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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/2/2002 09:13:33 PM
If I weren't a fairly self-controlled individual, this entry would be full of a ream of blue words.

Please insert a few dozens lines of your favourite curses here.

11/2/2002 09:02:42 PM
So much for today's good mood. I've managed to do it again. I wonder what I did wrong this time.

I can't put my foot in my mouth, I'm not that flexible, but I can jam my entire fist in there. Does that count?

11/1/2002 12:13:21 PM
If I clean my room up, there'll be room for a chair. It's an ugly chair, dark blue and ratty with a white and red floral print. But it's a chair. Dude.

Unfortunately, the area in which it would go is currently occupied by lemonade, books, textbooks, stacks of papers, blank cds, the complete works of Shakespeare, an oxford english dictionary, two boxes of computer magazines from the early to mid-nineties, and a box of candles.

Maybe after midterms.

11/1/2002 03:09:36 AM
Halloween usually depresses me. I'm not a little kid anymore, I haven't dressed up since juniour high, and even then it was half-assed last minute kind of stuff. When you're older, the only way you can enjoy Halloween is by having friends. Which, as has been stated many times, I don't.

I was kidnapped, a couple hours after I wrote my biology exam. It was okay. Movies suck and sugar makes me feel quickly sick, and I never talk when around more than two people (unless the two's a couple, then I don't talk either). I like talking to Shelley, and I like talking to Matt, but I don't like talking to them together, because I don't talk to them, they talk to each other, and being a third or fourth wheel is very . . . depressing.

I have a biology lab test tomorrow. Have to study for that at some point.

And, randomly, I know this will make me sound like a prude, but I don't really care.

I don't like reading, or hearing, about people I know drinking excessively or doing drugs.

I know, Ingrid, silly girl, so stiff and formal, so uptight.

Deal with it. Everyone has their hangups, and I have relatives who've had their lives ruined (fine, not ruined, they're still alive, and it's not hopeless, but dude, they could have really done something) by drug abuse, by excessive smoking, and by excessive drinking. So, yes, it makes me want to rip my hair out in frustration when I see people who are intelligent people, who might have great things inside them, talk casually about getting so drunk they can't stand up, or remember what they did, or getting high. Because it's stupid.

No, I've never tried it myself, and I don't intend to. I don't need to try something to know it's bad for me. Both sides of my family have a tendency to suffer from severe alcoholism. I believe I have several second-cousin-somethings who are in jail, or heroine addicts, or, whatever. A lot of great-grandpeople have died because of killing via alcohol. These things tend to be genetic. Not that you're destined to die by liver combustion, but addictive personalities. You'll try something, and you won't be able to stop, and you'll keep doing it, even if you know it's bad.

I know I have an addictive personality, and so I manage to avoid things that are permanently harmful to me, like drugs and alcohol, and instead have addictions to reading, video games, and the internet. They aren't very good either, but they dont' kill braincells.

On a brighter note, we ordered pizza. The pizza delivery guy turned out to be Scott. Scott, for those of you who haven't heard me mention him, is a boy I've known since I was about two years old. His aunt used to babysit me, to the point where I called her my aunt, and his grandparents live a street down from us. Scott and I never played together much as children, and were never in the same grade (French Immersion vs English) or in any of the same classes in high school. But we still recognized a bond formed by a very long acquaintinceship. In elementary school, we told people we were sort of cousins. And really, that's what we are. We aren't close friends, we never hung out much, but we always smile and say hi to each other when we meet, always stop and talk, Scott could always be counted on for a ride (in fact, he was downright insistant somedays that I was not going to be walking home with that fucking heavy bag!), and even in high school, we'd tell people that we've known each other since we were two. I thin Scott had several girlfriends whom he had to explain me to, and it was always some varient on friend or person I've known the longest. Not much, but somedays, it could bring a lot of comfort. I haven't seen him since grad.

We came upstairs to get the pizza and he gave me a hug.

That has to be the only hug I've received since September. It was damn good, and greatly appreciated beyond the telling.

