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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


12/28/2002 07:23:07 PM
Who is your Ideal Lord of the Rings (male) Mate?

brought to you by Quizilla

Not a word, Jinxer.

12/28/2002 01:46:13 PM
Last night I got Error 104, but it seems that today we're back to Error 503.

I'm having Quest for Glory IV flashbacks here.

12/28/2002 01:45:38 PM
Last night, with Meril, I discovered that That Woman is not even worthy of proper swearing and cursing. She barely merits a "poot".

Unlike Peter Jackson.



Have my new chair set up at the desk of death. It's quite nice. I feel all cushioned and supported.

It was a bit of a tight fit, but worth it. Definitely.

I also have suspicions that I'm getting a new desk for Hogmenay, which might make things easier.

I have a comfortable new chair and "Till My Head Falls Off" on WinAmp with the sekkushi Mikael and Raphael skin. All I need is her, and I'll feel complete again.

Going to try some writing. I still owe Dice a story.

12/27/2002 11:31:01 PM
Feeling empty.

I really hope she's okay.

Ate numbly chocolate. Not much else to be said for socializing tonight. At least it keeps me somewhere else.

12/27/2002 04:23:19 PM
~hugs Stephen~ You rock, man. Those cds are great.

Going out shortly. Still miss her.

Must . . . stop . . . depressing self.


12/27/2002 11:50:04 AM
Still missing her more than anything. ~sighs~ Going to have a shower.

12/27/2002 01:38:34 AM
Wow, Meimi, this layout's popular. Almost all my hits for today are people coming here to look at it.

I'll just sit over here and twitch. I don't know whether to be disgusted or amused.

Hello, livejournallers. ~evil smirk~


Logic and Chaos has been updated with a snarky review of the Lord of the Rings extended edition.

Here's the summary of my smartass comments (as transcribed from my notebook), just for your edification.

I don't know what that means, but it sounds cool.

Dice wants to see - "Hobbits still cute. Frodo still a wuss. Everyone else still sucks."

More on hobbits.

Sam even cuter.

Extra foreshadowing. ph33r.

Sanford Bagginses. Heh.

Extra Frodo and Bilbo bonding. (not like that, dirty people)

Drunken hobbit singing!

Sam = happy Ingrid.

Extra elves. Meh.

Extra Sam. :)

Extra Frodo wussiness.

Gandalf has . . . scribblescribbleunreadable.

Poor ickle hobbits.

Merry and Pippin - still drunken idiots.

Frood looks really drunk fondling that ring.

Merry has the disturbingly yellow waistcoat.


Strider sings. I think.

Arwen foreshadowing.

Sort of.

Sarumon has distubringly long nails.

Oooooh - stone henge!

. . . Again.

The Nazgul have pointy boots.

Idiot - the ring makes you invisible, NOT intangible.


Why doesn't anyone take the ring away from Frodo?

Frodo's throwing up on Arwen. How cool is that?

Goddammit, stop burning my eyes out.

Yay! Sam!

Plothole you could fly a giant eagle through.

Happy hobbit love.

Not like that.

Bilbo writes -fast-.

Touching Frodo and Bilbo moments. Again.

Elrond still very gay.

Isildor is -so- anticlimatic.

Magical bitchslap for Boromir.

One of Frodo's few good moments is when he volunteers to take the ring to Mordor.

Now - development for Aragorn.

Frodo gets a sword - not like he'll ever use it.

The mail coat jingles.

Extra foreshadowing, with snow.

Hobbits look very cold.

Extra sniping between Gimli and Legolas.

Extra Sam and Bill.

Extra tentacle monster!

Very cool extra mines.

Gandalf has Alzheimers.

Extra Gollum backstory.

Head chopped off, blood fscking flew.

Boromir doesn't always suck.

Elves so very gay.

Boromir less boring.

Legolas has actual lines. Dude.

Galadriel scares me - still.

Sam even sweeter.

Aragorn still an ass.

