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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


1/25/2003 03:43:34 PM
All hail Meia, source of DNAngel knowledge. Okiayu Ryuutarou as Dark - I'm digging that, although I like what I've heard of his voice from the dramas, I thought it was great . . .

On the other hand, if it's Okiayu Ryuutarou, well . . . it's a good excuse to make Thea watch it with me, if I get ahold of it. Which is kind of dependant on me making the cd burner work . . .

Then again, maybe -Thea- can get ahold of it and share the wealth.

Note for Thea: Okiayu Ryuutarou is the man who provides the voice of Shigure ~evil smile~

1/25/2003 11:35:38 AM
From last week's episode of Justice Squad - Blue Fairy 1,000,000

The two Blue Fairies stand in front of the main gate. There is a huge sign that reads DISNEYPLANET: THE HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE! (Now With 80% More Happiness).


They were kicked off Earth when they took over Florida. There's EPCOT Planet too.


Yep... The most boring place in the universe.

A little troll runs up to them. This is DOBBY.

Holy Shnickies! What the hell is that thing!?

Blue Fairy magically makes a can of raid appear and starts spraying Dobby. He then takes out a rolled-up newspaper and starts beating Dobby over the head with it.


Please sir, stop beating me! Please sir!

The Blue Fairy stops.

It can talk?

You're the Blue Fairy!

Yes, I'm the Blue Fairy... and... so is she. Question is... what the hell are you?

Dobby, the park elf.

Park elf?

Dobby has come to warn Blue Fairies that they are in great danger. If you go into the park, you will face he who will not be named.


He who will not be named.

What? Well, how the hell will we know who it is if we don't know what his name is?

Dobby starts to answer when he stops and thinks about it.

Dobby thinks you have a good point.

And will you PLEASE stop referring to yourself in the third person!? What are you, a professional boxer or a professional moron?

Dobby is a professional moron, thank you very much. And you will have to forgive Dobby for angering you. Dobby will punish himself now.

Dobby puts his head in a nearby gate and starts slamming it over and over again. THWOK! THWOK! THOWK!

We should stop him!

Yeah... but doing that really seems to make him feel better.
(a beat)
It's making me feel better too.

Dobby gets up and shakes his head.

All right, Dummy...


I know. Tell us who is responsible for the explosion!

If Dobby reveals his name, horrible things will happen!

Superstition, Dobby, that's all. Now, out with it... What is he who will not be named name?

Everyone looks at each other in confusion going over what Blue Fairy just said. They all nod at the same time and go back to the conversation.

Very well, Dobby will tell. His name is...

BLAM! Dobby explodes showering the Blue Fairies with blood and guts.

Ewww! Ewww! I got Dobby in my mouth! I got Dobby in my mouth!

She spits furiously.

1/24/2003 09:02:32 AM
March ASUKA is out . . . and still no signs of that colour Keiichi picture I want so much.

I hate you, CLAMP.

1/24/2003 01:04:06 AM
He's setting a bad example for us apathetic, asexual beings of evil, that's all I have to say.

And, if you're a fan of Boy Meets Boy and want to strangle Keenspace, you should probably make a point of bookmarking her livejournal and checking it on a regular basis.

'cause if you've been waiting and waiting in quiet frustration for the last few strips, man are you going to kick yourself when you've seen what you've missed.

Right. Bed now.

Oh, Logic and Chaos updated with a review of Two Plays for Voices, a pair of audio dramas written by the ever wonderful Neil Gaiman.

1/23/2003 04:43:53 PM
Stupid Matt, didn't show up to physics. So I left an hour early (it was just review, yawn) and had to walk home. Legs -burn-!

I spent a good portion of physics finishing The Fellowship of the Ring, anyway. All done and can move on to raeding my english stuff. Was quite good. Pippin much cuter than I remembered.

Eye's bothering me. Ow.

1/23/2003 08:56:17 AM
Dammit, Meimi, stop making me regret the fact that I can't watch Angel. Although maybe regret isn't the word, since from what I can glean, it would probably make me go O_o now anyway. But still, I haven't been able to watch it once this year, because the only time Space shows it is when I'm at my biology lecture on Thursday nights. I could watch it during holidays, I suppose, but I think I'd just frustrate myself. I didn't even see the season finale last year (I was working at a petting zoo). But still, gnaagh. Thank goodness Buffy is on Saturday nights.

Still sitting here, happily drinking my tea, should probably find something to eat. For whatever reason, my english class is delayed today until 10:30. w00t, and whatnot. And it still ends at the same time. Double w00t.

Although I haven't read the dramatic monologues that we're supposed to be discussing (we won't - it'll still be The Yellow Wallpaper or Grammar. Aagh, grammar).

In "art" news, I drew this picture of a hobbit, complete with feet, for Jinxer, and to avoid Potter-torture. Surprisingly not-sucky, and it feels good to use a proper pen again.

Also, this sketch of an elf chick done in calculus. Writing in the corner says "Joyous Death".

1/22/2003 01:07:31 PM

. . .

Now that I've screamed in agony over the windburn on the back of my legs, I can do a happy dance. Went with Mum after chem lab to the bank(s) so I could deposit savings bonds into my account and thereby have enough to pay for this term's tuition. She got two of my mature savings bonds out of the safety deposit box, each worth one thousand dollars a piece, but, with the power of interest, both were almost doubled in value. Two savings bonds = almost four thosuand dollars.

Can now pay for this term -and- next term. w00t, I say.

Now - Baldur's Gate. Mwaha.

1/21/2003 12:27:04 PM
Gaming news (mainly of interest and amusement only to Stephen): Still in Baldur's Gate, although both Imoen and my thief have received a level up, putting the thief at level seven, I think, with maxed out lock picking and pick pocketing skills. Imoen's not doing too shabby either. She has the third highest hitpoints out of anyone in my party - she's in the low forties. Minsc and Yeslick are in the fifties/sixties, and everyone else is in the thirties. Of course, Imoen has crap armour, but what're you going to do?

The amusement factor is this - some kind of strange bug I found Saturday night. There is an inn in one of the sections of Baldur's Gate that is full of green jellies (AAAAAAGH! Not more jellies! Spare me!). Thankfully, they're easier to take care of than mustard jellies or ochre ones. Unfortunately, after I had blown them all to itty bitty slimey pieces, Minsc spontaneously combusted.

I'm serious! He blew up, like he'd been beaten to death with a morning star, gooey pieces of flesh flying everywhere! Stop laughign, dammit!

So, reloaded, and tried again. This time, Dynaheir blew up.


Now, if you've played Baldur's Gate before, you know that when one of your party dies, you can basically cart them around until you choose to dump their body (and when you do, there will be a body lying wherever you choose to abandon them) or you can raise them from the dead. When these party members randomly blew up, they vanished from my party completely.

I tried a couple more times, with the same results - exploding mages. As you can imagine, I gave up in frustration and went to bed, and have yet to return to the inn o' doom.

Also of note, Ko is being sucked into the happy void that is Discworld. Things just go uphill after The Colour of Magic. It's actually (in my opinion) one of the weakest novels in the series. None of the others are quite the same as TCoM, not even The Light Fantastic that's it's direct sequel, which is kind of weird. I know some people do prefer the earlier books though, particularly favouring entries like Mort. Some people don't find the more recent parts of the series quite as much fun, and there's a bit of a bumpy transition period every time things start to change - Moving Pictures and Carpe Jugulum, as far as I'm concerned. But here's hoping the series holds your interest all the way to the present. If not, I'm sure there'll still be some fun stuff post-TCoM that'll suit your tastes.