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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


3/1/2003 02:25:11 PM
Caclulus final all over again.

I could really use a hug, but I'm not going to be getting one.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a prior engagement with a console.

2/28/2003 11:47:50 PM
The commercial that's been running for "Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball" is one of the most blatantly honest advertisements I've ever seen.

That's sad.

2/27/2003 11:59:14 PM
Oh - I want to draw a picture of BZ Gundhalinu (from Joan D. Vinge's Snow Queen and World's End) but I can't quite figure out what he looks like. Except for that he might look a bit like Andreas Venizelos, who, in turn, looks a bit like Christian Coulson.

Gaah. Keiichi's easier.

2/27/2003 11:46:44 PM
There's a LAN party at the Alliance Church this weekend.

. . .


~breathes~ Heee . . . I don't think Matt's going. He should be studying so he doesn't fail the physics exam on Thursday. Me too.

Organic chemistry on Saturday afternoon though. Scared . . . Guh. ~swallows~ Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean . . .

In happier news - Ko, your ants are so unspeakably cute! Ants! Heee.

And I found a new role model, to replace Collin Sri'vastra, who, while still wonderful in all things cynical and apathetic, now has a boyfriend. Everyone, meet Matt of MacHall. He's my new idol.

2/26/2003 10:20:25 PM
Thanks to Ko, sixty-two hits today. Still not as big as our Record Day, though, which was seventy-three.

2/26/2003 10:14:05 PM
She's back she's back she's back.

However - she won't be here on Saturday. No post-exam playing giddiness for me. Well, okay, there'll be playing of Suikoden III, but that's all, not the other kind, that's better than any crack man can devise.

She's back though. ~love~

2/26/2003 01:18:46 PM
Dear Murphy,
Please keep yourself and your damn law away from my organic chemistry lab.

Isolated caffeine, added 2-phenol and it didn't crystalize! The fsck?! What is it with me and crystallization? Sigh . . . Going to have to go in to see if it's done the deed on Friday. Ugh.

Going to play some Suikoden to calm myself, then hit the books.

2/26/2003 08:00:23 AM
Ko, I think you linking me on the subjection of Hinoto molestation made my hits spike disturbingly (almost have twenty for just -today- and the average is, like twenty-five) :P Also - we don't need a dreamscape type metaphorical Hinoto masturbation picture. Why should she get all the fun?

I think I need to go back to doing Keiichi-fanart.

Meia scanned in the cover for this month's ASUKA (thankoo!) and, dude, Satoshi should not be allowed to look so sexy when he's so very very young. Also - Daisuke dresses like a dork, but it just adds to his insanely cute charm.

On Suikoden III - started Chris chapter. Glad it didn't end where Hugo's did. I thought it would, and was making disbelieving noises because I hadn't -don- anything yet. But, no, chapter's still not done. I'm not liking Chris nearly as much as Hugo, though. Just done the battling stuff, and I'm not into the army fighting thing at all. I put it on auto. Bleh. I'm worried I missed some kind of subquests when I was in the capital, or Brass Village the first time, but . . . Bleh. It's mostly watch Chris talk to a bunch of people. Major cutscenes. It's the kind of thing to play if you don't actually feel like exerting any brain power. Not nearly so much fun as Hugo. I'm hoping Geddoe's better.

Have to go to my organic chemistry lab shortly. We're extracting caffeine from tea. All that tea, and I won't be able to drink it! The pain!!

2/25/2003 03:50:52 PM
Studied some stuff for organic chemistry (read over the first four chapters, of the eight we'll be tested on), and played Suikoden III. I finished Hugo's chapter one. Go me! I thought that would take longer.

Really fun game, though. But, on the end of Hugo's chapter on I had no idea Lulu was going to get himself stupidly impaled on Lady Chris' sword. If I'd known, I wouldn't have spent 2800 potch on a pair of boots for him, the little bastard. That was . . . surprising. A bit upsetting. Kind of weird. I dunno . . . At least it means Hugo'll probably be kicking some arse in revenge, now. Where'd his mother go, though? And wtf is going on?

Probably going to do Chris' chapter one, when I go back (after the lecture tonight, maybe), because, dammit, I want to know what the hell is going on.

