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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


7/11/2002 10:50:44 PM
I am in heaven. Bel Thorne has aged well. Of course, it is Betan, so who knows how old it could really be, if they look middle-aged at eighty . . . But it's still got that wonderful irony, and Nicol seems to love it, and oh! Happy happy so happy am I with Diplomatic Immunity. I will gladly sell myself to Lois McMaster Bujold. Right now. Oh happy happy happy day. Must stop reading now. Must make the book full of Bel last. Who knows if there'll ever be another one.

Someday, Thea tells me, I will meet a real Bel Thorne. Thea is entirely overly optimistic when it comes to other peoples lives. Love you dear, but you are, quite frankly, more than a little nuts when it comes to many subjects. One of the reasons you're so loveable, and highly Milesian. Which sounds like a disease, Elena was right. Gah.

I have a babysitting job via the Odd Job Squad that's for tomorrow night and Saturday night. I hate having my nights occupied . . . But to refuse a job is to get the boot from the list, which would be Bad. And the woman sounds quite charming, and I'll have free time when the small one is put to bed. Tomorrow, though, I also have to go and help out with the sound stuff at a wedding rehearsal. And trim/shave Wapi. And review A Civil Campaign for Logic and Chaos. And I want to work on part seventeen of Life . . . Going to bed now, so I can get up early.

7/10/2002 11:44:56 PM
Suspiciously enough, registration went off without a hitch, took ten minutes, and got me all the classes at the times I wanted them. Naturally, I'm calling U-Star again, first thing tomorrow, to listen to them tell me the classes I have a couple more times. Just to be sure I didn't do something collosally stupid.

Weird combination of elation and crying misery that makes me want to yank my brain out and beat it into some semblance of order. Thankfully, all is calm now thanks to much reading of A Civil Campaign (without sicky feeling this time around, thank God) and a very long, very hot bath. My legs are also shaved for no apparent reason, as I never wear shorts or go swimming. Or wear anything shorter than jeans or slacks I can practically cover my toes in. Ah well.

Nearly midnight, Keiichi's fussy and doesn't want to complete scandisk tonight, so I'm going to curl up in bed and read until my eyes roll out of my head, spreading their gooey juices on the floor.

7/9/2002 11:42:25 PM
~blushblushbeam~ Glad you liked Ko-sama. You should also have birthdays more often, as it seems to increase the amount of Keiichi fanart, which is always a good thing.

No, Bell, I'm still not going to draw a picture of Keiichi and beta fish no matter how hopelessly cool both are.

Day was kind of blah. I had fun playing with pastels, but I think I need a bigger set. I'm quite smitten with the little things. They make for pretty trees. I could give one to mum. Her being a forester and all. She likes trees. I'm sorely tempted to pack them and a very large pad of paper up (which I do have) and go down to the river bank and draw trees. It's so relaxing, and the colours are so pretty! Much nicer than what I get with pencil crayons. I drew a dryad with them and oil pastel today, but it sucked wang as nothing has sucked wang before. The tree was cute though. ^_^

Would have been a good day, but Guthrie felt the need to come into my room every hour or so and tell me that I was a fat pig and a stupid bitch. And I couldn't vacuum right. Dad was out at the Special Olympics being a politician and mum was in Saskatoon dealing with idiots, so . . . kind of stressful. I need some little stuffed toy that I can hug, and it'll say something -nice-. Or kill Guthrie. Or both.

Cleaned The Room, much to many peoples shocks, but hopefully mum'll look in and notice before she leaves for Ontario . . .

Got graduation present today from Connie! She's so sweet! A cute little book thing and a card and a stamp. Not, like, a stamp you lick and put on an envelope, but a stamp you stamp things with! It stamps "This book belongs to Ingrd Atkinson" and has neat little swirly things framing it. I've stamped many books already, with varying degrees of success.

Tomorrow will be hell. I have to call U-Star and register for classes. You know, some schools let you apply in person. Or on-line. Or by mail. Or something. Not U of S. Nope. You have to call and listen to the automated voice of DEATH! At a specific time. And you try and you try and you try . . . Gah. And I have the perfect (as perfect as such things can be) schedule worked out, with no basket weaving courses of ultimate boredom. Admittedly, itl'l be rather intense if I get it, with two calculus courses, two chemistry courses, and a biology and physics that go for two semesters. Oh yeah, and English, but English doesn't count, it is the subject of the weak and artsy ;) Or, you know, the brilliant, creative, and talented. I'm not sure which. Due to the fact that certain classes (most of them) only have one time and a very limited class size, I will KILL if I don't get into them, because I'm not about to waste my money on useless basket weaving.

Gr. Tense already. Not good.

To relieve your tension and mine - Dancing Spiderman.

7/9/2002 07:56:35 AM
Bell-sama and Katelynne-usagi-chan did them. It's early in the morning. I'm weak.

