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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/9/2002 09:32:02 PM
The Hammer Song

Oh I ate a hammer
Yes I ate a hammer
I ate a hammer
A very fine hammer indeed

It went down my throat
It hurt rather a lot
It descended to my stomach
And there it will remain

The hammer is quite sturdy
It's made from lab created metals
And it is resistant
To digestive juices.

And so the hammer sits there
In the pit of my stomach
It is rather painful
And causes difficulties at airports.

11/9/2002 04:03:57 PM
Finished Possession

11/9/2002 04:02:38 PM
My scanner lives once more.

The first apperance of the bastard shounen jump lovechild

A later apperance

Another apperance, bored in class, just like me

Yet again, too sexy for english class, without a bondage shirt Ignore the writing on his legs

Bored again, this time, during math Presence of bondage shirt: Unknown

Again, with a ball, and crappy eyes

Winter bondage

Pissed off bondage

This week's boredom A crappy attempt at Andreas Venizelos, may it burn

Very crappy, scrawny bondage

School uniform

Drugged bondage

Takahashi Hikaru, third level uniform

All of the above are in ball point pen.

I love my scanner.

11/8/2002 12:11:19 AM
Thea made me a new wallpaper. It's of Waya. Lots of Waya.


I got 86.2% on Ham's part of the biology exam. Yay!

I showed Matt the bunny song, and it distracted us from physics for quite a while.

Also - Ko's new layout burns my eyes.

Mmmm. Waya.

11/6/2002 11:32:30 PM
There's a bunny in my stomach
I ate it, I ate it
There's a bunny in my stomach
And it's still alive.

There's a bunny in my stomach
It's warm and full of fluff
There's a bunny in my stomach
It's not scrambling to get out.

There's a bunny in my stomach
I hate it, I hate it
There's a bunny in my stomach
It's starting to cry.

There's a bunny in my stomach
It is not decaying
There's a bunny in my stomach
Being digested by hydrochloric acid

. . .

Bell made me.

11/6/2002 10:28:47 PM
Meimi, thank you. ~hugs~ In return, I smash evil germ carrying future valedictorians. It's the least I can do.

Oh, and that plannar thingummy you purchased? I feel dirty, but . . . are there any shiny pictures of Andreas Venizelos . . .that is ~wince~ Tom Riddle?

Blech, dirty dirty!

On the subject of the killing urge - Sleep did me a lot of good. It wasn't a lot of sleep, but it still helped. Not having to sit through the living hell that is chemistry helped too.

I have a chemistry make-up lecture on Sunday, though.


On a much brither note - got a scholarship in the mail today. Five-hundred dollars. It was the SGEU scholarship, for those of you who remember (freaks ~fondly~) whe I was tearing my hair out over getting the essays finished. Now I -almost- have enough to pay for the next semester of school. I'm about five-hundred dollars short. I checked, 'cause I went to the bank to deposit the monies, and so I got an updated bank statement.

There was cake, at the bank. ^_^

Physics test next Thursday (I've started studying ~very proud~), Chemistry midterm the Monday after, and a math midterm . . . at some point. Soon. This month.

11/5/2002 11:01:02 PM
Finished prelab, screwed it up, urge to kill remains.

I'm going to make some calming tea, and curl up in bed, and read while I finish it, in hopes that when I'm done, I won't cry myself to sleep.

11/5/2002 10:26:12 PM
Urge to kill continues. I hope this doesnt' last all week. It's a very uncomfortable and unmanageable feeling. Very painful to repress, but there is no suitable and safe way to exprses it.

11/4/2002 11:27:35 PM
I want to break something. Something large and made out of glass or china or pottery. I want to hear the resounding smash, I want to cut myself as I pick up the pieces.

I don't know what I want and I don't know why I get this way.

I wish I did.

Work tomorrow, followed by calculus and chemistry.

Lab Wednesday morning.

Queer as Folk tonight.

11/4/2002 10:51:47 PM
I am socially inept, and humanity will be in a better state, from it's point of view, if I get hit by a car tomorrow.

Wendy gave me a ride from the physics tutorial to the lab today. That was nice of her. Such a dear woman.

That meant we were there half-an-hour early, so I went a prowling the site of my former torment, and saw Mister Bowden. I like Mister Bowden. He gave me candy. And a book of short sci-fi stories.

I miss Madame Donahue.

11/4/2002 01:22:37 AM
Jinxer: She's probably not upset at you, and you're making it worse brooding about it when you're wrong. You wanna brood? Do it tomorrow, once you've talked to her. Or something. You're just wasting time otherwise.
Ingrid: But I'm -good- at brooding!

I am.

Ingrid: I found my dissection kit.
Jinxer:What are you going to do with it? Rather, who are you going to do with it? Hahah, I live . . . many miles away.
Ingrid: I put it next to the pineapple.
Jinxer: o_O You've just put me in mind of Crowley and his poor plants.

11/3/2002 09:32:22 PM
"Quebec: Where people really live".

As opposed to the rest of Canada, where people just pretend to live from nine to five.

11/3/2002 05:14:04 PM
The entire front hall smells of my fixative and Guthrie's hair dye.

A most deadly combination.

11/3/2002 05:02:49 PM
Trust can take years to build. One moment of doubt can shatter it forever.

You may be my friend, but that doesn't mean I trust you.

I do not make a habit of telling my problems to people I don't trust.


Cleaned the desk. ~sneezes~ It can now be added to the small area of space in front of my radiator as "something clean in the room".

Of course, now I have magazines and clothes piled in between the bookcase and the bed, that go as high as the bed.

It's all good, really.


Finally got around to experimenting with the bottle of Krylon fixative I bought . . . at the beginning of September. That stuff smells worse than film cleaner.

Did it in the front porch. I hope Dad isn't expecting customers. Opened one of the windows, because it's going to smell like death in there after a while.

Closest thing I could find to a well-ventilated area. Sad. I hope no one dies.

Hope it works out, too. Those two oil pastel and pencil crayon pieces of Keiichi are rather important to me, and I still like, after all this time, the first sketches I did of Hikaru and Inchiki.

11/3/2002 02:06:54 AM
Traditional crappy fantasy movie from the eighties. The main character is "Harry Potter Jr."

Just an observation.