2/25/2003 10:59:03 AM
Got a postal tube from Dice today - contains many many candies. Twenty five. I counted them.

This is going to be my Saturday night: Ingrid, a giant pixy stik, and Suikoden III.

Also, Buffy. But mainly Suikoden III, especially if no one's online Saturday night.

2/25/2003 09:15:24 AM
You bitches, did we really need another colour picture of Hinoto?
This is me daydreaming about stabbing you repeatedly with a blunt and rusty poker.
I miss Keiichi.

2/24/2003 10:52:50 PM
You're on Sourcery. Always thought that one was the best Rincewind book, although he's never been my favourite. I have a soft spot for the Guard books, but they don't start for a while . . . I think the first one, Guards! Guards!, is the eight Discworld book. Hopefully, you'll get there soon . . . What did you think of Mort? And those sketches from the con are super cute. And scary. Like the one with Fuuma and his beloved frog the most. ph33r the phrog.

In Ingrid news . . . Matt's suggested/asked/offered/something to chip in on the rent for an apartment in Saskatoon, so he can crash there when his girlfriend's parents are in town. And store stuff. "Sure Matt, I don't mind you keeping your gamer stuff at my place. MWAHAHA!"

Yeah. ~coughs~

So, I dunno, I think that'd be cool. I've had two plans for sharing places collapse underneath me (one due to parental influence, the other due to . . . I don't know what - but other plans were made, so both are pretty much shot to hell) so I'm not getting my hopes up, but, you know, I'm cool with Matt, and, unlike me, he actually has a real job at the moment, meaning money. So, we'll see where that goes.

In other Matt-related news - I have his PS2! We went by his place so he could pick it up after we finished the physics lab (the blessed thing involved no calculations of any kind, although there were four graphs, ick). It's set up on my bed right now, with the old tandy monitor set up ontop of three text books, so it goes above my headboard. ~grins~ It's great. With PS2 came Suikoden III.

I'm loving Suikoden III - I want to play the other games. I haven't gotten very far - I've started with Hugo, he's so cute. ~grins~ I'm having fun, just exploring and poking at things and trying to get the hang of the system. It's different, after playing so many Bioware RPGs on Keiichi, using a console system. I'm getting the hang of it, though, although one of Matt's joysticks has a tendency to stick, and Hugo'll go wandering off until he hits a wall and keeps bumping into it until I straighten it out.

So Planescape: Torment and Baldur's Gate are on temporary hold, as I focus on passing my organic chemistry midterm (HAH!) and playing Suikoden III. There's also a physics test and an english paper in there somewhere . . . Meh. I got Planescape: Torment to the point where I've finally acquired Annah, though. I'm also carrying around a zombie's liver. Fscking good game.

2/23/2003 04:19:44 PM
I found my physics lab schedule.

Thank God. I was worried for an extended period of time.

It was under a garbage bag.


2/23/2003 01:59:14 PM
I have new socks!

. . . Yes. That's important. Trust me. You haven't been the one going around in socks that lack heels. Trust me, it hurts when you walk as much as I do.

2/23/2003 12:20:59 AM
Buffy tonight was, uh . . .

I want to say cool, but really, I don't know. Wood's good, and Andrew is hereby forgiven for Doing That Thing because he appeared in oven mits. I like that little guy, as is evident from the fact that I can now remember his name.

Buffy was a major bitch goddess to, uh, the potentials, Anya, and Spike. Everyone else was safe (where did Giles go? Did he die and I somehow missed it?) from uber-mean Buffy. There were some cool scenes, and it was a really pretty looking episode - it made me think of a movie.

But it went . . . nowhere. Absolutely nowhere. A lot of episodes this season seem to be like that. Doing nothing but show "Hey, you thought the First was trouble last week? Well, look at how strong we're revealing it to be -this- week! Aha!"

Eh. It was Buffy.

Should be in bed. Am not. Got tea, and a weird stomach ache. I've been having a hard time eating lately. I don't know why. I just don't feel hungry, and then I do, in the middle of the night, gnawing hunger. And it doesn't matter when I eat, or what I eat, but I get this weird feeling like there's solid lumps of bile trying to push up my throat . . . It's really gross.