: On Hugo's chapter three. Worrying that I may not be able to pick some people up, now. Gr. Spent many hours last night trying to pick up a screw. Succeeded eventually, went to Brass Castle, and whupped Leo and Roland's asses. Go me!

3/9/2003 01:28:54 AM
Root of the eteranl problem of Ingrid: If you can't like yourself, no one else will either. Right now, though, I'm too tired to care. Not physically. Physically I'm just my normal blah. Mentally, emotionally, eternally tired. I realize that there's no reason for people to like me when I hate myself and think the worst of everyone, as a rule, but I'm also not about to go and start acting in a way that would be dishonest to who I am. Even if that means no one will ever be able to put up with me for very long, and pretty much fucks my chances of ever having a long term friendship with anyone.

So goes the thing that passes for my life.