What's on your bedside table?
I don't have a bedside table. I have a very small shelf that's as high as my bed that I use as a bedside table. It has . . . ~turns around~ a stuffed seal on it, a black velvet tanktop, Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold, Gohou Drug, The Sword and the Stone by T. H. White, a page from a dictionary, a blue snood, a rice krispie treat wrapper, a plastic bag, address labels, cds, tapes, a pair of scissors, the bit of paper that came with the book clip Thea gave me for Christmas, hole reinforcers, and a great big picture book about Asian animals. Whew.

What's the geekiest part of your music collection?
Dunno. Which is more geeky to you? Owning all the Arrogant Worm albums (gah, except their new greatest hits one, must . . . have . . .) or the X OST? The movie, not the tv series. I don't own a lot of music.

What do you eat when you raid the fridge at night?
Water, sandwhich, leftover pizza, grapes, cherries, whatever.

What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?
Crying is for the weak! Ahem. Usually Casablanca when Ilsa's husband gets up in the café and everyone starts singing the French National Anthem . . .

If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?
Breast reduction surgery.

Do you have a completely irrational fear?
Snakes. Death. Brain death.

What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?
Well, if I knew, I could stop it, couldn't I?

Do you ever have to beg?
For what? I prefer to make people give in with my overwhelming physical power.

Do you have too many love interests?

Do you know anyone famous?
Um, I know Bif Naked's father . . . And I've met the Arrogant Worms multiple times since my mother stalks them and all . . . But no, I don't know anyone famous.

Describe your bed.
Really old hand-me-down from when my mum's siblings were younger. Part of a bunk bed set, the other half's in Guthrie's room. Slanted, because one of the leg's is missing a wheel. Headboard covered in stickers, baseboard covered in varnish scratches. Cotton kitty sheets, two pillows, a cat afghan, and my cat sack, Fluffy my blue baby blanket, a large stuffed bear, Star the stuffed dragon, Nokoru the Whiskered Duck, another stuffed bear, and a stuffed cat. Unmade.

Spontaneous or plan?
It depends on how early in the morning it is - exploding sheep!!!!!

Who should play you in a movie about your life?
. . . A sock puppet.

Do you know how to play poker?
Yes. And if I don't, just get out Dust and let me play it a bit and my memory'll be refreshed. I still remember kicking Stephen's ass in poker at our school Christmas concert in grade six . . .

What do you carry with you at all times?
Um, nothing, really. Usually my keys. There's nothing I carry with me at all times that's major, since when I go out, I do different things, and it would be kind of silly to carry the things I carry when I go to church when I'm walking my dog.

How do you drive?

What do you miss most about being little?
Nothing. My childhood sucked about as much as my adult life is sucking, maybe even more so. Maybe I miss Scott. That's about it.

Are you happy with your given name?
I guess. It's a name.

How much money would it take to get you to give up the internet for a year?
. . . Depends on if that money includes moving my Fiora up here.

What colour is your bedroom?
I think it was white once. There's not much to be seen beneath the posters, pictures, drawings, paintings, and certificates.

What was the last song you were listening to?
"When You Dream."

Have you ever been in a school play?
Yes. I was a reindeer, a townsperson, a mouse, and a discoing tree.

Have you ever been in love?

Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?

Have you ever done any illegal drugs?
No, thank you. I have enough trouble breathing as it is.

Do you think you're cute?

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?

7/8/2002 11:07:22 PM
For the last time, it was not porn. It was an exercise in creativity and a dare from bell. And it was fanfic. It hardly counts for anything. Not porn.

7/8/2002 07:34:53 PM
Put part sixteen up on First Love. Am very annoyed with it, because it's not what I wanted to come out at all, and seems entirely pointless. When (if) I do a rewrite of the damn story, it's probably in for some heavy editting and cutting.

I'll work on the next part whenever I'm in the mood. It shouldn't be too hard 'cause I all ready know what's going to happen (since it was supposed to happen in -this- chapter). It's just a question of sitting my ass down in this highly uncomfortable chair and typing it all out.

So, you ~counts~ four people who want more of this, you should be sending me a really cushy chair for Keiichi.

And, to Fiora, Thea, and Jinxer - no, I'm not killing Toshi in the next part. Be quiet now.

Jinxer - there will also be no nipples, bondage, sadomasochism, or kissing. I am loyal to the story in my head. It may not be a good story, but I'm not changing it just so you can have some smut. You go now.

7/7/2002 04:53:16 PM
Happy early birthday. Even if you aren't overly excited about it.

In honour of the occaison spring Keiichi. Even if the tree is rather small and midgetlooking. That's okay. Keiichi looks nice in blue. But he also looked nice in red. And probably in damn near anything else.

7/7/2002 10:33:37 AM
I'm displeased. My tracker seems to have stopped working. Displeasure.