More Boromir. Stupid foreshadowing.

Why does Galadriel talk with her mouth closed?

Extra ugly death.

Yay, pressies!

Merry and Pippin - still cute.

Where's Sam's dirt?!!??!?!?!?!?!


Gimli be a goopy sentimental fool. Heh.

Okay, maybe that look between Frodo and Sam is gay.

Dear pessimistic Gimli.

I really dislike these scenes where Frodo has the ring on.

Oops, was distracted from death scene by hamster.

Bad thought - "Swallow the ring, Frodo!"

I hate inner-movie flashbacks.

Sam is so cute.

"Manly hugging."

The end.

12/27/2002 12:00:43 AM
Meimi, college/university sucks wang. Anyone who ells you it's better is a damn liar.

~gets beat about the head with sticks~

Owwwwwwww . . .

12/26/2002 01:38:20 PM
My parents are going to die for getting Guthrie stereo crap.

The bloody music. ~cries~

12/26/2002 12:09:21 PM
Happy Boxing Day to all.

I have a Smallville marathon to watch and, in a little bit, will be going to Staples to get the right chair.

12/25/2002 11:55:51 PM
. . .Meril's got me listening to They Might be Giants.


12/25/2002 11:50:33 PM
So, Dice still wants me to go see the Two Towers with her. She's also offered me cookies and a box of chocolates if I dress up. Not as in cosplay, but as in wear something fancy.

Fiora (who I miss, dammitdammitdammit) sent me, among other things, a brown velvet dress as part of my Christmas package. I could, in theory, wear it.

However - I don't believe in dressing up for people. Why should I dress up to see a movie I probably won't even like?

On the other hand, if I'm doing it to amuse Dice, am I dressing up for a movie, or am I dressing up for a friend?

And it's not like I ever get opportunity to dress up, and as Fiora is the biggest Lord of the Rings fan I know, would it be suitable to wear her gift to the movie she's probably seen an ungodly amount of times already?

Dunno . . .

Don't even know when (if) we're going. So.


Socializing sucks. As does clothing.

12/25/2002 01:00:43 PM
Blogger, stop being a bitch.

12/25/2002 12:59:39 PM
Meimi, thank you for reminding me what was missing from my Christmas day.

"Baby, Kurisumasu da ze!"

Also, you'll be glad to hear that Mum got a DVD player for Christmas. I'm thinking Guthrie'll get the Lord of the Rings extended DVD for Hogmenay.

I didn't get Night Watch. I wait for Hogmenay. Hope hope hope. Vimes . . .

Did get Last Hero (Terry Pratchett) and Dreamweaver's Dilemma (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at last, though.

And, you know, other stuff. Cat lamp and cds for my cd burner that doesn't work, and candles, and a set of men's pajamas.

My aunt Shelagh got Guthrie copies of The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife.

. . .

Which I already own.

And she sent him The Subtle Knife several years ago and he never read it.

. . .


12/24/2002 10:58:16 PM
Happy stuff to you. May your day not suck.

bell - sorry the picture isn't ready yet.

I'm going to bed. There's no reason to stay up, and I always get depressed without her around.

12/24/2002 12:56:37 AM
I really miss her.

12/24/2002 12:47:27 AM
Went to Staples today with Dad, to test out new desk chairs. Always frustrating shopping with Dad, because he never seems to let it go at "I really like this one". I also browsed the desks and dropped pointed hints which resulted in a cellphone call to Mum, after I'd wandered over to orgasm over the games.

We shall see.

Morrowwind looks really cute. And Neverwinter Nights markets at eighty dollars.


Didn't see any copies of Ice Wind Dale II.


Cleaned the room a bit. Made minor progress. Guess what I'll be doing all day tomorrow? Sigh.

12/23/2002 01:38:17 PM
Feeling icky.

Getting my period would be a bad Christmas present.

12/22/2002 02:03:23 AM
Didn't see movie.

Pippin's adorable though.

Sleep now.