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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/29/2002 10:33:38 AM
"Maybe this season of Buffy'll culminate in a big forest fire." - Jinxer

11/29/2002 09:54:42 AM
Feeling gloomy and depressed, as is my want some days. I have a biology lab final that I'm sure to do horribly in this afternoon, and I've been cast aside like a soiled rag.

At least I have new scans of Hikaru no Go. Waya. ~hugs scans~

11/28/2002 08:13:53 AM
My stomach is feeling assaulted in the most paculiar manner.

Leaving shortly to write my english midterm. Pity me. Pity my teacher. Pity all.

Ko's new layout rocks. Is floofy and happy and doesn't burn my retina. They like that.

If I ever got the urge to change my beloved layout, and magically acquired html skillz, I would do one of Fuuma's shoes. Just his shoes. Just because.

11/25/2002 09:08:09 AM
According to Stephen, parts of Indiana also do not experience Daylight Savings Time.


We'll take his word on it.


"Hermione, have you ever licked a brain?"

Dreams are funky. Enough said.


Work shortly. First time in a couple weeks. Last week I had a test to write and couldn't teach, and the week before, the mother was home sick, so I wasn't needed. I think we'll do some stuff about evolution today.

After that, physics tutorial, and this time I'll remember my text book, and then lab. Last lab of the year, we'll start up again in January.

In fact, this is my last week of labs, period. Hurrah. That's something to celebrate. Have a lab test in biology, though. Hopefully I'll do okay.

Also have to write an in-class essay as a midterm in English. That'll be my last english class of the year. -That-'s a party inducer, that is.

So, next week, I'll only have to leave the house on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings. I'm not sure if tutorials are cancelled or not. If they aren't, then MWF afternoons as well, but only for two hours or so.

Ho hum.

Not sure if I'll be able to pass calculus or not. Not sure if I'll pass chemistry, either. At least there I have decent lab marks and my mark on the midterm wasn't a fail. Calculus, on the other hand . . . ~shudders~ It'll be a pain in the ass, and I'll have to take another year to finish up my pre-vet stuff, but maybe that's a better idea anyway. I think if I do fail, I won't bother to retake calculus I. There's an elementary calculus course, MATH 103.3, that can be used as a math credit as well, if I takes STATS something or other. While statistics makes me want to beat my head in with a heavy brick, it'll probably be easier to handle than calculus II, which I can't take if I don't pass calculus I. So.

Failure in chemistry, however, means I'll have to retake the course next year, or during summer session. I don't really want to have to deal with summer session since I'll be busy moving. Where, I'm not sure. I've been put on the waiting list for a place in Assiniboine hall, or one of those buggers, and Jenn wants a roommate. So, dunno. I've never moved before, we've been in the same house since I was a baby, so I'm going to be utterly lost. Of course, we all know that for me, the only thing that really matters is books and computer access.

11/24/2002 12:24:01 AM
Why doesn't blogger recognize "Saskatchewan time"?

Note: for those that don't know, Saskatchewan is, I believe, the only place on the continent that doesn't observe daylight savings time.

11/24/2002 12:20:32 AM
On Mitani, aka "The Purple Socked Prostitute" . . .

Ingrid: And, when we were watching an ep with Mitani together, I remarked "I think he's wearing purple socks"
bell: XD
bell: well, you know, if prostitutes don't stand out, they don't get hired. >D
Ingrid: XD
Ingrid: That explains the red shirt then, too.
bell: (mwahahah.)
bell: and the orange hair.
Ingrid: It's dyed?
bell: maybe. :D
Ingrid: Duh duh DUH!
bell: So, basically, Mitani stands out by clashing everything he wears. >D

And, around the same time, Meril and I realized that the Vorkosigan books would make great video games. Imagine it . . .

The Ivan Vorpatril dating sim: Can -you- do the impossible and get Ivan laid?
You get points based on your rejections.
Ask multiple girls from the same family to marry you at the same party, be rejected by all of them, and have a new high score!
Obviously, you'd have to go out of your way to avoid Alys, until she and Simon Illyan started boinking. Then, all sorts of unexplored areas would be open to you.
You could have one game for each cousin. Watching Ivan get constantly rejected, and Miles constantly laid, then rejected.
Maybe, if it's really successful, A Mark Pierre Vorkosigan dating sim.
But the Mark one would be a very disturbing game.
Adults only.
"Yes, you -can- get Mark a girlfriend, but first, you have to get over his eating disorders, his anxiety disorders, his issues with most of humanity . . ."

And yes, that was all me, because Meril was too busy laughing.

Had dreams. Can't remember them. One was probably slashy, involving a very cute Waya and Isumi, and the other one was not, and had a young Havelock Vetinari, a young Sam Vimes, and a proper Sam Vimes in it. No sex there. Just . . . heaps of cool.

Also dreamt of shirtless Kegan, with gold and green shiny hennaed tattoo things around his wrists and throat.

It was pretty. In my head.

Curse you, lack of ability to draw.

Feeling a mood coming on. Going to go to bed.