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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


1/4/2003 06:29:13 PM
Meimi you are a wonderful a goddess. Hee. Dammit, I need to get my hands on that DVD, even if I know there'll be a voice in the back of my head commenting on what a "glorious uke" Frodo is.

Not like, um, there wasn't before.

But now it'll be a different voice.

. . .

I had thought I heard that they did something to make the hobbits' eyes look larger, but maybe I was wrong, and it's just the elves they were messing with somehow. Who knows. I never thought Wood was wearing coloured contacts, though. I don't doubt for a moment that his eyes are really that impossibly blue. I remember (commercials for) movies he was in as a kid, and yeah, those eyes . . .

I really wish I could have seen him use that sword. What a waste.


We went to Saskatoon today, as planned, so we could get Guthrie ballet slippers and a bunch of other stuff.

We (minus Guthrie) went to the Mandarin for Dim Sum.

I don't like Chinese food much, and the Mandarin is a real Chinese restaurant, without forks and where pretty much every face in the place is asian. But, it was that or McDonalds, and McDonalds is like food-hell for me. So, I went and I drank tea happily, and I bravely sampled food. Surprisingly, I ate enough to fill myself up. Two beef balls, a pork dumpling, and two coconut cream balls. I kid you not. Mum remarked dryly that she couldn't remember coconut being indigineous to China, but I didn't care. They were really good. Coconutty, and kind of like eating warm cookie dough. Yum.

We went to McNally-Robinson and I lusted over books. Got an Alphonse Mucha calendar (mrrr, pretty, although I was wishing for an Edward Gorey) and The Stone Canal by Ken McLeod in hardcover for eight dollars.

Yay discount stacks.

They also had hardcover copies of the hideously ugly American edition of The Truth. I'm not sure why they even had it, because I remember getting the British version from them for a belated birthday or Easter gift. Who would want that ugly thing if they could have the proper version? It was selling for about ten dollars.

Pretty good day, although being forced to listen to Guthrie's music is a bit like being in repetitive hell. Also, using music in the loosest and most apologetic form of the word. Ah, well, we lived, and I'm going to watch The Ladykillers shortly with Mum and Dad, while hoping that it's a new Buffy tonight.

1/4/2003 01:12:09 AM
Look boy's and girls! Someone more bitter and jaded than I. Swiped from Venkarel who I believe I've seen on the DWJ mailing list. Of course, there could conceivably be more than one person who goes by Ven with a great dislike of Tale of Time City.

I suppose the article makes a point, if you're talking about people who only read fantasy, and aren't lovers of reading. I've always been a lover of reading, and personally find history books more interesting than most of cut-and-paste speculative fiction you can find on bookshelves these days. Maybe he's just read the wrong kinds of stuff. Proper books, even if they are fantasy, should mirror, reflect, and cause people to think of things.

Bringing movies into it, though, well . . . we all know Ingrid finds most movies dull, right?

1/3/2003 03:55:29 PM
Desk is in the Room. Everyone say hi to the desk. It's narrower than my old "desk", which is good, because it actually fits in my room without assaulting the walls from all sides, but it's also thinner, and, as a result, computer monitor takes up a lot of space, foiling my idea of easy chatting while drawing and watching Buffy. I'll have to go off to the side.

It isn't entirely set up, but we needed to figure out how Keiichi would connect now that everything's everywhere else. Haven't put the scanner anywhere, and Dad's gone out, so I also can't move the damn thing back like it should be, against the wall. As a result, things are kind of squishy.

I also went to the doctor today. Doctor Cantin was very nice. Surprisingly young and easy to understand despite the African accent.

Note: Almost every doctor in Prince Albert is a) white and b) from Africa.

Very easy going, although he asked about the cut on my arm. He wanted to know if it was from a razor. I told him it wasn't, it was from a pencil.

I think that surprised him.

There was the usual interrogation about how my asthma is and whether the medication I'm taking is effective. I suppose it is, as far as it can be. He asked whether I drank or smoked and enquired about the things in my file from the respiratory specialist in Saskatoon. I was surprised, that stuff's several years old. When we got down to examening what my problem was, there was much poking and proding in the stomach region.

Doctor Cantin concluded that I either had some form of gastritis (spelling, Stephen?) or the beginning of an ulcer.

Mum's out getting the medication I'll be taking for it for the next two weeks.

1/2/2003 07:38:12 PM
What kind of class doesn't give you a final grade when the follow-up class for which it is a pre-requisite to starts in five days?

