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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


7/20/2002 08:06:40 PM

You prize nobility above all else, striving to be reunited with your prince. Apart from this, you treasure your friendships most of all. Unwilling to compromise your values in search of your dreams, you often seem to create more trouble than solve it. However, your persistence is what sets you apart from all others.

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7/20/2002 03:14:53 AM
Ingrid and Thea's Bedtime Stories

Once apon a happy time . . .
Voldemort finally came to hsi senses, hired a Muggle assassin, and had Harry Potter killed in his sleep during summer vacation. The end. Bye IA.

Once apon another time . . .
Nothing interesting happens to Hermione until the fourth book, so her live continued to be twice as boring as usual, because of Harry's death. Snape finally got fed up with Hermione's inability to shut up, and strangled her in class. She died a death that was meaningless after a life that was equally sad and meaningless, having wasted it chasing after Harry the Quidditch Ho. The end. By IA and HS.

Still another time, once . . .
Ron realized that, lacking Hermione and Harry to support his character, he had no reason for existing, and retired to the Shrieking Shack, to live as a hermit. Until he was eaten by a werewolf. The end. By IA.

Once apon a much later time
Neville Longbottom grew up, became a herbology professor, and grew a very large carniverous plant that ate Draco Malfoy, Snape, and Harry Potter's remains. The end. By IA.

Once apon a time . . .
The Weasley twins, so distraught at the demise of the Slytherin-love, commit suicide, and join him in the plant. But, since they forgot to empty their pockets of joke related items, the plant now gives Neville cream-tarts whenever it eats someone. The end. By HS.

Once apon a time . . .
Neville grew up to find a nice witch who was not obsessed with broom-fetishing men, married her, and had many little Longbottoms, all of whom had instilled in them a great fear of broomsticks and those who worship them. The end. By HS.

Once apon a time . . .
After being so distraught at the loss of his former love to a carnivorous plant, and publically disgraced after saving a now-dead Quidditch-ho, Lupin retired to the country side to live out his days as his furry self. He got a dog. :) The end. By HS.

Once apon a time . . .
Hagrid was a dip. Who does not learn his lesson the first time. Hagrid got another dragon egg. The dragon grew from a small cute dangerous beastie to a large dangerous beastie . . . who got mad when people came to take it away from Hagrid. It burned down Hogwarts because it was angry, taking all talk of secret passages and schoool and obscure things like philosopher's stones with it. The end. By HS.

Once apon a time . . .
Ingrid won a contest. And got to go to Japan. And visit bell. And go to anime conventions there and get snazzy Hikaru no Go pictures and posters, especiallly of Waya-kun (and much CLAMP swag and was finally able to attack CLAMP and get them to do many colour pictures of Keiichi). And she took Theas with her. And all was good 'cept Ingrid was sick of chinese-japanese food. And she brought back much swag to torment Jinxer with the thought of. The End. By HS (with additions by IA).

Once upon a time, there was a stupid demented woman named Rowlings. The poor woman had delusions of granduer, and fancied herself a children's author. She wrote several books, all horrible. One day, after movies and much paraphenalia were produced due to said books, Rowlings crossed a street. And was run over by a black-haired joy-riding student with a scar and his red-headed friend. Rowlings died and the boys were charged with manslaughter and put into correctional facilities. She was not mourned by Ingrid. The end. By HS.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Unless they were dead.

Or eaten by the plant.

Or a broom-loving-ho.

Or in jail.

Or Jinxer.

7/19/2002 04:43:41 PM
Photo times.


Ingrid choking and Wapi

Ingrid talking to Wapi

Ingrid petting Wapi

Squinting, the sun burns

Coochi coo




Nuts . . .

Ignore the camera


Turn the sun off


Niko niko!

7/18/2002 11:53:17 PM
There's something immensely flattering about knowing people are arguing over something you've written.

Even if it is who's going to kill a character first. ^^;

7/18/2002 09:46:02 PM
Can anyone direct me to a piece of CLAMP art with girls wearing pants? Not shorts, pants, slacks, jeans, something along those lines.

I have a theory that CLAMP won't draw women in pants, because that would make it impossible to tell the difference between the bishounen and the girls.

