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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


10/12/2002 12:16:19 AM

10/12/2002 12:15:32 AM
Meimi proves yet another reason Ingrid Never Gets Involved in Anything. Because, wherever you go, whatever you do, there's going to be some stupid internal politics and they -won't- be favouring you.


Hm. Almost done On Basilisk Station, I'll probably have it done this weekend, although tomorrow most of my attentions will be focussed on writing and -finishing- something. I'm not very demanding of what at the moment, though.

The sudden fierce drive to write, is, of course, on account of my darling's birthday. She is now older than me even more than she was old of me yesterday. ;) Lots of love goes out to her.

Have a wedding to do tomorrow, which may interfer with the whole writing process. But, it's at two. How much can I cram in before that? Just watch me! I'm a demon!

It's Thanksgiving Weekend. This means little to me. I don't like eating turkey. But. It means that two labs are cancelled this week, because we're trying to correspond to the things the campus in Saskatoon has to deal with. That gives me two free days to play with.


Oh - and Toriyama's World uploaded a new Hikaru no Go chapter today. I am full of massive love and angst and eeee!!

Can anyone recommend a good online store where I could buy the manga for a not insane price? Or, better yet, the artbook?

10/11/2002 12:21:23 AM

10/11/2002 12:20:12 AM
There were doughnuts after the physics test. That makes everything worth while, really.

English paper - 80%. Meh.

Have a biology lab quiz tomorrow. I should study sometime, tomorrow.

Whether I do or not is still up in the air.

Brain's exhausted, but . . . dont' want to go to bed . . .

My throat feels like crap.

Yes, again.

10/9/2002 08:21:01 PM
Misser brain go schnoogle pop slime simmer drip.

Translation: I have a physics test tomorrow. Nervous breakdown penciled in for sometime tomorrow afternoon.

And that chemistry test I wrote? The one I had to take off work for, and missed church to study for, and did practically nothing but study for all that one weekend? It will never be spoken of again.


10/9/2002 12:13:03 AM
Error 503 my cold Canadian ass.

10/9/2002 12:12:09 AM
I had a lovely little entry written up, full of hatred for humanity and cursing. Luckily for you all, blogger ate it, and you're spared my whining.

Staying up ungodly late has proved not to be entirely in vain (for someone), as bell uploaded the rest of the actual chapters of Gohou Drug onto her page.

This means the two fanservice extras are not there yet.

10/7/2002 08:32:44 PM
Yes, really, truly, honestly. ~has Tenshi ni Narumon flashback~

Now, the fact that almost all the hits I've had today come from your page, Ko, that disturbs me.

Some things are beyond explanation.

And, Andreas Venizelos ownz me.

10/7/2002 12:23:17 AM
So, in a fit of insanity, I decide to stay up late, and edit chapters seven and eight of Gohou Drug. Almost done tankouban two!

And then, that wench, that evil, evil bell wench, brings It up.

Brining It up, even to vow to never ask that It be repeated, is wrong.

There will be no more wing porn, dammit.

10/6/2002 10:42:09 PM
Blogger, I hate you.

10/6/2002 10:40:32 PM
Wow. I actually managed to accomplish something. bell, check your mailbox, chapter ten edit should be there, unless hotmail's being a bitchy evil h0 again.

10/6/2002 09:21:17 PM
Ko, I'm in the process of editting the Gohou Drug 2 translations. Chapter six (the one with the cat), and chapter nine (the first half of crossdressingfanservicefun) are both up here. As for the rest, have patience. It shouldn't take that much longer, and I think bell's mostly done (right dear?). We lazy editors just need to get off our asses.

10/6/2002 01:48:11 PM
Meimi, you rock my world. ^_^

"Is there anyone here who -hasn't- slept with each other?!!!!"

If I do not catch that episode in repeat, I am -so- hurting someone.

10/6/2002 10:19:56 AM
Bwee! Ko-sama put the sad summer Keiichi pic I did up on Little Ecchi. This is especially nice, because my pictures don't actually get to reside anywhere anymore, poor things, unless I feel like struggling with Elfwood (I don't). I do have to wonder though . . . that's a lot of hits on a blog to make it go down for hours on tripod. Really. Wow.

Thankfully, Fuuma's Shoes isn't as popular as Temporary Mitten, neh? ^_^

Got a hit for ingrid rowling, and I really wonder what they were looking for.

Oh? The Worms? They were -superb-. As always. But.

I always think that if you go to a concert it's to hear the -musicians-, not you and your buddies singing. I guess my reasons for going to the concert are a lot different from some others. I wonder if it bugs the people on stage, having others sing rather loudly and, sometimes, drowning them out, and if they're annoyed by being constantly asked to do older songs that they probably have to perform Every. Single. Time. I wouldn't have been able to put up with the audience that well.