1/2/2003 03:51:56 PM
I can't believe I'm still getting hits from here.

. . .

The desk arrived, but not until almost three in the afternoon. Decided won't bother wrestling with things until tomorrow. Frustration.

Going to Saskatoon on Saturday.

1/2/2003 02:10:59 PM
Appointment made for ten tomorrow morning.


1/2/2003 10:56:59 AM
Jinxer - I'm going to kill you.

Anyone want to join me in a massive bonfire sometime in the near future?

1/2/2003 09:52:27 AM
Surprise my arse. ~makes a face~

Some people have an awful sense of humour . . .

And most of them are my friends.

1/2/2003 09:42:06 AM
Meril, you rock my world. ^_^

Mmmm. BZ. ^________^

1/1/2003 04:34:40 PM
Hogmenay Swag, as follows.

Night Watch by Terry Pratchett.

Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Two Plays for Voices an audiobook by Neil Gaiman.

A cat statue.

A desk that will be delivered tomorrow, meaning Keiichi and my references books are going to be temporarily uprooted at some point in the near future.

No Lord of the Rings DVD. I feel sad and deprived of Sam. Considering saving money to purchase it. Not sure yet, will wait until the madness leaves me.

1/1/2003 12:43:02 AM
Happy Hogmenay to all.

Resolution? Um.

I resolve to drink more water.

Hee. ^_^

I changed my wallpaper in honour of Hogmenay - Jinxer found me somewhere with Samwise wallpapers and WinAmp skins. This oen's simple and quite charming.


2002 - it was a year.

Shock. Horror.

Did anything important happen?


I took calculus twice, and passed it, twice.

I graduated from high school with the tenth highest average in my graduating class and got some money for it.

I was deprived of a chance to give the school a huge "Fuck you".

I spent the first summer ever in Saskatchewan, without going to Ontario.

I completed my first semester of university with less than stellar result and a poor impression of the entire establishment.

With bell's prodding, we started a new website, Logic and Chaos that's still actually running.

I managed to double my fanbase (hey, three to six is doubling).

I a couple new friends and a lot of jokes about brooms.

I attended two movies in theatres, one of which managed to remind me of everything I loved in The Lord of the Rings so many years ago.

I acquired a new cousin - Everett David Husband-Webster.

I became acquainted and addicted to several online comics and new authors and books.

And Lois McMaster Bujold wrote her first novel featuring Bel Thorne since Mirror Dance and I was a happy fangirl.

12/31/2002 10:38:59 AM
Still passed calculus. Heh.

12/31/2002 10:37:24 AM
Will post some boring stuff in honor of Hogmenay later tonight, when the time's slightly more appropriate.

Yesterday, I went Hogmenay shopping. I found stuff for Mum and the father, although it was not ideal, but hopefully they're like. I think they will. It cleaned me out, though. I have about five dollars left. Sigh.

Afterward, went shopping and thrifting with Dice. Or, at least, following Dice as she went shopping and thrifting, and being lectured about my eating habits. I was informed that my food consumption could only just count as being part of First Breakfast.

I did not make up the rest. I'm not much for food. I tend to forget meals.

Thrifting resulted in Dice buying some stuff, including a black velvet jacket and skirt. Very nice. I found it. ^_^

Also found a painfully yellow vest which I tried to get her to buy on the pretense that it was a Merry vest. She refused.

There was also some yellow dangling cloth thing, maybe some kind of window dressing, that she thought she could buy and make into a Merry vest. I told her that was an idea, and she informed that it wasn't an idea, it was an ideal, because it never got soiled.

Philosophers make awful puns.

At least now, if I ever refer to Merry's ridiculously yellow ideal, you'll know what I'm talking about.

The Boy was watching Lord of the Rings in the living room last night, on the satelite. I wanted to watch with him, but he was rather abusive and refused. Sadness. I long for more Sam.

12/30/2002 06:21:19 PM
I finally managed to get through to U-STAR today.

All shall bow down and worship, for Ingrid got a higher mark in calculus than her mother did.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Ingrid has passed Calculus I with 53%.

12/30/2002 09:53:18 AM
Ow. Fingers hurt. Stupid nails. ~nurses~

Was positively giddy when I got home last night. I plan to take Wapi for a good run through the snow before it gets all trampled down. Quite exhilerating, combined with residual Samlove from the movie.

Have to buy Mum and Dad Hogmenay gifts today. I still don't know what I'm buying Daddy. I think I'll get Mum a new apron. She was wearing that hideous McDonald's one Dad got after being a celebrity thingummy on some damn McDonald day thing.