Jinxer theorizies that CLAMP actually does put women in pants and no one's noticed.


7/18/2002 09:15:43 PM
After Jinxer and I read the latest chapter of Hikaru no Go, in which yet another person asks for Hikaru's Name, Jinxer suggested that Hikaru wear a name tag. Or a really big sign on his back.

Startredder: "I am Shindou Hikaru, ph33r my m4d g0 skillz."

Jinxer has to point out that it wouldn't translate well. I recall having read about something like l33t that kills the Japanese language (bakani?) at Megatokyo. We are amused.

7/18/2002 08:53:23 PM
~breathes~ Then I'm doubly relieved. Not that Subaru doesn't have a very nice ass, but . . . yes. ^^;;;

7/18/2002 08:16:33 PM
Mum called from North Bay about an hour ago. She is not dead. I'm very happy, even if she hasn't been eating well because of Guthrie and the heat. Guthrie wont' eat anywhere, as a rule, where you have to wait more than five minutes for your food. Mum feeds him potatoe chips.

I can only agree with you. Hooray for slashy digimon christmas songs. I use "Baby, Christmas da ze" as an away message on AIM for all things Christmas related. When it's, you know, Christmas time. ^^;

Speaking of Digimon, I am a happy Ingrid, for I saw able to see the first episode of Digimon Frontier today. I don't know if the slash fans will be rejoicing, doesn't seem to be much there for them. Four guys to one girl, although they could do like they did in Tamers and bring in new tamers or digidestined or whatever later on. Still, one of the guys is rather large, the other one is rather small. You could slash the other two, I guess, but bah. ~dismisses fandom~ Takuya looks the typical goggle-boy, very much in the normal style, brown hair, brownish-red eyes. Seems to act more like Taichi and Daisuke than Takato, although it's hard to tell since the episode was raw, and I have no Japanese skills whatsoever. It's too bad. I liked Takato. He was a sweetie. Cool, lone-wolf Yamato-type, although the character design is different, at least. Am looking forward to it, for I like Digimon muchly. For a kids series, it's damn good. And the dubs never sound particularly atrocious. Happy days for Ingrid. Jinxer says she has subs already. I am muchly impressed.

This is beautiful (thank you for not doing a layout of Subaru's ass ~coughs delicately). But I love all wish art anyway. Totally stunned by the licensing, though (not as stunned when I heard they'd licensed Gravitation), but the making the angels female thing, no big surprise. They did it when Wish was released in Germany and France, after all. With the names, sounds like they're doing the opposite of when they released Card Captor Sakura. Instead of only the main character retaining their original first name, everyone -but- the main character maintains their original name. For the truly curious, Garnet isn't a far fetched name. My grade three teacher married a guy named Garnet. True story.

I want more Hikaru no Go anime. Sudden craving. Go figure.

7/18/2002 01:55:48 PM

7/17/2002 05:24:32 PM
What kind of crack is Jinxer on?

Inchiki = Kamui

Hikaru = Kotori/Keiichi

Toshi = Fuuma

Ruri = Sorata

Sakamoto = Yuuto

Kamui-chan = Yuzuriha

Uula = Seishirou

Kitto = Subaru

Jinxer's crack faded when I pointed out this would involve Toshi licking and molesting Inchiki.

7/17/2002 04:16:20 PM
God, I just wrote almost seven pages without stopping. I'm exhausted and hungry. Me needs food now.

7/17/2002 11:50:33 AM
How did I develope a talent for making people profoundly unhappy? I don't even have to be there to do it.

7/16/2002 11:05:41 PM
Eleven pm is British Smut Time on Showcase.

7/16/2002 10:58:43 PM
I miss my mum. I wished she'd called last night from Brandon.

7/16/2002 08:11:04 PM
I Love Fiora


Prettiest for me!

7/16/2002 12:26:41 PM
Ingrid's list of squicky authors and books

As some of you may know, there are certain books that make me feel like I'm going to throw up. I consider being able to make me feel like that a mark of a truly great author. So, to enlighten you all, I include the names of these books and their author, in particular order.

