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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


3/8/2003 05:29:00 PM
Still isn't talking to me. I don't care anymore. Just prooves that people suck. I knew that.

Written a couple paragraphs of my English essay. Yawn. Also completed Geddoe's chapter two. It's plotastic and I'm loving it.

Franz is a doof. On the other hand, Edge looks really fun. I can't wait for someone to put him into their party - I want to see what he and his magic sword can do. Can't put him into Geddoe's party, though, being as breaking up the mercenary's would be a bad idea. I think Matt said you couldn't, anyway. They need someone on support, though.

Next: Hugo's chapter three. I think I'll start that shortly. Feeling . . . down. Killing things helps.

3/8/2003 11:57:58 AM
Suffer, Mike, for I beat your sorry ass in your stupid card game.

Shame that Geddoe's money is now in solid nines (how the hell did that happen?) so I didn't actually profit from the game. Ah well.

I got some kind of hand that gave me five times whatever I bet. And I bet 9000 potch. Booyah. ^_^

3/7/2003 12:37:48 PM
So, the other reason I was up until four was because bell decidd to transfer an episode of anime to me. Get Backers. I watched it over lunch and it's, um, tackilicious. Really tacky, really silly, but it made me smile.

If she sends me more episodes, I'll probably write up a review for Logic and Chaos.

Amano Ginji, the electric eel, reminds me of a badly drawn Segawa Keiichi.

Kawaii. ~grins~

3/7/2003 08:38:30 AM
Gah. ~holds head~ What am I doing up? ~groans~ I don't need to drink. My head feels bad enough when I wake up after a quiet night of gaming. Blaaaaah.

3/7/2003 03:25:31 AM
Gratutitous Keiichi-plushie!.

. . .

Look, when you're a Keiichi fan you take whatever you can get.

It's, uh, almost three thirty. Um. Bed looks nice. But not until this transfer is done (bell, you whore :P). I did make good use of my time, though. Finished Chris' chapter two.

And Mike - I hate you and your stupid card game, may you suffer some kind of eternal torment.

3/7/2003 12:13:40 AM
Dammit, Ko, don't make me wish I watched ice-skating.

Dammit, Meimi, don't make me wish I could watch Angel (it's on during my biology lectures). But, I am glad your spirits have gone up. ^_^

Dammit, bell, for, uh, something, I'm not sure what . . . But you're definitely damnable.


Physics exam was, uh, physicsy. I think I may have passed. Of course, I could have failed. You never know with these things. It was followed, however, by geeking it up with Matt (on Suikoden III, Planescape: Torment, and Xenosaga) and later, the other people who finished the test and came outside. I think Matt and Jason scared Curtis though. Some point after we talked about the gravitational force caused by a cat in space (resulting in discussions on how the cat would get into space, whether it could get into space in one piece, whether it would be dead or not, or imbeded in some kind of asteroid, if it would still be dead then or somehow perserved in the asteroid, if the cat were imbeded in an asteroid if that would keep it from going into many pieces when it entered the atmosphere, and if any of it mattered because by the time you could figure out the gravitational force it exerted on you, it would have already landed on your head).

And yes, Suikoden III is going well. I'm liking Percival a lot, at the moment. Even Chris. Borus I wanted to kick during an Event in Iksay Village, but I'm sure I'll forgive him eventually.

Also, for ninjas, wanting to kill each other is a sign of deep friendship.

3/6/2003 08:06:07 AM
On Bleach, chapter nineteen - Poor Ichigo . . . Thanks for recommending it, bell.

3/6/2003 07:57:11 AM
It's justifiable homicide if I kill my brother when he's blasting bad eighties music out at eight in the morning, right?

In other news - I'm not dreading physics. This is a -bad- sign.

3/5/2003 02:31:04 PM
You know your physics text book was written by a) geeks or b) old men who wanted to make it seem interesting to Young People (tm) when there's a gratuitous reference to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I've never even seen it, but I'd be embarassed to make a reference to it in a text book.

For amusement, Matt, on Suikoden III and combos - "I was kind of disappointed that Hugo never did it with his mom."

3/4/2003 12:54:32 AM
Could blog about stuff, but am tired, and not spending as much time on the computer, because I've been playing Suikoden III with my spare time. I've clocked in over twenty-four hours, completed all the first chapters, including Thomas', and Hugo's second chapter. Going through Chris' now - she's better. She smiles - good for Melville, Alanis, and Elliot.

I've played it enough that I've started dreaming Suikoden III. Not, like, vague apperances from characters or anything - dreaming battles and stuff. My brain is fried.

Coherency may be found. In the morning.

3/2/2003 10:07:53 PM
Five minutes. If I'd just gotten home five minutes early . . . fuck. I want to cry. I'm so stupid for letting stuff like this upset me.