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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


7/6/2002 07:44:40 PM
I have a car. I am calling it Bel Thorne. It's a 1987 Volkswagen Jetta. Diesel. Silver. With a sun roof and heated seats. Or, heated seat, for it lacks the back seats and the front passenger seat. It also lacks a door handle, mats, and stick cover. But I will not let that deter me! For it is a beautiful car and it's all mine, even if it does vaguely resemble something that Frankenstein might have put together if Igor brought him bits of cars instead of bits of dead people. It's still remarkably elegant and sleek, though, and will be wonderful and beautiful when it's all together and shiny clean.

7/6/2002 07:14:57 PM
Fiora likes my new layout! Thanks, darling.


Brain's wandered off on it's own odd tangent today, for no apparent reason. I suffer a sudden attack of semi-nostalgia for no apparent reason. All I've done today is work on the new layout, read, and do laundry. But, for some reason, I ended up wondering how the old places I used to haunt happen.

Sometimes it gets like that, especially for a social hermit like yours truly. You wonder about all the old places you used to hang out and chat and play, and wonder if anyone you knew is still there, and if anyone you knew from there still remembers you, and how they remember you if they do remember you.

My very first online community was Touring Star, the Quest for Glory Club, back when it was on shadesofgrey. I was only in juniour high, but I remember it as being fun. There were some cool people there, almost all guys (I think there were two other girls in the club, and I never got to know either of them), and I miss chatting with them. I lost touch after the boards were moved to some other server. On the old one, I remember, I think I kept the OOC board from getting horribly cluttered. I met Draco there (~waves~ Hi Dracman!), and some other cool guys who were damn good to newbies (or at least to me), although I haven't spoken to them in years, Mark Allen, Gavin, and Pauls H. and T. I remember some incredibly obnoxious bunnies by name (Josh) and I kind of miss it. Never was a major player, but as my very first experience, I was less shy than I was anywhere else I went.

I lost focus when I joined Steelsings, which was a less positive experience, although I still have two very dear, darling friends from those days. Steelsings was a Tamora Pierce Role-Playing chatroom, that went quickly into a depressive stagnation when the number of people that belonged became rather overwhelming, and elite (or anti-elite) cliques began to form, as well as self-righteous guilting, when things became a duty instead of a pleasure. I just stopped a bit after my first computer had a major hard drive crash that pulled me out of things for a week or so. I don't think anyone missed me, and somehow doubt that anyone remembers me. And if they do, they probably remember "The Hedgehog Song" with painful clarity.

Mailing lists came next, mainly the LMB list and the DWJ list, both which tended toward being very comfortable and familiar, gentle with newbies, that involved real, genuine discussion. No one seemed to mind an occaisional wander into OT ground, unless it began to look like it would escalate into a flame war. The variety of people belonging to the list helped with that. Teenagers to grandparents hanging around those areas. I never participated much, being rather shy and awed by some of the truly impressive figures who would engage in debate and discussion, but I didn't mind, because they never acted particularly elite about it. If that's changed in recent times, I'll be most distressed. I had to unsubscribe regularly from both when I went on vacation, and at one point, just forgot to resubscribe. I intend to remedy that shortly, and only hope the intelects engaging in discusion are still as sharp, witty, and polite as I remember.

Less than a year was spent in the Fire and Ice RP, where I was mostly sulky, unhappy, depressive, and feeling rather hopelessly left out of everything. Very short-lived. I'm not sure how long it had been going on for before I started playing, but the entire thing died when the leader suffered an acute outbreak of life and literally vanished from the internet without a word to anyone. It's a very sore point with me, and I still miss her terribly if I think about it. I haven't seen or heard from her since mid-February.

I do not consider myself involved in any anime fandom. I watch, I read, I occaisionally sample fanfictions, and participate in the Fruits Basket RP Blog as Sohma Akito which tends toward the painfully sluggish most days (weeks). I've yet to find a mailing list for any series full of the intelligent debate I crave. I believe most mailing list debates have been replaced by the more private and scattered blogs. Hypocritically, I don't really like blogs, and consider the blogs that have replaced mailing list discussion to be private, secluded things, limiting the potential of debate.

Ah, tastes like nostalgia.

7/4/2002 11:46:55 PM
Happy exploding day to all Americans. You're cute.

Speaking of exploding, Draco tells me that the sheep in Warcraft III explode if you click on them repeatedly. I think it goes without saying that I now want Warcraft III for that sole purpose.

7/4/2002 05:34:11 PM
Ko . . . that's wrong. Very very wrong. XD

7/2/2002 11:24:01 PM
After who knows how long, I finally manage to catch SCTV on the comedy network again . . . And it's not the early season that I wanted to see. Agh. Curse you, comedy network, and your constant repeats that make me stop watching things. Curse you! >_<

In other news - lack of bloging. Frankly, I've had nothing interesting to blog about. I was proud about my picture of Keiichi. Other people were impressed. Other people weren't. I've mellowed on it, myself. Although it's still on my wall, because I happen to like having Keiichi on my wall (and I need fixative so I don't smudge the tree all over other drawings).

Blogging will continue to be scarce, as I rarely have anything of interest to post during the summer due ot my lack of a social life. Sunday evening/Monday morning I was busy doing some security guard work up at the fire centre, because there's an uncontrolled forest fire raging about seven kills away. It was good for one night of work, but has resulted in totally screwing up my internal clock, which doesn't please me at all. I've been Replaced anyway.

Tomorrow, I may go out and impersonate a person with a social life, for a friend is turning twenty. I shall probably not blog about it, as we are going to a movie. However, the movie will probably end up being torn to pieces on Logic and Chaos. Which is perfectly normal.

Wapi goes to the vet tomorrow. This brings me joy. I'll have to spend some time grooming her before hand.

That is all.

Except - a thank to Meia-sama for providing more information about the obscure manga Diablo. Me wants. Ah well. Can't read Japanese anyway. But it does sound fun. And if there mangaka's website is anything to go by, has pretty pretty art. Pretty.