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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


8/17/2002 01:58:59 AM
I broke Meimi's brain.

Or helped, anyway.

It's nice to hang out with people in real life, occaisionally. I don't think very much if I'm talking, or listening to people talk. Sound waves interfere with my brain ;) I couldn't do it very often though.

No, really, I couldn't. My health alone couldn't stand it.

And I just realized I left my inhaler at Sarri's house. Damn.

It was just me, Jen, and Thea (Thea's staying with Jen tonight at Sarri's house, which Jen is housesitting), which is nice, because I've gotten to know Thea fairly well, and Jen never makes me feel stupid. We had fun. We watched Buffy (I think the first time I've actually watched tv with someone since my dad and I stopped watching X-Files together) and ate pizza and walked Howie and then failed in getting the DVD player to work. So we went to Jen's hosue instead, where her brother was entertaining people, and we hung out in Jen's room for a while bitching about parents, then went upstairs to have tequila/water. I do not drink alcohol. Then we watched "Office Space" which was funny and involved arson. We had coffee-chocolate ice-cream while we watched, which explains why I'm still awake. Thea also got an incredibly tacky shirt as a gag gift. A t-shirt with a print of skimpy langerie on the front. Truly tasteless. Black and silver and white. Bwaha.

Then we went back to make sure Howie's bladder didn't explode in our absence, but stopped to buy pringles, brownies, and slushies. I had a vanilla-coke slush, and it was goooooood.

Jen took Howie out to pee when we got back and Thea and I rambled before Jen came back and we began a discussion about seriously fscked up families. I'm not sure who wins. We all come from messed up backgrounds, it seems. Rather soothing, in a twisted way. This lead to Jen mentioning an on-line personality test she took that told her she had a fertile imagination and abstract logic, allowing her to connect apparently unrelated things together. I decided we should test this, and soon we invented a new game. "Stump the Jen" in which the three of us each randomly chose an odd word unrelated to the others, and Jen had to make up logical sentences connecting them. It was -very- fun and we are total geeks.

My favourite word? Zyzzyva. A tropical weevil. ^_^

Jen and Thea came to the conclusion that I am sexually frustrated and repressed.

Jen: You need a dildo. Failing that, a man.

I grunt and mutter and try to assert my asexuality, a rather hard thing to do when you have someone sitting next to you who can easily bring up, with an evil grin on her face, your fondness for rather-underage-in-Canada, potentially-gay young men. Using Waya as a weapon is so not fair.

So, now I'm home. Who knows what goes on tomorrow. Thea says she'll spend the night, but her best-friend's supposed to be coming into town, so it's always possible that Thea'll forgo my company in favour of hanging with Caiti. I certainly couldn't blame her and totally understand. In which case, it's very likely that I -will- be here tomorrow night. Who knows.

I do miss my people. Love and kisses out to Fiora (I'll work on a story for you tomorrow if I have time), and Katy, and bell who I missed (glad you're alive in Pakiland, I'll e-mail you soon), and Meril (I may have to forgo the Vonarburg for the moment, I think it -may- be due tomorrow), and Stephen.

To those who alluded to it - the job's going okay. I go back on Monday, at eight-thirty again, blah, and will be alternating between typing and playing with the five-year old son, Rock, who seems insanely sweet. It's pretty good, his thesis seems interesting, even if I don't understand it, and it's nice to work for/with someone who's intelligent.

No matter what happens with the torment of potential-socializing and guest tomorrow, or not, I -do- need to get my bricanyl back. Damn.

8/15/2002 10:58:21 PM
Meimi, if Touya-Meijin can do it, why can't Akira? Sure, I doubt he would pry his attention away from go long enough to seriously date a girl, but -they're- interested in him. Maybe that nice Icchan girl from the go salon in the earlier volumes. She always seemed rather fond of Akira. I'm sure she could convince him to, simply out of his sheer niceness to her. He's usually a very nice, amiable guy if you don't bring Hikaru and go into the conversation at the same time.

I notice you didn't question the possibility of Hikaru getting married. Akari, I assume, although there's also that pretty and equally undeveloped girl-insei (Nase?). Hooray for sham marriages.

I have to admit, out of all the potential shounen-ai fangirl interpretations, the Waya and Isumi one makes the most sense to me. I'm not really big on the whole competition and rivallry leading to lust and love thing, anyway. Although I don't think I agree with bell's "Reasons Isumi is Gay" which apparently amount to his fashion sense, this shirt he wears that is frequently made fun of in doujinshi, and . . . the fact that bell says so.

I also add Jinxer's thought on the discussion which amounts to - "Waya's screename is 'zelda'. He is so gay." Ah, children of the video game generation.

