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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


10/5/2002 11:12:25 AM
In a moment of random boredom, found myself at a Weiß Kreuz site. I don't even like the series. It looks to be quite silly. And the new series, Gluhen, looks even sillier.


Yamaguchi Kappei is voicing a new character in Gluhen, supposedly.

Must . . . resist . . . genki . . . Yamaguchi Kappei . . . voice . . .

10/5/2002 01:14:50 AM
I just realized that there's a Lawful Drug translation sitting in my mailbox that I haven't even -read-. Let alone editted.

Shit, bell, I'm sorry. Your loyal editor will get back to work soon, honest! Just . . . don't expect it until after my physics test on Thursday. I should really be cramming until my brain explodes. I wonder why I'm not.

Oh, and me finidng my tankouban? That would help too. 'cause, you know, bell messes up on page numbers and things. ~smirk~

10/4/2002 11:49:06 AM
I'm wearing cousin Connor's infamous crotchless jeans.

Well, okay, they weren't crotchless when I got them in a bag of hand-me-downs.

. . .

Everything else is in the laundry.

10/4/2002 09:31:12 AM
Good morning, morning.

Dad's gone to S'toon to pick Mum up. Hopefully her flight won't be delayed like it was the last time she went on a major trip far far away (Alaska, when I was in grade five). That was a mess, and also involved our house being broken into when we went to pick her up, and she didn't arrive. Ah, the memories.

Being the shallow and callous creature that I am, I hope she's bringing back pressies. ^_^

Going to have a shower, eat . . . something that resembles food, maybe. Do laundry. Do the dishes, I suppose, and take a book down to the library so I can give some librarians hell. Or, you know, just figure out if they want the book back or not after it's been chucked into the discarded bin. Twitch, idiots, twitch.

Gave Matt a cd with FLCL on it yesterday. Here's hoping it breaks his brain.

And? I am so the seme.

10/3/2002 11:02:19 PM
Meimi, this girl of yours reminds me that I should get to work forming my international group of mafia hitmen. Anything for a friend. ^_^

And, for those that doubt? Drusilla wins hands down against Buffy. Not that I'm a Buffy hater. But Drusilla is sexy -and- insane. And a brunette. Mmmmm.


Left english class today, was nearly blown to pieces by the wind. There were -tumbleweeds- loping past me when I left the building. They were there after physics, too (Fred brought Tim Bits), and they were molesting the bicycles and the bicycle rack.

Had sausages, sprite, and a granola bar for supper. Dad did make food, but he came home late, and I'd eaten before I knew where the hell he was.

Biology was nice. Ham recognized me as being "Andrea's daughter". We got out an hour early. Rejoice, rejoice! But - Dad wasn't home when I called on the cellphone (which is not deserving of a name, because it gives you brain cancer and all). So, I bummed a ride home with Matt and Shelley. I like Matt and Shelley. Shelley drew me a picture of an exploding sheep on my notes. Hee. Also, apparently, I do -not- have a reputation as a hermit. I'm shocked. Horrified even. Vaguely disturbed. Disappointed. Crushed. Bemused. And lots of other words. Apparently, people (or, at least, Matt), just tend to assume I hang out with other people. Which I did. In grade ten. And, no matter how much you try to convince people that you live under a rock, they -don't- believe you. Bastards.

The next volume of Hikaru no Go is supposedly out now in Japan. If bell doesn't buy it and tell me of the cover, heads -will- be rolling.

Waya Waya Waya Waya Waya Waya Waya. ~crosses fingers~ He deserves it.

10/3/2002 08:10:34 AM
Wai! Thank you Meimi! I'm sure I'll end up catching it in repeats, but it'll drive me nuts if something cool happens and I'm not there. And Jinxer missed it too. She provides crap summaries anyway. And those poor vampire uke! Sure, they may be pathetic, but still, rats? Ah, how the mighty continue to fall. Layout's gorgeous as always, too. Mmm, Spike. Although Dru is -much- sexier than Buffy. Mmmmmm, Drusilla.

Also - may the girl you substituted for continue to be very very absent. Whee!

I'm going to be so glad when Mum's home tomorrow. Guthrie doesn't do the dishes on his day, Dad didn't buy me any tea or apples so I'm going to be dead tonigth during biology no matter how interesting I find Ham, and my stomach is going to hate me by the week's end. I've been subsiding on hotdogs, tea, and little flattened bits of fruit leather.

Sorry, stomach.

10/2/2002 09:43:29 PM
Because I can.

Which Subaru are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

Saturday, we're going to Saskatoon. It will be my third Arrogant Worm's concert. I am happy.

But . . .

I'll miss Buffy. Dammit!

10/1/2002 10:17:46 PM
This template error 503 is -such- a bitch. It's pissing me off. Oddly enough, when I publish on Logic and Chaos, I don't have any problems. A result of using a free server?

10/1/2002 10:14:50 PM
Meimi, I think I'd like to see your mum's face when you start singing about the bunnies. I know my mum's face would be priceless.

On Buffy - saw the premier episode of the season on, um, Saturday evening.

Spike is such an insane and tortured uke.

I wonder if he eats rats.

. . .

Math class produced two sketches of the bastard lovechild. Chemistry produced two, of lesser quality, and Shelley wrote "Scrawny" next to one. Only one bondage go shirt out of the four. Chemistry also produced a comic strip about ailens coming and making an alien sheep go "POW!" and leaving a pile of ashes.

. . . I was bored.

9/30/2002 08:59:49 AM
La la la, blogger's an evil h0bag, but I dont' care . . .

And - chemistry midterm. I think I'll pass.

9/29/2002 11:10:18 PM
I love Meimi. I really do. She makes up for my incompetance, and has the best darn timing in the world. Massive hugs and kisses go out to her, for divine timing, and for bestowing upon me the most beautiful Sumiwaya layout ever. 'cause, nothing lifts your spirits like Waya and Isumi, unless it's Waya laying the smackdown. Which is an entire different kind of giddy happiness.

Hugs and kisses to Stephen, Fiora, and Meril too.

Thea gets a punch in the head. Because, she's special like that.

Jinxer: You're never going to change that thing again, are you?

~giggles madly~ How can one think of posting something full of doubt and self-loathing when it will be published on the glory of that is Isumi and Waya? Ah. ~bliss~

And - on an unrelated tangent - if Rowan Atkinson was playing Severus Snape in the Potter movies, I would be there in a flash.