. . .


Going to meet Dice around two for stuff. Food and thrifting and pretending I'm part of humanity.

12/30/2002 09:28:22 AM
Logic and Chaos walks once more. ph33r bell and her powers.

12/30/2002 01:32:39 AM
Well, isn't that a bitch.

Saw The Two Towers tonight with Dice. It was okay.

Like a dutiful little bit of logic, I wrote up a review when I came home.

So, of course, bell's server is busy playing mind games with her.

Logic and Chaos is -not- updating for no apparent reason.

So, if you're impatient and need to feed your voracious appetite for my never humble opinion, I put up the review on my livejournal. You can find it, in all it's dry glory, here.

If that's not enough for you, Ingrid's Notes.

Spoilers follow.

Sort of - do you know how hard it is to write in a dark theatre?

Gandalf kicks Balrog butt. Impresive and very fiery.
Minimal recap.
Frodo, still a wuss.
Sam's even more adorable.
Merry and Pippin - adorable and resourceful.
Very beautiful scenery.
When did Gimli become comic relief?
eye be very tacky.
Evil even uglier.
Why does only good get dental care?
Common people angst. Heart tugging. Yawn.
Old kind covered in cobwebs. Ick.
Wormtongue - scary.
Merry and Pippin tasty. WIth trees.
Stupid cliffhanger. No one's falling for it.
Rohan not very friendly.
Very short tempers.
Beware white wizard.
Mmm. Burning flesh.
No one believes Merry and Pippin are dead.
That horse - way too white.
Mm, head onna stick.
Aragorn has a temper tantrum. Silly Aragorn.
Evil thing is very hungry.
Merry's waistcoat is still very yellow.
Ent very cool.
Gandfalf back and shiney.
Swamp . . . Poor Sam.
And bodies.
Swamp is formaldahyde!
Stupid Frodo.
Frodo's fondling the ring agian. Stupid Frodo.
Gollum - the only thing in Middle Earth with bigger eyes than Frodo.
Ringwraiths have dragons. Horses must have died.
Wonderful Sam.
Legolas is Captain Obvious.
Gandalf's been busy, running all over mountains.
Ow. Eyes.
I want to see Merry and Pippin!
There we go.
Gate o' Doom.
Dark Lord of Derkholm flashbacks.
Poor Sam.
Gollum's groping Frodo.
Poor Sam!
Eowyn should kick Wormtongue's ass.
Bite! Bite!
Almost .. .
Symbolism. Yawn.
Play up the pathetic old man thing, Gandalf.
ph33r the blinding power of his robes.
Theoden is still, oh, wait, no he's not. My bad.
Why does no one kill the servants of evil?
Stupid Aragorn.
These scenes with characters we don't know are a waste of time.
Theoden's snotty.
Mmm. Phallic
Frodo, don't be a self-righteous dick.
Smeagol has more spine than Frodo.
Sam and Smeagol. XD
Look! Elephants and Faramir!
Conflicted Aragorn.
That horse should have kicked Legolas in the head.
oh, that's gross.
Hurray, more Merry and Pippin!
Poor horse.
Aragorn is immortal.
Elrond -still very gay.
Stop the burning.
Mmm. Dead Aragorn.
What strength?
Faramir evil. Bad. No cookie.
FRODO! Dammit.
Legolas is a snot.
Yay, Merry and Pippin!
Stop witht he heart wrenching already.
Elves very gay.
Hey, look, robot elves!
Battles bore me.
Battle is not the place for character develeopement.
I'm glad you can count, Gimli, but Merry and Pippin and ents much mroe amusing.
Who didn't see that coming? Somethingsomethingsomething.
Oh, please, no need to show off, Legolas.
Hee. They look like acrobats in the circus.
Ah, Pippin.
Welcome back, wuss boy.
ph33r the trees.
The ring's better than crack for Frodo.
Oh, now that's not super symbolic or anything."The sun is rising"
Gandalf the thoroughly bleached comes.
Now the Ents, they rock.
Stupid Frodo. Eat him!
Mmm. Sam love.
Faramir, you stupid fuck, why are you thanking Frodo?!
Frodo isn't a stupid fuck all the time. Thankfully.
Damn Gollum.
Mm. Foreshadowing.

12/29/2002 12:26:50 AM
She's back! She's back she's back she's back and I'm whole once more.

Love. ^_^

Unfortunately, going to The Two Towers tomorrow with Dice and . . . other people I don't really know. But she approves of spending time on Tolkien.

She's back. ^_^