The guys were great, though. On an irrelevant note, Chris had a diamond stud in his ear. It looked quite nice. Heh. Chris is a cutie. They sang a lot of new songs, thankfully, because it meant people couldn't sing to them. There was The Hotdog Song, which had a chorus of "Have a hotdog on me, my friend, it's made out of animal odds and ends. Have a hotdog on me, my friend, it's the particle born of meat." It was a bit disturbing for someone who's been eating little but hotdogs for the last week. They sang The Wolf Island Ferry, which is apparently a ferry to Wolf Island in their home town of Kingston. Chorus: "The Wolf Island Ferry is a very nice ferry, it's a very nice ferry, the Wolf Island Ferry. The Wolf Island Ferry is a very nice ferry. It goes to Wolf Island, the Wolf Island Ferry. The Wolf Island Ferry is a very nice ferry, it's a very nice ferry and it's called the WolfIslandFerry." There were also some verses about how there aren't any wolves on the Wolf Island ferry, but there were seagulls who were lazy and didn't want to fly, and so they sat on the Wolf Island Ferry and let it take them to Wolf Island. Chris sang one about how there weren't any fairies on the Wolf Island Ferry, because unlike seagulls, they don't mind the flying, and they fly to Wolf Island where they sprinkle fairy dust everywhere, which actually burns like battery acid. Honest. There were others, that I don't remember nearly as well. One about love being like particle board, another about "Life on the Road" and how, after a certain point in ones career, you stop having experiences that have anything to do with real life, and you live in a bubble with nothing to do but talk to your band members. Chris likes bubbles, and Mike shared the fact with the audience that to extend a life of a bubble you increase its surface tension. Trevor sang a song about his trip to Greece because his accountant was in the audience, and Chris sang one about how much he sucks at golf, and hits trees all the time, and what a stupid game golf is. There was an impromptu children's song, from Mike, about duct tape.

Familiar songs were sung too. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate and the Gaelic Song were sung (and, in the case of the Gaelic Song, gargled and played with a nosepipe) as encores. You can't play in Saskatchewan and not sing The Last Saskatchewan Pirate (Arrr, you salty carpet). Rocks and Trees was sung with great gusto from everyone. Strangely, no one felt the urge to join in on Celine Dion until the very end. I'm glad for it, though, because Chris looks like he's having a great time up there during that one. He wiggles and bounces around a lot. And I think Trevor hurt himself when he pounded his chest during the opening. I am Cow was sung, and I think the Worms were scared by the enthusiastic screams that met them when they started. Chris got really into Log In To You when he sang it, and ended up lying on his back on the stage, singing the ending and thrusting his fist up into the air. Trevor is the best when he headbangs, though. It's highly amusing to see Mike headbang, though, since he's kind of lacking the hair that makes headbanging truly amusing. There were the usual renditions of Carrot Juice is Murder, Rippy the Gator (with blood and gore action), and Jesus Brother Bob (another that was met with a bit too much screaming). There was also a surprise in that the boys sang Big Fat Road Manager after the intermission, with Trevor acting as the road manager. I've never seen it done live. It was quite hilarious. They opened with We Are the Beaver, a thrilling piece of nationalistic song singing, and ended (before the encores) with a version of Proud to be Canadian that left me in awe of their ability to do harmony. They change the lyrics to Proud to be Canadian quite frequently, so it's hard for people to sing to.

Wow, I think I managed to remember all of the songs they sang. I'd check, but I don't know where Guthrie put the playlist he stole off the stage and got autographed (he also got our new, replacement copy of "Dirt!" autographed, and his discman) is.

The thing that makes an Arrogant Worms concert worth the money, though, is how -funny- they are. They banter back and forth, they make cracks about each other (Mike commented on Chris' linolium pants), they make cracks about themselves, about the theatre (which they've played in eight or nine times, apparently, and every time they come, some minor renovation has occured), the audience, the city, and, most importantly, the carpet. In previous years there has been a carpet on the stage, at the Broadway Theatre, that, when the Worms did their "Riverdance" bit at the end of the Gaelic song, would raise -dust-. This year, though, the carpet had been -removed-. Not that that kept them from commenting on the carpet that had been there since the dawn of time, the carpet that the theatre had been built around, and, oh, a thousand things. I think they spent the first fifteen minutes just talking about the carpet. And they kept talking about it all the way through the concert. And it was -funny-. Mike talked about the nature of time, and Chris acted generally overdramatic. Trevor made Mike go and stand in the corner in a "time out" and was generally the straight man. It was great. It was wonderful.

If you have the chance to see these guys live? Do it. Do it as often as possible because they're funny time after time.

They didn't have any copies of Gift Wrapped there, though. Sorry, bell, no Wormy Christmas present for you. I pondered buying you a touque, though. I'll just have to make it up with drawing you another piece of fanart. Keeping with tradition, j0.

And, you know that really bad and unrealistic special effect they have in some science fiction films and television series? Where the stars streeeeeeeam past the space ship as they're going into some kind of nonexistant speed? I know where that comes from.

The originator of that special effect was born in Saskatchewan, and he/she/it drove along the highway in northern Saskatchewan one night, after midnight, during a snow storm.

Now, you know.