In more Hikaru no Go news - I managed to download an episode that has Waya in it. It runs awfully. Keiichi has issues with the two fansubbers who are putting the anime out - elite fansubs and soldats. He can't run them smoothly. I'm sure if I did massive upgrades I could but . . . Damn I want some nice compressed real player versions of the Hikaru no Go anime. I don't think I'll be able to watch it otherwise. Fsck. Anyway. Waya's voice - me likes. Sure, it's kind of feminine, but most of the younger guys seem to have female seiyuu. It suits him - very Wayaish. It has my approval.

8/15/2002 02:16:21 PM
This is paraphrased from bell - "Waya and Isumi would have a nice, happy, healthy, loving relationship, if only they would stop obsessing over go long enough to realize that they're gay."

After much consideration, I must agree.

Oh, and Akira and Hikaru would have really hot sex about once a month and then be excessively rude and bitter at each other for a month until the next time they had sex. This is not, of course, until they're both grown men with a title or five under their belts, and married to women.

8/14/2002 11:09:17 PM
Excerpt from tonight's chat with Stephen:

Ingrid Guthrie likes his wrestling games for the 'cube. There's something wrong about a video game where you can hit a guy in the balls with a sledgehammer.
Stephen XD
Stephen Sorry ... I don't mind that type of fun. :D
Ingrid ~laughs~ Well, I don't either, but it was me getting hit in the balls. Repeatedly. ;)
Ingrid So, in conclusion, Stone Cold Steve Austin is a man of immense endurance. ^_^

. . .


I'm for bed. Work at 8:30.

8/14/2002 09:16:33 PM
The other night, I played go with Jinxer. It was fun. I beat her severely. Although both of us had no clue what we were doing. But it was fun anyway.

I'm depressed. A given.

Worked today. Work tomorrow. I type. A lot. And it's okay. I get paid about seven dollars an hour and might have a job tutouring his son when school starts. His kids seem sweet.

Aunt Laurie and Uncle Don were here yesterday. They're nice and fun. They torture Guthrie. Aunt Laurie took me driving, too. And she didn't yell once. And we drove on the road.

8/12/2002 08:32:46 AM
Have no fear Meimi, you are not the only person in the world who does not like It's a Wonderful Life.

No, not me, I like it, dispite the inaccuracies. I like Jimmy Stewart. No, I was talking about Connie Willis. She wrote a short story about it called "Miracle" that was really funny. You can find it in her collection of Christmas stories called Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. Unique title, eh? But it's a good read and Connie Willis opens the book by explaining how much she dislikes The Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time (tm). You might enjoy.

And Dobby being annoying and sucking and having an awful voice? A given, my dear.


The other morning I had a dream. I don't dream very often and I rarely remember it. In this dream, I was staying in a house with a bunch of very stupid Americans. Rednecks, or something. They had funny accents. Anyway, I was staying with them, and zombies were coming. And so, because the zombies were coming, all the girls had to dress up the way girls dressed when the zombies were alive. I had to wear this odd baggy tanktop thing and a skirt that looked like it belonged with a Japanese girl's school uniform.

I don't remember anything else. I just found it incredibly bizarre, because nothing could get me into a skirt in real life. Not even zombies. It's been concluded that I read too much Megatokyo.


Yesterday was one of those odd schizophrenic days, where it can't decide whether it wants to be a happy day or a crappy day.

It was cloudy all day. This is not a bad thing. I like clouds and rain. There was rain and I was happy. I had a biscuit and Fiora in the morning and it was happy. I went to church, which would have been more happy if I had been alone in the balcony and could have been left to read Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary. But I wasn't, and during coffee, I had to put up with my father regaling everyone about what a crappy driver I am.

I came home and read and walked Wapi and tried to make WinMX give me more Pretear. It didn't (still hasn't). When I came home rather early from walking Wapi due to ominous clouds and loud noises from the heavens, I found People in my house who do not live there. Connie, Wayne, and their ickle baby Kennedy had come to visit before going back to Lloyd. We went out for coffee and food. I had hot chocolate with massive amounts of whipped cream, and toast. It would have been nice, because I like Connie and Wayne and Kennedy's cute. But Dad got on the topic of my inability to drive, again. (There he goes now, driving off in the fscking van, even though I told him I wanted to be able to go driving in the morning so I could have my afternoons open for work and money). Every time he gets on it I feel incrediblye stupid because I'm sure a retarded monkey would be capable of driving by now. It also makes me want to cry, something I would loathe doing in public. Coffee ended without tears.

Arriving home, Jason, one of Guthrie's not-so-little friends was here. He was staying for supper. Jason can not only drive, but he can drive a standard. I skip supper.

Finish Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary with mixed feelings.

Fiora doesn't get on.

I go to bed around 11:30. I do not sleep well. There is much crying. Of course. I almost miss being ten, eleven, twelve years old. Then I could cry in front of my parents without them getting angry or disgusted with me, and they'd hug me, and would try to keep people from hurting me. I don't have anyone to do that now. There's no one who hugs me and tells me it'll be okay. And I wish there was.