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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/23/2002 01:10:07 AM
"But God, Master Nietzsche said you were dead!"
"Of course I was. Or I would be, if it weren't for this respawn point."
"God, that's a dryer."

One of the few good things to come out of that national novel writing thing. Every now and then, I surprise myself.

11/22/2002 02:30:05 AM
English paper returned - 90%. Pretty good, I suppose.

So hungry . .. but sleep time is now. Mmm. Sleep.

My dad - Captain Dependable, hell yeah. Dave let us out of biology at quarter to ten. Called dad. Waited outisde by myself. Dad came by at quarter -after- ten.

Wait, not by myself. While I was waiting, the woman who commands the information desk came out, asked me if I had a ride, and when I said yes, went to her, van, turned it on, and sat in it until my dad came and got me. ~blush~ She asked me if I wanted to sit inside it and wait there, but, well . . . shy. People don't always suck, although I -wasn't- going to be killed or raped or kidnapped standing out there. But, people think about you anyway, eh? That's sort of nice.

Other things are nice. Like fanart. bell sent me links to the most interesting Waya fanart (and some WayaandIsumi fanart). <3 bell. And Meril. Meril showed me a wonderful fanart page for Potter of all things . . . cutest little Neville -ever-.

On the other hand. Stephen's evil. ^_^

Submitted physics. I'm good. Sleep now. Snore.

11/21/2002 08:26:28 AM
KeiichixSubaru . . . Hee. I could go for that. ^_^

11/20/2002 06:33:19 PM
Exploding Sheep
Exploding sheep
They're really neat
They used to be fuzzy
But now they aren't.

They'r really kind of bloody
And terribly soggy
They sort of smell like burnt wool
And nuclear radiation.

Like socks they go everywhere
You can't put them together again
Unless you're a god,
Which you aren't, dumbass.

A Song For Jinxer
Not everything is slashable,
You horny little perverts.
Not everyone is gay,
You sick little children.

Some men are quite straight,
Some girls aren't repugnant,
And sometimes, just occaisionally,
They actually like each other.

It's not always anal,
Statistics show it's not,
And most guys aren't into,
Getting it up the ass with toys.

Just because they hate each other,
Doesn't mean it's love.
Sometimes, strangely enough,
It means that they want to kill each other.

If one is stoic, unemotional,
And the other's overflowing with cheer,
They aren't going to have wild happy sex,
They're going to kill each other.

Best friends can be just friends,
It's frequently platonic,
Enemies are enemies,
And some people never see each other.

It's not always about the gay,
Some things shouldn't be slashed,
Not everyone wants sex,
Just stop, perverted fangirls, please.

The Head Song
Head, head, head,
I wish you were dead,
You're full of icky mucus,
And overwhelming pain.

If I chopped you off,
I wouldn't have to endure,
This unending torture,
Because I would no longer have
Proper pain receptors.

Severing my bond with sensory organs
Would make my life idyllic,
Heavenly and blissful,
For the seven seconds remaining of my life.

From my current position,
It seems a fair trade off,
To sacrifice my life,
Just to end the throbbing pain.

It is the only option,
Remaining to me.
Unfortunately, I've voiced this belief before,
And all my friends have taken sharp objects away from me.

11/20/2002 12:02:15 PM
Chemistry - 40%.

I. Don't. Care.

Decided not to go to calculus lab after all, because, if I'm going to study, I want to do it in the privacy of my own home, where I can have a good long cry when I get frustrated. The calculus lab would only make me more miserable than I am right now.

Meimi, yes, I still love you, but only because if I went around and stopped loving people for their bad taste, I wouldn't love anyone.

Note that no one would need confirmation of the fact if they'd just burn down the theatre as they left. Sigh. No one's interested in arson these days.

Going to have something for lunch (not sure what) and play Baldur's Gate (DIE MUSTARD JELLY!), and study a bit.

11/19/2002 10:54:59 AM
Tried to do some colouring in adobe last night . . . Didn't turn out well.

The original

Craptacular attempt one

Line-like art

Attempt at colour two

Blah. I'll stick with black at white, with the occaisional pencil crayon.

11/18/2002 08:41:41 AM
At least you seem happy to embrace your geekdom. Which, I suppose, is better than being in denial about it. Even if it is . . . ~shudders~ Harry Potter geekdom.

In other Potter news, Donner's Movie Reviews, a source of constant entertainment, now has a review up for That Movie. Sadly, it's more favourable than the review for the last one, and involves no editted photos of Potter and copious amounts of blood.

Can't have everything.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go prepare for my imminent death at the hands of chemistry. Which isn't nearly as funny as "I got suspended for seeing Potter," eh, Jinxer?

11/17/2002 12:01:40 AM
Buffy . . . Buffy . . . Buffy . . .



Best episode of the season so far, at least in my never humble opnion.

Scared -witless- by tonight's stuff. Seriously. Shivering. All the evil . . . such evil . . .

And Flying Monkey Boy (what -is- his name?) killed Jonathan. He killed -Jonathan-. The unkillable Jonathan. He killed him and sacrificed him and oh god, so horrible . . . I liked Jonathan . . . Sniff.