Diana Wynne Jones - the goddess of the stomach turning nausea and angst. Great above all other books is Black Maria, a book I can' t make myself reread. The others are Dogsbody, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, Charmed Life, Stealer of Souls, Hexwood, Dark Lord of Derkholm, Cart and Cwidder, The Spellcoats, Crown of Dalemark, Power of Three, Time of the Ghost, and Homeward Bounders.

Neil Gaiman - apprentice master of squick. He needs to write more, his books are constantly gut wrenching. Stardust is the worse. Also, American Gods, Neverwhere, the Sandman comics, and yes, even Good Omens has a moment.

Lois McMaster Bujold - not much on rereads, but first time usually does something. Curse of Chalion, The Vor Game, Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance, Memory, and A Civil Campaign. Even The Spirit Ring caused squick, despite it's less than sterling quality.
Terry Pratchett - very rarely, but he's done some surprising stuff. The Fifth Elephant, Good Omens, and The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents all had moments of squick. The last was the most intense, oddly enough. Children's books seem to be good for that kind of thing.

Patricia C. Wrede - just two that I've read, but both made it hurt like hell. Snow White and Rose Red has to be one of the most painful things I've ever read, right up there with the masters. Magician's Ward also left me feeling very ill.

Dorothy L. Sayers - like Wrede, she's only done it twice, and not as well as the others I've mentioned. Murder Must Advertise and Busman's Honeymoon made me rather nauseaus.

What does this proove? Very little. I just find authors who can make me feel like I'm going to vomit by the sheer intensity of their writing rather awe inspiring.

7/16/2002 12:07:13 AM
Ko-sama frightens me.

7/15/2002 10:55:43 PM
I would be a much happier Ingrid if certain family members would stop disappearing.

7/15/2002 08:54:29 PM
Not only do I love Cathy, I also love Bel Thorne. A lot. More than words can express.

Lois, shame on you for not telling me what happened to Bel's vid-cube. The poor herm.

How's that for vague? ^_^

7/15/2002 05:12:34 PM
I love Cathy-chan. How will I ever be able to write a review for Coraline that would do Mister Gaiman justice?

7/15/2002 08:25:47 AM
Going through the recent links to articles Mister Gaiman has posted, and comments on them, it appears that due to the fact that Madame Rowlings is the most disgustingly wealthy writer in the universe, her profits are sucking up what should rightfully go to other authors, and because she hasn't published a new book this year (I thank God) sales in Children's books are dropping. This is just plain wrong. I have the urge to go out and strangle the mindless masses. Buy copies of The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents! Buy copies of Coraline (and send one to me, 'cause it looks like I'm in for a wait)! Buy anything and everything by the glorious Diana Wynne Jones! Buy Philip Pullman! Buy C. S. Lewis' Narnia books! Buy Lewis Carroll's two Alice books! Hell, buy Tamora Pierce while you're at it, and Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Helen Cresswell, and Robin McKinley. Buy Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief and Queen of Attolia! If they're going to bother marketing Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow as children's books, buy them for your kids! Buy James Herriot's picture books! Buy Sabriel by Garth Nix, and its sequel (you can send that to me as well)! Buy Sherwood Smith! Dammit, buy anything but those goddamn Potter books. Trust me, your library will have copies. You don't need to own them. Spread the profit to some more worthy authors. Spread it to some who may not be as worthy as the others, but are still just as deserving, if not moreso, as Rowlings. Because your kids aren't stupid, and they deserve good books that'll last lifetimes, and if you don't get them hooked on the Potter Menace, you won't have to spend several hundred dollars on crappy merchandise.

Good God, I'm almost tempted to have kids some day, just so I can read the good books to them.

7/14/2002 11:50:06 PM
Well, I finally got an answer from the cattery in Alberta about rex kittens. Six hundred dollars a piece. Shit. And Mum's leaving tomorrow. Crap timing.

7/14/2002 10:56:55 PM
Still haven't got up the guts to read the end of Diplomatic Immunity. I'll probably finish it tomorrow night, in a properly worshipable manner. Just scared to get to the end. The thought of no more Bel . . . ~shivers~

In putting it off, I have now read Beauty, The Sherwood Ring, and am half way through The Thief. Children's book binge!

Guthrie and Mum leave tomorrow for Ontario. I'm going to miss Mum.