10/31/2002 08:23:10 AM
Stray Cat a Japanese Hikaru no Go fanart site. All Waya and Isumi. Quite nice and doesn't show the tendency a lot of fanartists have of effeminizing one of the characters. Waya is actually drawn in a way that makes him look older than he is in the manga - there's one where he bears a startling resemblance to Gohou Drug's Rikuou. Freaky . . .

10/31/2002 07:35:46 AM
Test tonight. Biology.

Le Ping - another reason to adore volume sixteen of Hikaru no Go.

Obnoxious Mini-Waya. Hee~.

10/30/2002 09:11:37 PM
Explanation of below - ask anyone who's ever received a written note or letter from me.

I have a new cousin - Everett (I think, there was a cd playing in the background on my end, and Gillian was chattering in the background on Aunt Rhonddha's end) David. Little Everett weighed eight pounds, three ounces, and is as blond as his big brother and sister, and mommy, and daddy, if his daddy had any hair left. He was born on Sunday. He is the third child in the Husband family to have the middle name David (the other ones being my brother, Guthrie David Lucas Atkinson, and our cousin Cole David) but he's excused because it also happens to be his daddy's first name as well as his long deceased grandfather.

I always think it's funny how many of Grandfather's grandkids got named after him. Some hope that he'd like them better (I was always the favourite, being the only granddaughter around before he died).

Everett continues to proove that the husband genes produce in some high and mighty pattern, which is, of course, boy-boy-girl. (Connor, Garret, myself, Guthrie, Cole, Maggie, Noah, Keegan, Gillian, and now, Everett).

I hope I get to meet Everett. Most of the family still being back in Ontario, I never get to know my little cousins. And no, none of them are older than me. The older ones are in Alberta.

Phun phact - Everett, the youngest Husband grandchild, is twenty-four years younger than the oldest Husband grandchild (Connor, twenty-four this summer). This is what happens when your mother comes from a family of eight children. You have decade-gaps between the ages of cousins.

10/30/2002 08:17:39 PM
Note to self: Self, never try to read your own notes.

10/29/2002 11:08:07 PM
"When I die, I want my tombstone to read '700 1337 ph0r 34r7|-|'" says Matt.

I do not want to see any pictures, Stephen.

I feel a mood coming on. Chemistry was cancelled, yay for less human interaction.

Along the same vein, I got a pity invite to a "thing" in Saskatoon this weekend.

You know it's a pity invite. You just know.

I have my chemistry midterm (the one I'm not going to bomb, hah, yeah right) on Monday.

I declined, without a note of bitterness in my typing.

One of the many wonderful things about typing. Vagueness is so easy.

I feel a mood coming on. Good night, world. Lab tomorrow morning.

10/29/2002 04:16:29 PM
Draco? You rock. ^_^

After having spent all of calculus being a total geek with Matt.

"Is Blitzball better than the card game in FFVIII?"
"Is sex better than a shotgun to the face?"

I failed my calculus test - no surprise. I suck when it comes to the introductory stuff. I'll do better on the next one.

It's at the end of November.

This does not bode well for my biology test on Thursday. Although, I can spout off a lot of biology stuff without even studying it. It's jsut making it come out at the right time . . .

Note: While writing a review of a space opera novel is not the right time.

On chapter three of Baldur's Gate now. Probably going to dual class Imoen.

And I'm still listening to "The Mayor of Simpleton".

Mmmph. Nevillelicious.

10/29/2002 08:38:55 AM
I am either going to spend my entire Christmas holiday, whenever it arrives, sleeping, or playing Baldur's Gate.

I should spend it sleeping.

I'll probably play Baldur's Gate. I found the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack upstairs. ^_^

I'm on chapter three, now. And I level up, level up, level up . . .

I'm going to have to do a massive hunt for Baldur's Gate II, now. If I can't find it, I may just steal Matt's copy. I think he has a copy.

Baldur's Gate ownz j00.

As does XTC. Dammit, Meril!

Oh yeah, I should be walking to work in twenty minutes or so. Oops.

10/29/2002 01:08:40 AM
Shadow Puppets reviewed before the end of the month. Go me.

Hello bed.

10/27/2002 08:03:10 PM
Ingrid: Pissing people off one day at a time.